Nature of Russia’s Brain Drain is Changing

Russia Is Losing More Professionals and Businessmen

Russia Is Losing More Professionals, Creatives, and Businessmen

As Russia edges closer toward a political, economic, and territorial collapse, the number of professionals, businessmen, and creative artists leaving Russia is likely to angle upwards yet again.

… the profile of the typical emigrant has changed. When the Soviet Union dissolved, the most common emigrant was a poor, unskilled young man. Today, it is a well-off professional,” according to World Policy.

“People who have it good are starting to leave,” Anton Nosski, a tech entrepreneur, told World Policy.

… “I want my children to grow up in a fairer country, one where the rule of law is more or less observed. I used think it was possible to build a better society in Russia, but I’ve basically lost all hope now. It’s time to leave,” one Russian businessman told Vocativ. _BI

Putin chose to make the Russian economy perilously dependent upon oil prices. Next he chose to involve Russia in violent and illegal international actions which put the Russian economy under international sanctions. As a result, Russia’s economy is on the brink of another cycle of suffering. No one knows what Putin will do next to worsen living conditions inside the crumbling former empire.

President Vladimir Putin’s next moves are unpredictable because he appears to be motivated not by economic considerations but by a sulky, aggressive nationalism. __ Age of Uncertainty

In fact it is difficult to know how far Russia’s leaders will allow their nation to fall before they reconsider their current course of conquest and ethnic cleansing. Or if they even have the capacity to reason outside their mental cage of fantasy empires.

He [Pidcock] said “Russia is on the brink of political, economic and territorial collapse – they have burnt through billions in foreign reserves and are going through a huge brain drain.

“I am quite convinced that in 20 years we will see a territorial transaction involving Russia. China is the only likely buyer.”

When asked whether the contrarian investors currently favouring Russia were likely to find any success, Pidcock added: “you would only want to invest in Russia if the oil price is going to surge quickly, and soon.” __Investment Week

Ambitious Russian businessmen grow more likely to emigrate, as conditions for business and investment inside Russia continue to worsen.

The Russian government is strangling media and internet freedoms, giving independent voices the choice of leaving, or going to prison. We are approaching the point where Russia would have no news or entertainment media at all, if not for Kremlin propaganda.

Alexander Shchetinin, the founder of the Novy Region news agency, has since fled to Kiev and intends to renounce his Russian citizenship because of ‘bias’ on Russian state TV.

He wrote in a Ukrainian magazine: ‘The more I watched the more I became convinced that nothing can be remedied here.

‘It will take generations to cleanse people’s souls of the effects of this radioactive TV.’_Russian Professionals Choosing Freedom

Russia’s Propaganda, Spy, and Cyber-War machines may be the only machines made-in-Russia that work reliably these days.

Propaganda Inc.”

Russia’s Propaganda Machine (Moscow Times)

Information as a weapon

More on Poot’s Nazi Youth

Russian Trolls Flood the Internet

Russian Government Sponsors Cyber Attacks Against Western Banks, Retailers, Governments

Putin has diverted funds from Russia’s already under-funded health care and public health sectors into the spy, propaganda, cyber-war, and military sectors. Spending for desperately needed infrastructure such as roads, bridges, better housing, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, powerplant maintenance, water treatment, pollution cleanup, nuclear safety and security, etc. has likewise been diverted to the Potemkin sectors.

An illustration of Russia’s slow road to ruin

Moscow and St. Petersburg are becoming Potemkin villages to distract from the rest of Russia-in-decay. Putin obviously subscribes to the “Image is Everything” school of thought. That is certainly where he is putting Russia’s money — the part that isn’t skimmed and shipped overseas by his partners in crime.

Living in a fantasy past

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