Genes and Violence: Are All Black Males Thugs?

The association between violent crime and black males is undeniable. But are all young black males thugs?

No, it would be neither fair nor accurate to accuse all young black males of thuggish violence. But violent crime by young black males is astoundingly common wherever blacks make up a significant part of a population.

Violent Home Invasion A Hobby for Black Males?

Violent Home Invasion
A Hobby for Black Males?

This violent home invasion video is not for the faint of heart, but it gives one a better sense of the problem than any number of words could do.

Michael Brown: Prelude to Sainthood

Michael Brown: Prelude to Sainthood

The death of Michael Brown near St. Louis was played up by the media as “the second coming of Trayvon.” But just like Trayvon, Michael Brown turned out to be but another wannabe thug. There is no shortage of these hapless “little angels,” so expect more episodes of “thugs-turned-media-saints” in the not too distant future.

Is there a genetic reason why so many black males turn violent early in life? Perhaps. The monoamine oxidase A gene (MAOA) is responsible for breaking down monoamine neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin. Low activity MAOA is associated with higher rates of violence. And black male populations have more members who possess low activity (high violence) variants of MAOA.

The extreme case of low activity MAOA enzyme is found in Brunner Syndrome, a very rare familial disorder identified in Holland. Sufferers of Brunner Syndrome exhibit low intelligence and high rates of impulsive and violent behaviour — such as is often seen among many young black males. Brunner Syndrome shines a strong light on the MAOA enzyme :: violence association — and the apparent “dose response” association involved in the likely gene :: behaviour linkage.

The table below compares the per cent frequencies of the different MAOA variants. The low activity MAOA enzyme “2R” variant on the left is most closely identified with high rates of serious violence.

MAOA Allele Frequencies

  2R 2.5R 3R 3.5R 4R 5R 6R
All Raw 105 1 7474 162 10164 160 0
All % 0.5812% 0.0055% 41.3705% 0.8967% 56.2604% 0.8856% 0.0000%
White Raw 25 1 4405 156 7618 137 0
White % 0.2026% 0.0081% 35.6911% 1.2640% 61.7242% 1.1100% 0.0000%
Black Raw 46 0 542 3 448 9 0
Black % 4.3893% 0.0000% 51.7176% 0.2863% 42.7481% 0.8588% 0.0000%
Asian Raw 17 0 1523 1 1010 1 0
Asian % 0.6661% 0.0000% 59.6787% 0.0392% 39.5768% 0.0392% 0.0000%
Hispanic Raw 0 0 27 0 65 0 0
Hispanic % 0.0000% 0.0000% 29.3478% 0.0000% 70.6522% 0.0000% 0.0000%
Native Raw 0 0 220 1 354 2 0
Native % 0.0000% 0.0000% 38.1282% 0.1733% 61.3518% 0.3466% 0.0000%
Jewish Raw 2 0 96 0 54 2 0
Jewish % 1.2987% 0.0000% 62.3377% 0.0000% 35.0649% 1.2987% 0.0000%

Source: Unsilenced Science

Here is a summary of research studies looking at the activity levels of MAOA variants and antisocial behaviours:

Combining the table above with the graphic summary of research studies, one is left with the strong impression that blacks exhibit higher levels of antisocial behaviours (violence) in part because of different gene expression. Remember: many dozens of different genes are likely to play a part in predisposition to violence. We are lucky that we found the MAOA promoter variable number tandem repeat association so early in the game. We still have many more “violence associated gene alleles” to discover.

More: Genetics of Violence

But to answer the question: “Are all black males violent thugs?” we have to say no. And yet, if one looks inside North American prisons, one finds a vast over-representation of black males.

More Blacks in Prison

More Blacks in Prison

If one looks at the correlation between the numbers of blacks in a community and its violent crime rates, the correlation is quite high.
Ron Unz: Correlation of Black Population w/ Homicide Rates in US Cities of 500K +

Ron Unz: Correlation of Black Population w/ Homicide Rates in US Cities of 500K +

Race and Crime in America

Looking at the numbers overall (correlation vs. incarceration), it is quite possible that many black violent offenders are escaping punishment. If young males literally get away with murder and other violent behaviours, we should expect for most of them to continue offending until they are eventually put away.

Global Murder Rate Genes and Violence

Global Murder Rate
Genes and Violence

This image shows the global murder rate by nation, suggesting an association between regions — such as Africa and Central America — and homicide.

How much violence by young black males can be attributed to genes, and how much to the black culture of anger, grievance, and hostility? Because we are still so early in the study of human genetics, it will be many years before we can voice strong opinions on that topic. Whatever the case, as the population of Sub Saharan Africa explodes, so does the number of young black males with genes that predispose to violence.

Fertility Rates in Africa Sky High

Fertility Rates in Africa Sky High

It is crucial that as many people as possible are made aware of this ominous and rapidly expanding scientific/cultural association beteen genes and violence in an honest and open manner. The present climate of politically correct denialism cannot be allowed to stand. That means that the persons and organisations most responsible for supporting politically correct denialism must be made to pay for their part of perpetuating the false narrative, which helps to perpetuate black crime.

It is easier to close one’s eyes, go along with the crowd, and be rewarded with what is seen by most members of the herd as “responsible citizenship.” But going along to get along just makes the problem worse.

More: Online US race and crime statistics from the report “Color of Crime” (27 pp)

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7 Responses to Genes and Violence: Are All Black Males Thugs?

  1. alfin2101 says:

    Stephen says:
    17 September, 2014 at 01:23 (Edit)

    On a related topic, I wonder if the birth rates of Whites and East Asians could probably be raised if it was legal to produce children for sale to childless or child wanting couples who could provide loving homes. Many see this as “immoral” but it seems like the free market provides so much that is desirable so perhaps the ability to bare and sell desirable children could greatly improve numbers.

    [Note: This comment by Stephen is copied here, reflecting Stephen’s original intent. AF}

  2. Watcher says:

    A corollary, perhaps even more interesting question than “are all black males thugs?” is, what level of civilization is required to sequester whatever members of the Violent Fraction and keep them from damaging the fabric of society? Because it doesn’t matter whether they are enabled and excused deliberately or passively, they will drive civilization off the cliff when they get to a certain level of presence. In the city where I grew up, 25% seemed to be the tipping point.

    What we have in the United States at present is a burgeoning politico-cultural religion that says that blacks, being so heavily represented in the prison system, can only possibly be there because of “racism.” Therefore when blacks commit crimes against body, property, or social cohesion, they should get a pass. It makes no sense, particularly given that most of those calling for this sort of thing are black, and the most common victims of these thugs. But hey, intelligence is most certainly not equally distributed.

    We have heard variations on this from the man who heads up our very Department of Justice; he and his chief executive have ordered schools not to discipline young blacks showing the early stages of Thugitis. And this is in a society that arguably still has the resources (including a much larger fraction of much higher IQ people capable of orderly behavior and law) to impose civilization.

    What about societies like those in the above maps whose rates of violence are so high? They not only lack that restraining/civilized factor, they have high birth rates, AND they enable and even admire the culture of violence.

    As for murder rates, remember that in the Islamic nations murder is frequently put into some other category. Also, much of the violence and fecundity in “Africa” is simply Islam in blackface.

  3. mrevergreen says:

    My main concern, as a Black man, is how I will be treated. I’m not the one committing crimes. I’m not out there being a thug. I keep away from any kind of thuggish behavior. I am not interested in the HBD thing. I’m only interested in what I have to gain or lose from this. I’m the one who has to worry about discrimination. At the end of the day, my question is this: What is in it for me?

    • alfin2101 says:

      mrevergreen: Black men are treated in as many different ways as any other men. The face you show the world determines how the world will treat you.

      As HBD becomes more widely known and accepted, some of the special privileges that black men are given (affirmative action etc.) may be curtailed, and the strong popular sympathy that blacks have received in Europe and the Anglosphere may well fade. “What is in it for you” may be early knowledge of changes to come.

      The population of black Africa is growing more quickly than any other population group. It is easy for a black man to find large populations where the colour of his skin is not a distinguishing feature. If a black man feels uncomfortable living among other groups of people, there are many homogeneous black populations in countries and cities around the world.

      • mrevergreen says:

        Living around different groups of people doesn’t bother me. It is how I’m treated that is important to me, more than anything. As someone who is an individualist, I think in terms of “take responsibility for self”. I always believe that if I’m not committing crimes, if I’m not causing problems, I shouldn’t be treated like dirt. People in my grandparents generation have fought for the things that I have, such as being able to vote, being equal under the law. If HBD becomes more accepted, I stand to lose everything. I already have a college diploma. I’ve already done my part as far as education is concerned. And in places where skin color isn’t a distinguishing trait, ethnicity is. Some American Blacks went to Africa and found they didn’t get the “welcome home long lost brother” they were hoping for. Rather than being viewed as long lost brothers, they were viewed as “those Americans”. Look at Liberia. Black Americans went there, and ethnic tensions abound.

        I care about how I’m treated. I do not want to be judged based on the very worst persons who happen to be Black. This is why I have no reason to embrace anything HBD is about. It stacks up against me as a Black man. I have to look out for myself first. That is why I ask “what is in it for me”. If the things in it for me mean being treated poorly, suffering discrimination, and basically being judged based on the very worst of the Black population, then I have no reason to embrace the concept of HBD. This is why I question it, because it goes back to the old concept of “Blacks are hopelessly inferior”.

  4. alfin2101 says:

    Right. I understood from your first comment that you feel no need to acknowledge or accept HBD, no matter how valid it may be scientifically. I expect that most intelligent blacks will feel the same way, just as most intelligent blacks voted for Obama despite his lack of qualifications and his distinct lack of commitment to make the US a better place for ordinary people (other than his rich cronies).

    On a statistical level, blacks measure very low on a wide range of scales. On an individual level — which is where you live — statistics don’t apply. But people tend to pay attention to things like that. In the light of that, it is particularly important for peace-minded black males to distinguish themselves from their fellows of a more thug-like nature in as many ways as practical.

    Some young black males want to have it both ways. They want to be able to act like thugs and intimidate people of other races, while not suffering any consequences from their wannabe thug behaviours.

    The average person may not be able to make the distinction. Some Asians, Mexicans, Arabs, Germans, or Turks may look at a swaggering young black male and automatically see another thug like Trayvon or Michael Brown. That is not fair, but people tend to judge on a tribal basis, using superficial criteria.

    Statistics are important in everyday life. The news media often covers up black male involvement in horrific crimes of violence, but more people are becoming aware of the statistical breakdown of criminality — which corresponds directly with the statistical breakdown of incarceration.

    • mrevergreen says:

      On the subject of HBD, I take a “look out for myself” mentality. If I don’t look out for me, who will?

      I look at statistics in this perspective. I see the numbers. And then, in this instance, I think about how it would affect me. How does it apply to me the individual? What does it do to help me live a good life?

      I am very aware of Black criminals and the dirt they do. I do what I can to stay far away from ANY criminal. As someone who has been victimized by White thugs as well as Black thugs, I don’t tolerate any criminal behavior. Let the criminals do the time. Let those criminals pay for their mistakes. It shouldn’t stick to those who are doing the right things. Alot of Blacks try to separate themselves from criminals. Criminals just keep acting like, well, criminals.

      i live on an individual level because that benefits me the most. If I went be group level, it wouldn’t benefit me. I am aware many people think on a tribal level.

      I have to consider the social implications of HBD because there are those who will seek to create policies based on this, policies that would ultimately make my life difficult, and next to impossible. Based on that, why should I embrace a concept that would lead to my own

      At the end of the day, I don’t care how many Black men are in prison. I can keep myself out of prison by not being a criminal. I worry about people treating me like dirt. I worry about myself being safe. I worry about discrimination, because Blacks have been subjected to it from the start of this nation’s history. I worry there will be those who will try to bring back Jim Crow.

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