The Stupidity of Renewables, and What Children are Taught in Government Schools

Update: How Green is Europe? A hard-numbers dismantling of the “green mystique” of Europe — and an ominous warning for Europe’s future.

Natural gas accounts for 22 quads and coal is right behind with a respectable 8 quads. Hydro and biomass provide 3 quads apiece but these are long established large hydroelectric dams plus the burning of wood, mostly for home heating. Wind provides a barely negligible 2 quads and geothermal provides another 1 quad. Solar energy, despite all the hoopla, does not [even] register on the scale. __ Coal & Gas Dominate

Schoolchildren in government schools are taught about the “evils” of hydrocarbon energy sources, and about society’s “desperate need” to quickly switch to “clean renewable” sources of energy in place of coal, oil, gas, & nuclear.

But in the real world, people understand that the global use of coal and carbon-based energy sources will continue to expand relentlessly. Why aren’t schoolchildren taught what everyone with any real-world knowledge already knows?

Why would any intelligent person believe that big wind or big solar electricity developers could survive in a free and open marketplace, without massive, permanent government supports and mandates? Why would any intelligent person believe that unsubsidised wind or solar could ever compete with nuclear, coal, or gas on an ongoing cost and quality basis? Why would any intelligent person believe that electrical power grids could deliver abundant, high quality, affordable electricity if they were dependent on wind and solar for a large proportion of their ongoing production? Because they have been programmed to believe the nonsense in schools, by governments, and by an ideological and unpractical media.

How can young people avoid the destructive mental programming involved in the promotion of the quasi-religious belief in “green energy” and “climate apocalypse,” in the course of being educated and prepared for higher education?

For it is not just government schools which replace large portions of a rational curriculum with an irrational climate-doom and green idiocy indoctrination. Many private and religious schools have fallen into the same toxic green mind-focquing quagmire as public schools.

Home-schooling curricula — such as the Robinson Homeschool Curriculum — can provide a useful alternative to a skankstream brainwashing. For those who cannot homeschool full time, there is the homeschool co-op approach. And then there is the virtual school concept, which is very much in the early formative stages.

Any approach that allows parents and students to customise the curriculum for the student — much as higher education is customised — will allow a family to focus on maximising education and minimising indoctrination and the semi-obligatory baptism into the common skankstream.

When many or most North American students reach a rigorous 4 year institution of higher education, they are unprepared for the reading, writing, and maths that are required for even basic level classwork. Remedial work is becoming a larger and larger part of the college education budget, even at elite schools. This is an unnecessary waste. Particularly when in place of the missing education in necessities, the students almost certainly were given a counter-productive indoctrination in insanities.

Because of the lack of basic education and thinking skills, otherwise intelligent people can be led to believe in peak oil armageddon, climate apocalypse, and “peak shale.”

One of the more promising developments in modern higher education is Minerva University, a newly opened school in San Francisco. Minerva students learn to think in an atmosphere where there are no lectures, no academic tenure, and no affirmative action. Each class session is an adventure in experiential learning and building upon previously developed thinking skills. Students build their own solid “foundational concepts” and “habits of mind” which underlie sound systematic thinking in the various disciplines. This is the antithesis to the traditional professor to student indoctrination one too often sees in most colleges — from the elite to the mediocre.

We can agree in hindsight that only an idiot (or someone totally corrupted) would vote for someone such as US President Obama. But why couldn’t most US voters understand that before the 2008 and 2012 elections? The evidence was clear and freely available to anyone who took even the minimal effort.

Because their minds had been indoctrinated with emotional and irrational propaganda, which would never have passed the test of “falsifiability.”

A society that is saturated with an overproduction of “elites” of the effete, superfluous variety, does not help matters. Most of these “elites” — those not directly involved in the propaganda apparatus at least — obviously never learned basic thinking skills. They never had to.

The challenge to the dwindling number of sound thinkers within increasingly idiocratic modern societies, is how to deal with the multiple threats to an expansive and abundant future. These threats loom from within and without these societies, from the top-down, the bottom-up, and from peer to peer. The Idiocracy — the skankstream — is ubiquitous and rapidly expanding. It is sustained by government policy in education, energy, environment, business, taxation, regulation, immigration, and a wide range of new legislation. It thrives in an atmosphere of elite overproduction, the dumbing down of schools and media, corrupt elections, and replacement of government with biased ideological activism.

The things that must be done, are things that must be done “delicately.” They must be closely planned, and patiently developed and revised until the time is right. At least, that would be ideal. Unfortunately, there may not be time.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a dangerous childhood.

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In a future article, we will look at the reasons why wind and solar installations may be perfectly reasonable for small, off-grid applications — but why at the same time, big wind and big solar projects built to energise large power grids are abysmally stupid, wasteful, and corrupt. Enthusiasts for small wind and small solar need to learn why their enthusiasm should not transfer to big wind and big solar if they wish to be taken seriously by intelligent people in the know.

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2 Responses to The Stupidity of Renewables, and What Children are Taught in Government Schools

  1. Herve D says:

    Why all this? Because politicians in power have only long term Target: Make the population not think, to swallow any stupid moto, stay quiet, work and overall pay its taxes. As indoctrination of adults partially failed, now they endoctrinate the fresh mind of youngsters. They consider the population as cattle, just to produce a profitable output. And “them”, self considering “elites” would enjoy peace, compfort, power, honors and so on. Just like communists during Staline’s time (for his friends). This system having already failed twice in history (USSR & China), why US leftists try again? It is astonishingly surprising to see the 21st century reverting the 20th century scam: Lefto-socialist dirty Ideology moving in power from East to West…..

  2. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Just as alternative energy and green cars require a substantial subsidy so does the entire alternative energy theory. Teaching children, all children, about how great the alternative energy is and how it can save the world IS the subsidy. A bio-subsidy to combat the facts.

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