A Spy Helicopter in Your Pocket

PD-100 Black Hornet Nano Spy Helicopter

The Black Hornet is designed for easy transportation- the entire system fits in a soldier’s pocket. A soldier can carry the entire PD-100 Black Hornet unmanned air vehicle system along with his gear.

… The system generates almost negligible noise, making the aircraft more stealthy and re-usable. The small UAV is readily available to fly and takes less than a minute for takeoff… The Black Hornet is installed with a steerable electro-optic (EO) camera capable of producing still images as well as live videos that are displayed on a hand-held device. The camera can be zoomed for clearer picture using the base station controls. __Tiny Spy in the Sky

This feature-packed UAV weights less than a pound, but provides the type of intelligence that can keep your ground forces alive and in control.

The PD-100 also carries GPS, a thermometer, compass and altitude sensor. Max speed is 10 meters a second (36 kilometers/22.5 miles an hour) and max altitude is about 500 meters. The body of the PD-100 is designed to handle winds well, making it quite stable for its size. It is the ultimate infantry UAV. The PD-100 is ideal in urban areas or forests. … the manufacturer had figured out how to get a night vision vidcam on the PD-100. So far over 3,000 PD-100s have been delivered, to military and civilian customers. The PD-100 costs about $200,000 each. It is not cheap, but it gets the job done. __Tiny Aerial Spies

Eastern Europe is becoming a hot-spot for drones. East Ukraine is being overflown by drones watching for new hot spots of Russian aggression. Poland is building its own armed drone air fleet, in self defence against an erratic Russian threat.

In fact, continued Russian aggression seems to be pushing Eastern Europe into a more war-like footing. Ukraine’s military is weak, but it is growing smarter and stronger. It has to get stronger and smarter — much as Israel’s military was forced to grow strong and smart due to hostile neighbors.

As drones get stealthier and deadlier, they also become more versatile — and seem to create their own unique mission styles — particularly when linked with artificial intelligence.

Despite their potential as engines of destruction, nanotechnology and AI systems will lend themselves to more subtle uses than do nuclear weapons. A bomb can only blast things, but nanomachines and AI systems could be used to infiltrate, seize, change, and govern a territory or a world. Even the most ruthless police have no use for nuclear weapons, but they do have use for bugs, drugs, assassins, and other flexible engines of power. With advanced technology, states will be able to consolidate their power over people.”
– Engines of Destruction __Nano Age

More on nano-weapons from Eric Drexler’s Engines of Creation

At the same time as “states will use nano-drones to consolidate power over people,” people will learn to use nano-drones and other nano-weapons to break the control that states and other aggressors attempt to consolidate over them.

The coming dysgenic age of Idiocracy is no time for smart people to adopt a helpless posture toward aggressive actors — of either the state or non-state variety. R&D communities will hide in plain sight, until the time comes to do otherwise.


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    Hope for the best.
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    It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.
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