Germany and the Green Idiocracy

Winter is coming, and Germany isn’t ready. The Deutschland government has crafted policies that are driving German industry out of the country, reducing German jobs, and stalling the German economy in its tracks.

… nearly a quarter of all companies in heavy industry are considering reducing production in Germany, according to a survey by the German Chambers of Commerce.

The falloff in German investment in industrial sectors, also including aluminum and glass production, is not the only reason for the worrying slowdown in Europe’s biggest economy. But it is certainly a factor. __ NewYorkTimes

… think tanks predict that projects undertaken by the coalition, including allowing people to retire at the age of 63 and the introduction of Germany’s first-ever national minimum wage, will cause around 300,000 jobs a year to disappear. __ German Economy Stalls . . . Der Spiegel

The German government has shackled the German economy to a disastrous project of energy starvation — labeled the “Energiewende,” or energy transition. It amounts to the total replacement of clean and reliable power sources such as nuclear power, with unreliable and intermittent wind and solar energy — to be accomplished by the year 2050. Other than a failed experiment in Spain, such a transition has never before been attempted by a large modern industrial economy for a very good reason: It is a perfect prescription for economic disaster. We are beginning to see the early stages in Germany today.

German industrial giants are beginning to look overseas to places where energy is less costly:

European companies are also being drawn to the United States.

Wacker Chemie, based in Munich, is building a $2 billion plant in Tennessee to make polysilicon, a material that is used to make solar panels. Wacker’s manufacturing process will rely heavily on chlorine, a chemical whose manufacture requires huge amounts of energy.

In September, the German industrial giant Siemens agreed to buy Dresser-Rand, a Houston-based maker of equipment for the energy industry, for $7.6 billion. Two Austrian steel makers, Voestalpine and Benteler, are building mills on the Gulf Coast in Texas and Louisiana.

“The bad thing from a European perspective, not from a company perspective but for the region Europe, is it’s not only BASF,” Mr. Schwager said. “It is many European companies which are energy-intensive. They are finding out that the benefits of shifting investment from Europe to the U.S. are significant.” _ NYT

Besides a dangerously precarious energy policy, Germany’s problems include an ongoing demographic decline, a suicidal dependency on Russia for heating fuels, counter-productive leftist economic policies, and the tendency to wallow in fantasy wish-fulfillment instead of hard-headed assessment and planning. Germany may have lost the best of its genomic complement in an earlier escape into fantasy — the Nazi experiment.

Germany abruptly turned away from nuclear power without putting anything economically sustainable in its place (instead touting that some day, somehow wind and solar will make economic sense) has left the country at a permanent, seemingly long-term economic disadvantage that simply cannot be overcome. German energy prices are fully three times as high industrially as those of their American competitors. As I say to my somewhat nervous German colleagues, “You are all talented, but you are not three times more talented than the Americans”. __ German Nightmare

A more sober analysis of Germany’s green “leap of faith” raises the expectation of a crushing hard landing at the bottom of the precipice. Why is Germany incapable of clear and simple logical evaluations, without the wishful thinking and false imperatives that lie behind the Energiewende facade? What false ideology is driving the formerly hard-headed and ambitious people of Germany to choose a cold, dead end?

Industry and commerce require large amounts of affordable energy on demand. Since wind and solar are unpredictable, intermittent, and unreliable, they cannot be counted upon to supply power — in any amount — on demand. And so, without nuclear, Germany is forced to turn to coal power. Do you understand the irony? In order to produce “green energy,” Germany must burn the dirtiest source of power available. 21st century German logic in a nutshell.

Germany has set itself up for a grand experiment that could have repercussions for all of Europe, which depends heavily on German economic strength. The country must build and use renewable energy technologies at unprecedented scales, at enormous but uncertain cost, while reducing energy use. And it must pull it all off without undercutting industry, which relies on reasonably priced, reliable power. “In a sense, the Energiewende is a political statement without a technical solution,” says Stephan Reimelt, CEO of GE Energy Germany. __ MIT TechnologyReview

Germany is already struggling to reconcile its wishful thinking with harsh economic and climatic reality. Winter is coming to Germany, in more ways than one… The country is not prepared.

US Shale oil will soon be profitable at an oil price of $50 bbl. And US natural gas production can only be described as “a glut” for the next few decades. Cheap, reliable, on-demand energy exerts a strong pull to the industries of Germany and Europe as a whole.

Dependency upon Russia could not have come at a worse time.

Europe is being over-run by fertile, unintelligent, unassimilable, uneducatable, violent immigrants from the third world of Africa and Asia. At the same time, European governments are intentionally making their societies weaker, less resilient, and more impoverished for reasons of incoherent, unsupportable ideology (eg the climate apocalypse).

Is it time to bring out, dust off, and lubricate the guillotines, before all of western Europe is overrun by this creeping Idiocracy?


Europe’s Political Divisions are Deepening

Europe Chooses Energy Starvation and Economic Suicide

Europe’s demographic collapse

Germany’s Green Energy Failure

30 pp PDF document that clearly explains “Why Wind Won’t Work”

Summary of the book Wind Power Fraud

The Green Idiocracy gains a foothold in the US

But the US is still willing to utilise some of its more reliable energy

For big wind energy in the UK, this PDF document from the Adam Smith Institute just about says it all.


Wind is, by its nature, intermittent and so the extent to which this affects the output of the fleet of wind turbines in a typical year is crucial in determining how much conventional generating capacity is needed by way of backup and thus what the overall system costs are. This study provides a rigorous quantitative assessment of wind variability and intermittency based on nine years of hourly measurements of wind speed on 22 sites across the country. The analysis is based on a model UK wind fleet of 10 GW nominal capacity.

The model reveals that power output has the following pattern over a year:

i Power exceeds 90 % of available power for only 17 hours
ii Power exceeds 80 % of available power for 163 hours
iii Power is below 20 % of available power for 3,448 hours (20 weeks)
iv Power is below 10 % of available power for 1,519 hours (9 weeks)

In other words, nameplate “capacity” for wind farms is meaningless. Wind doesn’t blow on demand. When wind energy is available, it is often not needed on the grid — and must be wasted in order to maintain grid stability. The entire scheme of “big wind energy” is both corrupt and destructive. But it is very well connected, politically, so it will continue to be foisted onto the grid and onto the public until decisive steps can be taken against the financial and political interests who are behind the gigantic scam.

Much more information in the PDF document:

Germany pays almost as much in subsidies as it gets from “renewables”. It is a scandal which will eventually result in heads rolling, the sooner the better.

This doesn’t help: Germany is still divided

Update Jan 2015: Some of the problems California will run into when trying to generate 50% of its power from renewables by 2030

Green idiots who try to take Germany’s Energiewende path will run headlong into the problem of unpredictable intermittency — anathema to a modern industrial society. Be very careful when considering re-locating to any jurisdiction that is in thrall to the green delusion.

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6 Responses to Germany and the Green Idiocracy

  1. bob sykes says:

    The EU has just adopted the German energy plan for all of EU Europe. The utter lunacy of the European Ruling Class is beyond comprehension, but it does explain WW I and WW II.

    Unfortunately, our own Communist/Socialist Democrat Party wants to impose the same policies on us, and the Stupid Party is willing to go along if they get some of the action.

    Really, is this how a civilization collapses, and a race goes extinct?

    • alfin2101 says:

      We are seeing a failure of the ruling classes from Russia to Europe to the Anglosphere. Since the elites are typically not punished for their failures, they have no incentive to adopt policies that help ordinary people to live successful an fulfilling lives.

      In Russia, organised crime inside and outside of government is a central problem. In Europe and the Anglosphere, political corruption inside governments, inter-governmental organisations, the media, academia, tax exempt foundations, labour unions, and corrupt moneyed interests all collude to reduce opportunities for ordinary citizens, and dim the prospects for an abundant and expansive human future.

      Will the guillotines be enough, or must we burn the corrupt elites in a giant bonfire?

      If enabling new technologies become available, that allow us to achieve independence from governments and large institutions, we should be able to bypass the train wreck. Otherwise, we will need to improvise in a timely fashion.

    • A.B Prosper says:

      Much of the human race is below replacement or at fast dropping fertility levels including Japan, anywhere in developed Asia and growing chunks of South America and the Middle East . Its not just a White people going extinct issue but all civilized peoples reducing in numbers faster than the barbarians.

      Frankly I think its a natural consequences of the policies of the parasitic elite and capitalism. These polices are great for the bottom line and good for security for the elite and are also good for ambitious pols who want more people to lord over but are disastrous for humanity as a whole.

      Humans in the developed world no longer have the social basics they need (faith and tribe) to thrive and as such are certain to no longer produce healthy offspring. Basically its just like zoo animals not having babies. We are well fed, materially doing well but are outside our healthy habitat range and lacking enough resources to overcome the trade offs inherent in urban and modern living. Without faith and tribe , babies become a singular economic decision and are often forgone

      This also explains why more feral less developed cultures are still having above replacement fertility, they have tribe and faith in something.

      In the end assuming humanity makes it though the 21st, the survivors will be much more tribal and resistant to large group memes and religious deconstruction. My guess is the 21st century will be the age of strife and resource wars and the 22nd of faith and tribe. We might consider these folks “dangerous children” and maybe from a certain POV they will be

      Human numbers will probably die way back and may never recover, Ireland never has for example but on the whole everyone will be better off inside though not materially of course.

      • alfin2101 says:

        Right. It’s fun to predict the future based upon our current conceptions and understandings. Things rarely turn out the way we expected, but that is neither here nor there.

        As more advanced people reduce their populations, more primitive people are likely to act out — wherever they may live. IThe advanced world is inviting and empowering large numbers of primitive, violence-prone, low IQ people to live inside its cities. But each generation of advanced populations produces fewer and fewer intelligent and emotionally balanced people able and willing to supervise these blooming warrens of primitivity in their midst.

        Eventually, these primitive people — who do not necessarily lack for faith or tribe — will expand, break loose and destroy the foundations that made the more advanced society possible. That is the nature of conquest when a less vital people is confronted by one that is more vital.

        Capitalism is like “God.” It means different things to different people, and may not exist outside of the human mind in pure and unchanging form. If it didn’t exist, it would be necessary to invent it.

  2. A.B Prosper says:

    Speculation is fun.

    I do have to add though that the emergent science will make mass elimination of low IQ Low Impulse Control barbarians pretty easy if some future beleaguered Byzantium decides this is necessary. I’m not sure but that might be worse than the more conventional means.

    Its also highly possible that natural trends like Ebola will end up with a mass die-back. we will probably contain this nasty outbreak but in order to prevent a die-back wed have to get every other one. The germs only have to win once,

    Another possibility is the vibrant lot will self correct. there seems to be some evidence of this even if Africa, Brazil is far more civilized than some of course but they’ve dropped to European fertility levels even with higher mortality which is going to help that country enormously

    lastly, its quite odd to hear the word vital used in this context. Its accurate enough but it reminds me of the pulp era and Robert Howard in particular.

    • alfin2101 says:

      What is the best level of demographic resolution to speculate upon? I suspect that the “nation scale” is too crude, lending to spurious predictions. Different subpopulations within multicultural nations can take divergent courses, leading to unexpected fractures and alliances.

      Does anyone remember “Yugoslavia,” for example?

      Nations that are more reliant upon top-down authoritarian rule can be overturned in a heartbeat. Decapitation strikes leave the different pieces of fragmented quasi-states to fend for themselves. Regional warlords and nomenclatura can seize local control. That is particularly true where the artificial inter-ties between nation-fragments are forced from above, rather than growing naturally from the grass roots.

      Some countries, like Russia or Argentina, have one or two important cities which if lost, would spell the utter end of the nation. Others such as Brasil, Australia, Canada, or the US, have placed their capital cities away from their more productive regions, and could afford to lose their capitals without too badly disrupting the nation as a whole.

      I like Switzerland and New Zealand, but everyone’s tastes will differ.

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