A Broken Civilisation is Not Easy to Regrow

Civilisation is not an easy thing to build in the first place. Not every breeding population can achieve it, no matter how much time it is given. But once civilisation is allowed to break down, bringing it back again can be impossible.

Civilization is constituted by … hundreds of small collective action solutions [such as waiting your turn in a queue]. When norms deteriorate… then disorder shall tend to occur in that society, each failing norm eroding at the social fabric which allows a dozen others to proliferate. __ Socialmatter.net

Modern western societies have relaxed penalties for violation of behavioural courtesies — even for violation of outright vicious crimes, especially if the crimes are committed inside the tent of multicultural political correctness.

When authorities purposely overlook barbaric violations of lawful behaviour — for whatever reason — they open the door to a proliferation of further barbarisms.

The left has taken over most of academia, media, government, and popular culture, and we are seeing more and more top-down targeted violations of lawful and harmonious behaviour, sanctioned by the leftist overlords. Such a politically correct breakdown of civilised norms is causing more rational people to drop out of the skankstream cultureso as to create their own paths in as many ways as possible.

But what if western civilisation can be saved. What important changes would need to be made? Consider “An Eye for an Eye:”

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” … is just false. If we all knew that we would certainly suffer at least the same degree of pain that we inflicted on our fellows, our motivation to avoid hurting anyone would be extremely high. We’d be more careful and prudent, and so there would be a lot fewer torts in the first place.

Nevertheless it would be somewhat wasteful for society to lose two useful hands to a tort that destroyed one hand outright. Is there a way that torts could be punished so severely that no one would want to risk them, without permanently degrading the productive lives of all those who nevertheless do – perhaps without meaning to? Is there, e.g., a way to exact just compensation in suffering for the loss of a hand, without imposing the permanent loss of yet another hand?

Sure. Flogging will do. Quick, excruciating, and not (usually) permanently crippling. __ Orthosphere.org

The article above refers to “torts” as cause for flogging, but what about increasingly regular violent crimes such as mugging, car theft, or an unprovoked “knockout game?” What about the anarchist-for-hire who breaks a storefront window or an opportunistic looter or flash mob shoplifter? Should they be flogged?
More on “an eye for an eye” or “tit for tat”

It is time to face facts:

In other words, nations that once occupied the pinnacles of civilisation in every respect, are now in decline due to dysgenic birth rates and the willingness to commit suicide in the name of multicultural political correctness. Decline occurs on many fronts, such as dysgenic immigration, tax and regulatory policies, misallocation of resource (corruption), and an absurd refusal to punish violent and barbarous behaviours.

There are a number of rational responses to these developments. We will be looking at a number of them in turn, over the coming months.

The most important rational response in the beginning, is to keep young children from the influence of the skankstream. If this means homeschooling and no television — as Dr. Arthur Robinson chose for his six children — then so be it. A quick glance at the failing trajectory of modern western cultures should be enough to suggest the need for strong, rational, and decisive actions by individuals, families, and extended communities.

Islands of stability need to be formed and made resistant to the fallout from the skankstream.

HFTB. PFTW. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood.

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