Homemade Weapons of Survival and Resistance: Outlasting the Bastards

Acolyte: Master, when TSHTF, will we need guns — lots of guns?

Master Fin: Grasshopper, when TSHTF not only will we need guns — lots of guns — but we will also need things that go boom! things that go whooosh! things that go thump . . . boom! and things that go uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!

As the twin curses of debt and dysgenic decline settle over large swathes of the western world, a young man’s thoughts naturally turn to firepower and improvised weaponry. Now, the option of homemade firearms is beginning to look much more practical and affordable, using either “printers,” or affordable milling machines.

The pistol in the picture was printed with a 3D printer:

The weapon was made mostly out of stainless steel with store-bought grips, using an EOS M280 3D printer. It chambers 10mm ammo and features the word “Reason” printed in the slide, and the preamble to the Declaration of Independence on the front of the grip. __

The rapid rise of 3D printed guns

Tech Crunch articles on 3D printed guns

Cheaper milling machines are providing another approach to homemade firearms manufacture:

Defense Distributed is now selling a $1,200 computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) mill—dubbed the “Ghost Gunner”—that can complete an unfinished lower receiver for an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as part of a limited pre-order. While designed to mill an AR-15 lower, the CNC could theoretically mill anything of a similar size.

Wilson’s new Ghost Gunner makes home gunsmithing faster, cheaper, and more portable than ever before. __ Ars Technica

In Japan, this kind of thing can land you in gaol. In fact, most governments of the world hate the idea that citizens might gain the ability to protect themselves — something that the governments have long since failed to do.

Another important aspect to self-defence when TSHTF (or when governments come undone) is “the improvised weapon.” Once citizens develop the mindset that tells them that it is okay to defend themselves, they will begin to see weapons inside a wide range of everyday objects.

Improvised weapons are devices that were not designed to be used as weapons but can be put to that use. They are generally used for self-defence or where the person is otherwise unarmed. In some cases improvised weapons are commonly used by attackers in street fights, muggings, murders or during riots, usually when conventional weapons such as firearms are unavailable or inappropriate.

“Improvised Weapons” is a term used to represent common everyday objects that can be used is a variety of defensive applications. These objects are not physically altered in any way, in an effort to make them more functional as weapons. They are generally utilized in their normal state.[1] __Hundreds of Improvised Weapons

Many of the most effective improvised weapons are currently illegal. But when TSHTF, the rules will change instantly. “What is legal” will become moot, and “what is effective” will take its place.

It’s always best to begin with the basics: Food, water, shelter, clothing, fuel, interlocking defence systems, medicines, transportation, community, commerce, and cooperative interaction with other persons and groups of like mind. Trade goods and cash crops will also prove useful over the long haul. A small-scale local manufacturer of reliable firearms and ammunition might be positioned particularly well economically, after TSHTF.

Beyond 3D printing and advanced machining, new technologies from the nano-sciences promise to revolutionise both the technology of survival and the technology of war.

The United States, Russia, and Germany are currently in the R&D phase of nanotechnology-based “mini-nuke” devices. Andy Oppenheimer states, “The creation of much smaller nuclear bombs adds new challenges to the effort to limit weapons of mass destruction.” “[The bombs] could blow open everything that is in place for arms control,” Oppenheimer says. “Everything gets more dangerous.” Some advanced technologies, such as superlasers could be used to trigger comparatively small thermonuclear fusion explosions in a mixture of tritium and deuterium. An entire mini-nuke device could fit into a package weighing less than a few kilograms, and having an equivalent yield of less than a ton, to hundreds of tons of high-explosives (making them technically not Weapons of Mass Destruction.) The devices would use very little to no fissionable material at all, resulting in “virtually no radioactive fallout.” By making nuclear weapons smaller, however, they become more likely to be used. _Nanoweapons

1. “The most obvious is the massive destructiveness of all-out nuclear war . . Nuclear weapons cause indiscriminate destruction; nanotech weapons could be targeted.”

2. “Nuclear weapons require massive research effort and industrial development, which can be tracked far more easily than nanotech weapons development;”

3. “nanotech weapons can be developed much more rapidly due to faster, cheaper prototyping.”

4. “Finally, nuclear weapons cannot easily be delivered in advance of being used; the
opposite is true of nanotech.” __Military Analysis

Chemical and biological weapons are also becoming easier to use, with a combination of autonomous dispersal agents (UAVs, all-terrain robots etc.) and nano-delivery systems small enough to be invisible.

The best way to defend against this type of weapon (ABC) is to knock out their command and control centres before the weapons are released. If that option fails, hidden air-tight underground shelters with sophisticated air and water filter/recycle systems may be necessary, combined with diversionary schemes meant to mislead enemy targeting.

You should see why it will be necessary for survivors to have access to a wide range of weaponry, when societies reach the point that they can no longer function rationally — particularly when such societies are heavily multicultural, and thus largely dysfunctional to begin with.

Here are links to a number of files dealing with improvised weaponry and improvised survival, for WTSHTF:


http://www.textfiles.com/anarchy/INCENDIARIES/ (Be very careful. Seek expert advice and instruction if you are not experienced.)

If a community — or a linked network of communities — is to be able to outlast the type of splinter governments, rape-murder-slavery gangs, and roving insurgencies likely to spring up after TSHTF, it will need access to a wide range of homemade, improvised, and otherwise obtained weaponry and ammunition. If such a community is to survive the unleashing of nano-enhanced ABC weaponry combined with autonomous dispersal and delivery agents, it will need sophisticated and layered defences, and a wide range of expertise and experience among its members.

How would an R&D community defend itself against an attack by hostile helicopter gunships? It is not likely that western communities would have access to Obama administration-delivered MANPADS, such as the Obama administration provided to radical Islamic groups. Which means that the best approach when under attack by a hostile helicopter force would involve the use of a 50 caliber rifles or larger using armour-piercing incendiary rounds. If such a defence were successful, it would necessarily be accompanied by a fall-back of civilians to more hardened (and distant) shelters — at least temporarily. Layered attack, layered defence.

It is important to understand that every hostile action creates the necessity for inventing new weapons and new defences. Most people and groups who initiate violence fail to understand their own vulnerability to violent blowback, over the long term.

Dangerous Children are necessarily trained in the use of a wide range of primitive, homemade, improvised, and modern weapons, strategies, and tactics. This is made necessary by the very nature of the world into which they are being born. They are also trained in the founding and networking of resilient and dangerous (R&D) communities.

It is all about skills, competencies, emotional balance, performance under stress, and the ability to cooperate closely with networked teams — teams that often form and dissolve on an ad hoc basis, as needs require.

As the twin curses of debt and dysgenic decline descend upon western societies, it is time to develop a tougher alternative mindset to the prevailing mindsets of the skankstream. Develop more skills, make plans, provisions, and preparations. Make yourself more aware, and more dangerous. IINTLTHADC.


The most important impromptu weapon is the brain. No one is entirely safe, not even in their own home.

Spend a little time contemplating different possible uses for common everyday items. Take duct tape, for example.

Duct Tape Survival

Duct Tape and PVC Kayak

25 Survival Uses for Duct Tape

Or dental floss. And those are just two out of hundreds of common household items that might find impromptu uses in an emergency.

Update: An alternative approach to the 3D printed gun — a reusable machined steel cartridge that also serves as a “barrel.” It needs some work, but it shows creative thinking.

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  1. A.B Prosper says:

    The problem isn’t going to be guns, guns are simple to make with early 19th century technology much less modern technology. The problem is ammunition. Making smokeless powder and primers and brass is a challenge any future survival communities will need to face

    • alfin2101 says:

      Yes. That’s why it is important to start working on a solution to the problem now, rather than waiting until genuine long-term shortages appear. The weapon is important, but it is of little use without ammunition. That is true for bows and arrows, crossbows and bolts, slings and rocks, air rifles and pellets, stun guns and electrodes/batteries, etc.

      If we want to stick to conventional firearms, then smokeless powder, primers, and brass (or brass substitutes) can be devised. Otherwise, there is a huge universe of alternative approaches to weaponry that can be explored, while we have the time.

      The brave new world of molecular nano-assemblers — when it comes — will allow a wide range of conventional and unconventional weapons development.

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