Rails of Decline: Paying China to Connect the Global Idiocracy

Connecting Southern Slums to Northern Promise

China is about to lay track for a shorter and faster version of the Cape-to-Cairo rail line that imperialist planners such as Cecil Rhodes proposed as a way of uniting Britain’s colonial possessions. China’s version will begin with a line that runs from Ethiopia and South Sudan to the Great Lake states in the south.

Ultimately this may be united with the 1,344km Benguela railway linking Angola’s Atlantic port of Lobito to the eastern border town of Luau, which CRCC completed in August, at a cost of $1.8bn. If the two systems are joined, they will provide the means of opening up the vast, and largely untapped, mineral resources of the Congo Basin, which will be needed to keep China’s economy growing at its present rate of 7%. __ Globalconreview via NextBigFuture

China is angling to build high speed rail lines across Mexico, Russia, South America, Africa, India, the UK, Central Asia, and the middle east. China wants to finance its ambitious plans using a new “development bank“, using investment funds from richer nations to fund its own schemes.

The bold new connecting lines will make wealthier nations of Europe and North America more accessible to the rapidly expanding slums of the southern hemisphere. Infectious diseases of the south would then find easier access to urban populations of the north.
Global Slums Expected to Double in Size over 15 Years http://www.schooljotter.com/showpage.php?id=158173

Global Slums Expected to Double in Size over 15 Years

Direct rail lines facilitate a more rapid transfer of people and materials across long distances. Whether colonists, military invaders, religious fundamentalists, or only ordinary people looking for opportunity, rail makes it easy to travel long distances.
Excess Fertility Seeks an Outlet

Excess Fertility Seeks an Outlet

There is a limit to the number of impoverished people that can fit in third world slums. If people of the advanced world continue to finance population growth in the primitive world, the excess population of untrainable, unassimilable, and violence-prone unfortunates will need a place to live, to be taken care of financially, medically, and in every other way. Many of the newcomers will form criminal gangs, others will participate in movements of religious supremacism and acts of terrorism.

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ

Economic Success Correlates With National Average IQ

The Chinese merely want to fund their own lucrative projects and reboot their own economic expansion, using money from wealthier nations. But the end result will be to bring the poverty, disease, violence, and low-IQ incompetence of the third world to the “advanced world,” even more rapidly than it is already being done.

Update November 2014: China’s high speed rail deal with Mexico is cancelled due to corruption

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