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Putting Shine on Shite: Grad Students Karlin, Adomanis

Only hard-line patriots never think of leaving. “There is no feeling that life is improving,” says Dmitry Oreshkin, a senior political researcher at Moscow’s Institute of Geography. … A host of failures by the current Kremlin administration is responsible for … Continue reading

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Simple 2 Step Approach to Building an Artificial Brain that Thinks

Stanford’s Dorian Aur is proposing a new way to build a thinking artificial brain inside the lab. It is a two-step process that appears simple at first glance: The first phase will require growing a full size brain either from … Continue reading

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US Trends in Suicide, Drug Overdose, Firearm Homicides

Image Source: For comparison, we should look at some international rates. For suicide: Country name Suicide Rateper 100,000 people Maleper 100,000 people Femaleper 100,000 people Year Belarus 36.8 63.3 10.3 2003 Lithuania 31.85 53.9 9.8 2007 Russia 31.7 53.9 … Continue reading

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How Many Can be Saved from the Coming Idiocracy?

The global Idiocracy is growing and expanding rapidly. First, within the same nation, women with high intelligence are not breeding as fast as women with lower intelligence. Further, people in nations with low average intelligence are breeding much more quickly … Continue reading

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Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent

Global Suicide Map — Image Source: Chartsbin There is plenty of discontent in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. But much of the focus of massive discontent this winter centres on Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is bleeding and apt to suffer … Continue reading

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Nuclear War vs. Recession in the Land of Slaves and Tsars

I am becoming a little less secure in my belief that nukes will never be used. There are three reasons for my anxiety. First, the spread of nuclear weapons to unstable countries such as Pakistan and North Korea. Second, the … Continue reading

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What Remains of Russia if Moscow Disintegrates in a Cloud of Toxic Gas?

What is England without London? France without Paris? Argentina without Buenos Aires? Mexico without Mexico City? Russia without Moscow? Would these countries cease to exist without their capital cities? Quite possibly — at least they would cease to exist in … Continue reading

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China to Russia: “Don’t Worry, Baby. I Got Your Back!”

“China did nothing to promote the [Ukraine crisis], but now it will surely capitalize on Russia’s conflict with the West,” he said. _Advantage China While Putin dreams of a “Grand Eurasian Empire” stretching from western Europe to the Pacific and … Continue reading

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Next Generation Nuclear Fission: Slow Growth for Fast Reactors

… according to GE’s Eric Lowen, [GE’s PRISM reactor] should… be able to extract 99 times as much energy from a given unit of uranium than any reactor currently in use. This is due to the system’s use of liquid … Continue reading

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Russia’s Karmic Debt: Heading Toward Default

As Russian tanks and missiles roll into east Ukraine, Russia’s account in the Cosmic Bank of Karma is way overdrawn. Russian officials have spent the last couple of weeks trying to calm Russians and telling them not to hoard foreign … Continue reading

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A Spy Helicopter in Your Pocket

PD-100 Black Hornet Nano Spy Helicopter The Black Hornet is designed for easy transportation- the entire system fits in a soldier’s pocket. A soldier can carry the entire PD-100 Black Hornet unmanned air vehicle system along with his gear. … … Continue reading

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Addiction to Oil Profits is Choking the Life Out of Russkiye

… in Russia, the oil price problems have become entangled with the ruble that has been falling from record low to record low. There are many losers when a currency gets smashed. __Russias Probable Default … at least 1 percent … Continue reading

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Global Energy Use: Coal Rises, Oil Falls in % of Total Energy 2013

The world continues to cut back on oil but is still dependent on coal, according to this chart produced by Robert Andrews. The decline in oil drop in oil consumption since 1970 is the most notable trend, with the decline … Continue reading

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Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome: Fear the Climate Apocalypse

Image Source: Survival Tips for Surviving Climatic Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder Most of us can remember what it was like to fear the monsters hiding under the bed or in the closet. Parents or older siblings helped us to overcome … Continue reading

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