This Christmas, Give a Thought to the Millions of Russian Orphans and Street Children

These institutions are not habitable; children are malnourished and in some cases starving and emaciated. They lie in their own feces and urine and in clothes that are old, torn, and not fitted to their bodies. Orphans lie still and untouched in their cribs, all day and all night. They are in pain from hunger, cold, and a host of undefined medical conditions.

Babies and toddlers who do not “behave” are medicated and sedated with drugs such as Phenobarbital, a common antiseizure drug. This drug’s side effects can cause exhaustion and disengagement. They have no toys and not one iota of affection and connections with staff, which leads to attachment issues. With no touch, affection, and play, the children begin to provide their own stimulation because they need it to survive. If and when they stand up, they rock from side to side and bang their heads. They stare emptily into space and appear to be dull and delayed. Bottle propping and speed-feeding gruel causes them to choke and aspirate their food—sometimes causing pneumonia and death.

They are tortured by the circumstances I describe above and sustain damage to their bodies and their brains. When Russian orphans are measured, they are commonly found to have failure to thrive/growth-stunting for weight and height. Most significantly, they often suffer organic brain damage from exposure to alcohol in utero, malnutrition, and a lack of stimulation in orphanages. __Source

… as conditions worsen, more and more children are being born handicapped, to parents who cannot support them, who are alcoholics, or diseased, or simply don’t care. The system is cracking – lack of money means lack of food and clothes, which means poorer health, with fewer drugs to fight illness, less staff to cope, morale in a downward spiral… _Red Cross

Russia hosts some 800,000 orphans and perhaps 2.5 million “street children.” Source These children were abandoned by their mothers, out of hopelessness and lack of good choices.

Russian women do not necessarily want to abandon their children. But conditions inside Russia do not facilitate happy marriages and happy families. That is one reason there are so many orphans, and why the abortion rate is so high in Russia. The high rates of serious illness in Russian babies is another complication.

In addition, tens of thousands of young, fertile Russian women would not leave Russia looking for marriage, if they could find a good man inside Russia who would cherish them.

… good men in Russia are rare – by a good man I mean a man who doesn’t drink, doesn’t sleep around, doesn’t abuse his wife and is able to hold a stable job and provide for the family…

… Russian culture tells women their happiness is in the family; and to men their happiness is in their career/work. You can ask any Russian woman or read Russian women profiles, this theme comes up all the time. Without having her own family, a Russian woman cannot see sense in her life.

This is why Russian women are prepared to leave Russia if they find a suitable partner. The value of marriage and family is so high for Russian women; they are prepared to immigrate to reach their goal;

… I would have never even considered leaving Russia to marry a foreigner if I could meet a good man in Russia and get married to him and have a happy family. And neither would the majority of Russian women. _Why Do Russian Women Want to Leave Russia to Start Families in the West?

The “good Russian men”, you see, are emigrating away from Russia — to better opportunities abroad. The alcoholics, the drug addicts, the thugs, the corrupt civil servants, propaganda addicts, and the hopeless remain behind.

This year, roughly 200,000 Russians will emigrate abroad. Next year the number could be much higher.

Russian immigration spikes (July 2014)

Putin’s health care disaster

Other Russian news:

The crash of the rouble is limiting the travel choices of native Russians

But that particular “rouble shock” is relatively inconsequential compared to the shock that will come when it is time to pay off foreign loans in hard currency. Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin has brought a world of hurt to an already hurting Russia.

If you are prone to denying Russia’s deepening agony, you are not helping anyone — least of all the Russians themselves. You are only postponing the day of reckoning, which is the day that must be faced before Russia can improve on a long-term basis — rather than on the back of a corrupt and unsustainable oil & gas infrastructure.

More: Russia’s “Folks” vs “Non-Folks” Why the best of Russia chooses to leave.

A comparison between Russian charities and US charities

Russia corrupt from top to bottom

More: If you wonder how things could have gotten so bad in modern Russia, FOLLOW THE MONEY. Things will suddenly become clearer, even to the most propaganda-besotted Russophile.

2014 was a very bad year for Russia, and 2015 promises much worse

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2 Responses to This Christmas, Give a Thought to the Millions of Russian Orphans and Street Children

  1. Craig says:

    My brother and his wife are raising a Russian child, she is now a senior in high school. Lubov is a delightful, beautiful girl inside and out. I used to think she didn’t know how lucky she was having been plucked from an orphanage like the ones in this story. Two years ago she and her Mom went to Russia so she could connect with the “motherland”. So, yes, she does know how lucky she is. They both said the people there were exceedingly kind and exceedingly depressed. Grey and dirty were the words they used to describe Russia.

    • alfin2101 says:

      If more people living in the Anglosphere understood the unfolding tragedy of the Russian orphans, large numbers of them would open their hearts and homes to the helpless victims of that corrupt, decomposing culture.

      Putin would not let them go so readily, unfortunately. After their hopes and minds have been destroyed by the orphanage system, they are fed into various criminal enterprise — forced labour for boys, sexual exploitation for many girls. Putin’s friends can make a grand profit from the interlocking tragedy, and smile about it.

      Many of those “birth bonuses” that Putin bandied about undoubtedly went to drug addict mothers, who abandoned their children and used the bonuses for drugs.

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