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Russia and China: Just a Coincidence to be Living Near So Many Unhappy Neighbors?

Russia and China are Surrounded by Territorial Disputes That Could Become Wars China’s neighbors, for example, “are going on a military spending spree:” China shares a land border with more countries than any other nation on earth — and it … Continue reading

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Ingenious Nuclear Energy for an Abundant and Expansive Human Future

Molten salt reactors, however, are fundamentally different from conventional nuclear reactors. MSRs use a liquid fuel, whereas conventional reactors use a solid fuel – and MSRs operate at atmospheric pressure, whereas conventional reactors are highly pressurized. “The ability to operate … Continue reading

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The Stupidity of Renewables, and What Children are Taught in Government Schools

Update: How Green is Europe? A hard-numbers dismantling of the “green mystique” of Europe — and an ominous warning for Europe’s future. Natural gas accounts for 22 quads and coal is right behind with a respectable 8 quads. Hydro and … Continue reading

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What Would a Rational Society Do With Its “Elite Overproduction?”

“elite overproduction” … refers to a growing class of elites who are competing for a limited number of elite positions, such as political appointments. __Klint Finley in Wired Magazine Elite overproduction also refers to tenured professorships at elite universities, “thinktank” … Continue reading

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The Empire, Long Divided, Must Unite; Long United, Must Divide

Nations are fictions which exist only as long as the right people continue believing in them. __ Attributed to Al Fin For thousands of years, one Chinese dynasty has followed another. But not every dynasty has been able to control … Continue reading

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Not Enough of Russia Left for a Dog to Gnaw On

The border, all 2,738 miles of it, is the legacy of the Convention of Peking of 1860 and other unequal pacts between a strong, expanding Russia and a weakened China after the Second Opium War. (Other European powers similarly encroached … Continue reading

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The Long War for Eastern Europe

Update: Putin’s Long Game Corrupt and Bloody The Long War for Eastern Europe Has Barely Begun Russian President Vladimir Putin may not be comparable to Adolf Hitler, but he will, nevertheless, keep pushing westwards until he is stopped. ___ reading

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A Broken Civilisation is Not Easy to Regrow

Civilisation is not an easy thing to build in the first place. Not every breeding population can achieve it, no matter how much time it is given. But once civilisation is allowed to break down, bringing it back again can … Continue reading

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Small Technology and the Death of Big Government

As powerful technologies grow smaller, more capable, more affordable, and more concealable, large and oppressive governments grow less viable. If a person can supply his own food, clothing, shelter, security, health care, and means of income — all at a … Continue reading

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Genes and Violence: Are All Black Males Thugs?

The association between violent crime and black males is undeniable. But are all young black males thugs? No, it would be neither fair nor accurate to accuse all young black males of thuggish violence. But violent crime by young black … Continue reading

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Russia vs. Africa: Which is Worse?

In terms of corruption, violence, risk of doing business, high disease rates, and in many other ways, Russia is very much like Africa. Scan the global maps for different rankings, and note the many similarities between Africa and Russia. In … Continue reading

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Disposing of the Corpse

Death is a normal part of the cycle of life. If one lives long enough, he is likely to see a good share of corpses. As the global Idiocracy descends upon human populations, it is particularly important for Dangerous Children … Continue reading

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All of Putin’s Mischief Fails to Push Global Oil Prices Above Fiscal Breakeven

Update: Oil prices are cramping Putin’s grand ambitions Update: Can Putin Survive the Global Demand Slump? The world is in flames, with an Islamist terrorist group on the rampage across the Middle East, the White House weighing another fight in … Continue reading

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Signs of an Educated Person: Falsifiability

How do you know whether a claim is true or false? One of the first things to consider is whether or not the claim can ever be proven true, or proven false — and if so, how? The ability to … Continue reading

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Low Global Oil Prices Pushing Russia to the Financial Brink

Update October 2014: Falling oil prices hurt Russian ambitions of empire Update: Global oil demand slump spells big trouble for Russia One ominous sign that Russia’s corrupt oil/government axis of power is under strain Oil prices have sunk as much … Continue reading

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Contradiction and Consistency

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.F. Scott Fitzgerald, “ One of the keys to clear and fertile thinking … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: College of the Future?

With a 4X higher graduation rate than other similar colleges, Arizona’s Rio Salado College provides a glimpse into some of the innovations that are likely to transform US colleges in the future: There are 600 courses that start on almost … Continue reading

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A Magical Transformation: Natural Gas to Diesel Fuel & Gasoline

It’s not alchemy. Cheap and abundant methane can be converted to more valuable diesel and gasoline (and many other materials) via “gas to liquids” (GTL) processes. Most GTL approaches utilise the Fischer-Tropsch approach, but other chemical methods show promise of … Continue reading

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Is That Daft of Wind Blowing Through Putin’s Brain a Mere Smokescreen?

Dugin believes that the Eurasian state must incorporate all of the former Soviet states, members of the socialist block, and perhaps even establish a protectorate over all EU members. In the east, Dugin proposes to go as far as incorporating … Continue reading

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Homemade Firearms: $1200 CNC Mill Makes AR-15 Lower Receiver

Get yours now, because the price will soon go up to $1500. Defense Distributed is now selling a $1,200 computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) mill—dubbed the “Ghost Gunner”—that can complete an unfinished lower receiver for an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as part of a … Continue reading

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China Just Smiles

China is watching the expanding Russian war in Eastern Europe very closely. China is not at all worried. For this conflict, the dragon can only smile. … China has close relationships with the defense industries of both Russia and Ukraine. … Continue reading

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