A Dog and its Bone

Image Source: Moscow Times

In Aesop’s fable, a dog carrying a bone encounters its own reflection in a body of water. Thinking its reflection to be another dog, it attempts to seize the reflection’s bone. But when the dog opens its mouth to do so, its own bone drops into the water and sinks away.

Instead of two bones, the dog is left missing the one it once held. The tale is a lesson of greed and envy – and the inability to appreciate what one already possesses. It is a tale Russia should take to heart…

… In the Russian version of Aesop’s fable, Russia is the dog and its economy – with all its material potential – the bone. However, instead of realizing what it holds, it sees a reflection of the old Soviet Union staring back at it. Russia is intent on taking back what the USSR once held. In the process, it is letting slip its own economy and potential. _Aesop’s Russian Fable: Real Clear World

Russia is large and relatively strong, its people are well educated. The wealth of Russian resources has barely been mapped, much less developed. And yet Russia is in danger of losing most of what it has — and the incalculably greater wealth and happiness that it could have.

Russia is a nation with a highly educated population. It is a country of immense size and commensurate potential. The value of its natural resources is not even fully known, let alone developed. Foremost among them are vast energy reserves, which leave Russia dependent on no one while others depend on it in this critical area.

Moreover, Russia is perfectly situated to exploit these advantages. It connects the developed European economy with the rapidly growing Asian one – to its west is Europe; to its east, the United States; and to its south, China…

… While Russia has the resources needed for economic development, it lacks the experience with the critical tools – a free market and free society – necessary to realize their full potential.

While it is tempting to blame the absence of these tools solely on the legacy of the Soviet Union, their absence predates that – in fact, it made Russia easy pickings for the communist ideology that held the country in thrall for three generations. Stunted in its economic and societal development as a result, Russia emerged from its communist slumber as though from a time capsule – decades behind the developed world materially, but even more so in its developmental fundamentals…

… Russia has within itself the material resources it needs for economic development – it does not need more land, people, or resources. It has everything already, except that which it most needs. _Aesop in Russia

Russia’s unhealthy addiction to “empire” is every bit as damaging to its future as the addictions to vodka, heroin, and tobacco.

On the streets of Russia, prostitutes are now forced to hike their rates 50 – 100% before they are willing to hike their skirts. And those are the lucky ones. Far more girls in Russia have been forced into sex slavery, without any control over their rates or their skirts.

Most Russians live in housing built in the late Soviet period. A report released last year by the Russian Union of Engineers found that 20 percent of city dwellings lack hot water, 12 percent have no central heating and 10 percent no indoor plumbing. Gas leaks, explosions and heating breakdowns happen with increasing frequency, but in most places infrastructure is simply edging quietly toward collapse. _Russia Left Behind

More than 1 million Russian slaves suffer in silence __Source

All of that largely because Russia cannot overcome its own frivolous and delusional fantasies of empire — an empire that a fading demographics could never begin to support.

Chartsbin: Global Suicide Rates

Many Russians apparently hate Russia, and hate their lives in Russia. But Al Fin does not hate Russia. To the contrary, Al Fin loves Russia. Not the Russia of the all-powerful fantasy Grand Eurasian Empire, but rather the possible Russia that freely cooperates with other leading nations to create an abundant and expansive human future.

But for that possible Russia to exist, it would need to assemble the ingredients for a free society, a free economy, and an arena of opportunity for Russians from the ground up.

The propaganda Russia, the belligerent Potemkin Russia that exists now, is doomed. It lacks the expertise to develop its own resources — and is rapidly losing out to China in the far East. Its people are dying in despair, failing to reproduce, eager to emigrate to greater opportunities and freedoms, worshiping at the altar of vodka, sacrificed to live in misery for the sake of the mafia-KGB oligarchy.

Navigating Russia’s Implosion

Things are getting ugly … perhaps Russia has no intention of paying its debts?

Are you not yet willing to move to Russia for all the good bargains? Consider investing in Russian stocks . . . from a distance. In this case above all others, never invest what you cannot easily afford to lose.

How could one help to build a better Russia? Unfortunately, at this point you cannot get there from here. The USSR was not allowed to finish its collapse, and within those undead remains reside the thriving seeds of ongoing self sabotage and suicide.

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For more intelligent and better informed people, Russian propaganda can be amusing in a piquant way. But in a dysgenic age of Idiocracy, informed persons of intelligence are becoming something of a rarity.

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