Homemade Firearms: $1200 CNC Mill Makes AR-15 Lower Receiver

Get yours now, because the price will soon go up to $1500.

Defense Distributed is now selling a $1,200 computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) mill—dubbed the “Ghost Gunner”—that can complete an unfinished lower receiver for an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as part of a limited pre-order. While designed to mill an AR-15 lower, the CNC could theoretically mill anything of a similar size.

Wilson’s new Ghost Gunner makes home gunsmithing faster, cheaper, and more portable than ever before. __ Ars Technica

It wasn’t that long ago that home hobbyists had to use a $2,000 3-D printer to print a metal gun, but those days are past.

Solid Concepts, a specialty manufacturing company, said in a blog post it has fired more than 50 rounds from the handgun, even hitting a few bull’s-eyes at more than 30 yards.

The pistol is a version of an M1911, a handgun designed by John Browning and first used widely in the latter stages of combat stemming from the Philippine-American War. It’s built from 33 mostly stainless-steel parts and has a carbon-fiber handgrip carved with a laser.

“The 3-D-printed metal gun proves that 3-D printing isn’t just making trinkets and Yoda heads,” the company said in the blog post. __ CNN (2013)

Before the 3-D printer, a home gun-maker had to buy a stripped down receiver separate from the other gun parts sans receiver. Now, with an inexpensive CNC 3-D mill, you can machine the receiver yourself. Of course, if you live in the US, you can probably go to a gun store and buy the weapon over the counter.

It would be so much easier and cheaper to go to one of the great majority of US states where there are no local “assault-weapons” laws and buy a proper, working, factory made AR-15 of your choice from a private owner or dealer not operating under a federal firearms licence. Such a sale is perfectly routine (some studies estimate that 40 per cent of US gun sales are of this type), requires no background check or records, and of course owning such a weapon is perfectly legal for an American. Provided you aren’t a convicted felon or otherwise registered as unsuitable to buy guns by the FBI – like nearly all Americans – it’s even easier. You can just go and buy your AR-15 from a normal federally-licenced dealer such a Wal-Mart, in most states without any other restriction than the FBI database check. __ The Register

But you never know what that “gun salesman of the year” Barack Obama may try to do to gun laws, so best to keep your options open.

Other information on homemade firearms:




Dangerous Children are taught to build their own improvised weaponry from a rather early age. Those who master the optional machine shop track will be able to build all kinds of semi-automatic and automatic firearms, along with a wide range of much quieter — but just as deadly — weapons. Why teach this kind of thing to Dangerous Children? For the most part, we teach basic skills and safety, and the kids teach themselves the rest.

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