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Homemade Weapons of Survival and Resistance: Outlasting the Bastards

Acolyte: Master, when TSHTF, will we need guns — lots of guns? Master Fin: Grasshopper, when TSHTF not only will we need guns — lots of guns — but we will also need things that go boom! things that go … Continue reading

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Grand Eurasian Empire Stumbles at the Gate

President Putin strives to project strength but he is a limited politician who, in common with so many of those who went before him, lacks the imagination and capacity to establish Russia as an admired, serious and constructive player on … Continue reading

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Germany and the Green Idiocracy

Winter is coming, and Germany isn’t ready. The Deutschland government has crafted policies that are driving German industry out of the country, reducing German jobs, and stalling the German economy in its tracks. … nearly a quarter of all companies … Continue reading

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Incredible Shrinking Russia

The Incredible Shrinking Russian Army … the Russian military is seen as a crippled institution and one not likely to get better any time soon. With so many of the troops now one year conscripts, an increasing number of the … Continue reading

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Sex Slavery vs. Prostitution: Two Different Animals

Some Russian girls, such as Svetlana, are lucky enough to achieve financial independence as prostitutes in the affluent west. But many others are stripped of their independence, and seized by traffickers who press them into sexual servitude. Anti-trafficking organizations said … Continue reading

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Ebola at a Glance

The first victim of the 2014 Ebola outbreak is thought to have died in December of 2013. (Source) The current outbreak is almost a year old. Why does the 2014 epidemic continue to drag on? Infections can be easily spread … Continue reading

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Rails of Decline: Paying China to Connect the Global Idiocracy

Connecting Southern Slums to Northern Promise China is about to lay track for a shorter and faster version of the Cape-to-Cairo rail line that imperialist planners such as Cecil Rhodes proposed as a way of uniting Britain’s colonial possessions. China’s … Continue reading

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Economically Strapped Dictator Threatens to Play the Nuclear War Card

Is global thermonuclear war unthinkable? Not in Moscow. As Russia’s economy takes a deep dive into a shallow pool, the Kremlin’s war planners are busy laying the groundwork for large scale global violence. Under mounting Western pressure this year, Russian … Continue reading

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Hells on Earth: Global Expansion of Slums, Crime, Hunger, Plague

Global slum populations are expected to double, from 1 billion up to 2 billion, over the next 15 years. (Source) By 2030, nearly 60 percent of the humans on this planet will live in a city, and within 100 miles … Continue reading

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Putting Ebola in Context

As of 8 October 2014, approximately 4,000 people have died of the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak. From the CDC website: As of October 8, 2014 (Updated October 10, 2014) Total Cases: 8400 Laboratory-Confirmed Cases: 4656 Total Deaths: 4033 ___ … Continue reading

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Nuclear Fusion: Still a Force to be Reckoned With

As you can see from the chart, if humans can master the forces in the atomic nucleus, they and their heirs will have as much energy as they will need into the foreseeable future. Research into the production of affordable … Continue reading

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Nobel Prize Graphics

In many cases, the country of origin for a Nobel Laureate is different from the country where his important work was done. We can gain important information from both the country of origin, and the country of work and residence … Continue reading

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Tales from the Great Russian Womb Drain

I’m 5’7″, 119 pounds, with long legs, hazel eyes, full lips, and a slim body that has been getting attention since I entered puberty… I grew up in central Russia. When I was little, I wanted to be a tour … Continue reading

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Educational Success Is In the Genes: IQ, Self-Efficacy, Personality and More

There are many reasons why success seems to run in families. One of the reasons is the inheritance of genetic predispositions to success, such as intelligence, self-discipline, positive personality styles, and more. A recent study published in PNAS looked at … Continue reading

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False Hope and Fatal Despair … An Empire’s Agonal Gasps

if Russians are dying for lack of hope, as they seem to be . . . What happened to Russians over the course of the Soviet century that has rendered them incapable of hope? __ The Dying Russians Russian despair … Continue reading

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A World Full of Simplistic Logic

Humans base much of their lives on the flimsiest of logic. Most human brains are lazy, if not lazy and stupid. They will take a simple idea “that they just know is true,” then build wildly ambitious ideologies and belief … Continue reading

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A Defensible Survivable Retreat In the Lower 48: What are the Odds?

In case of The End of the World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), where would you choose to make a stand, for yourself and your loved ones? If the problem occupies your mind a great deal, and you live in … Continue reading

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Dangerous Children Love to Move

Movement is a vital part of infancy and childhood, for boys and for girls. Children often show an aptitude for rhythmic movement long before learning to crawl, or walk. This capacity should be adapted into purposeful dance and other movement … Continue reading

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In the Year 2121: Which Brains Will Rule the Earth?

In the first Part of the Next Human Century, Will the World be Ruled by Smart Human Brains, Dumb Human Brains (as is now the case), Dumber Human Brains (as in total dysgenic Idiocracy), Machine Brains, or Space Alien Brains? … Continue reading

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