Educational Success Is In the Genes: IQ, Self-Efficacy, Personality and More

There are many reasons why success seems to run in families. One of the reasons is the inheritance of genetic predispositions to success, such as intelligence, self-discipline, positive personality styles, and more.

A recent study published in PNAS looked at 13,306 twins at age 16, and compared their scores on a standardised UK academic achievement test (GCSE) with 83 scales that were compressed to 9 psychological domains, including intelligence and certain personality categories. GCSE core subject scores displayed 62% heritability, and the 9 psychological domains tested separately displayed heritabilities ranging between 35% and 58%.

Heritability of Educational Achievement, Personality, and Intelligence

Heritability of Educational Achievement, Personality, and Intelligence

Identical twins share 100% of their genes, and non-identical twins (just as any other siblings) share 50% of the genes that vary between people. Twin pairs share the same environment (family, schools, teachers etc). By comparing identical and non-identical twins, the researchers were able to estimate the relative contributions of genetic and environmental factors. So, if overall, identical twins are more similar on a particular trait than non-identical twins, the differences between the two groups are due to genetics, rather than environment.

Eva Krapohl, joint first author of the study, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s, says: “Previous work has already established that educational achievement is heritable. In this study, we wanted to find out why that is. What our study shows is that the heritability of educational achievement is much more than just intelligence – it is the combination of many traits which are all heritable to different extents.

“It is important to point out that heritability does not mean that anything is set in stone. It simply means that children differ in how easy and enjoyable they find learning and that much of these differences are influenced by genetics.” ___ (via Diversity is Chaos)

Just as success runs in families and extended breeding populations (human races), so does failure. Researchers in the above study discovered that behaviour problems were highly heritable, and detrimental toward achieving academic success.

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ

A quick glance at the map above reveals that more economically successful populations tend to cluster in Europe, East Asia, and areas that were populated by Europeans and East Asians.

Higher IQ populations tend to do better economically and scholastically, and that advantage tends to persist. This continues to be true as long as governments allow high IQ populations sufficient freedom to compete and succeed on merits. The case of North Korea and South Korea provides a useful window into the role of economic freedoms. The former case of East Germany and West Germany likewise revealed the importance of economic freedom.

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

IQ by Race North America _ Wikipedia

Within multicultural countries, IQ scores for different extended breeding populations (human races) tend to distribute themselves around distinct means, in a bell-curve manner. But it is likely that other important factors involved in life success — besides IQ — also distribute themselves similarly, in a heritable manner — as found by the PNAS researchers in the study above. Executive functions, for example — self-discipline, ability to plan, forming strategies, organising, etc. — have been found to be even more heritable than IQ.

IQ can vary in heritability from around 50% up to 80%. Estimates for heritability of executive functions range up to 99%. Scientists such as Michael Posner believe that children can improve their executive attention and emotional regulation through early childhood training — if it is undertaken early enough.

Predisposition to violent behaviours also seems to be mediated through certain inherited gene medleys and gene regulatory mechanisms. It is probably no accident that rates of violent crime are especially high in particular human populations.

Global Murder Rate Genes and Violence

Global Murder Rate
Genes and Violence

Violent crime rates appear to be particularly high within populations of black African descent, and those high rates of violence appear to follow blacks from Africa to any country they immigrate to — whether the UK, North America, the Caribbean, or Latin America. Such a pattern strongly suggests a genetic component, via any number of mechanisms.

The combination in black Africans of low intelligence and high predisposition to violent behaviours is particularly unfortunate given current global patterns of fertility. Populations with high IQ and high success rates are under-breeding — in terms of being able to maintain their populations. At the same time, populations with low IQ, low success rates, and high rates of violence, are over-breeding — in terms of doubling or tripling their populations over relatively short periods of time.

Wikipedia: Map of total fertility rate by nation

Wikipedia: Map of total fertility rate by nation

This is a dysgenic fertility pattern that promises a dark future for terrestrial humans unless some provisions are made now, to limit the damages.

The prevalence of leftist Political Correctness throughout most of the western world assures us that the necessary provisions for maintaining an abundant and expansive human future, in the light of dysgenic fertility, will not be made by national governments or international agencies. Politicians currently in power and civil servants currently enforcing dysfunctional policies, all assume that they will be long gone “with the loot” before things get bad, and before the public grows wiser to their malfeasance.

If you read Brian Wang’s NextBigFuture blog — as I do — you probably marvel at many of the advances in science and technology that are described, as well as the speculative visions of future possibilities. These possibilities are grand, but they will not happen by themselves.

As populations of western countries come to more closely resemble populations of the third world countries from which they are drawing most of their immigrants, the futures of western economies and the ambitious research programmes that depend upon those economies begin to grow more tentative.

That is why we at the Al Fin Society for the Advancement of Resilient and Dangerous Communities recommend that more intelligent and aware individuals begin to look into finding or founding resilient communities in which to locate. Networked communities of this type are meant to serve as islands of stability and springboards for recovery, once current trends play out.

If you wait for your government to do what is best for the futures of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren, you will probably still be waiting as you breathe your last breath.

HFTB. PFTW. Practise every day at least one way of being more Dangerous.

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