Is China Ready to Join the Developed World?

China is making plans to build a massive rocket booster designated the Long March-9. If it is ready for launch in the year 2028, it will be larger than the US Saturn V.

China is in the middle of a building spree, with many ambitious plans to develop its industrial, space, military, and science/technology sectors. China is looking forward to developing the natural resources of Siberia in the near future, and receiving a significant boost from the gifting of Russian science and technology by the Putin government in thanks for monetary and political support by the Chinese government.

But there are some questions about the quality of Chinese building and manufacturing methods that cast doubt upon China’s readiness to join the developed world.

A case in point is the recent San Francisco Bay Bridge repair, the victim of faulty Chinese welding. A wind farm off Suffolk, England, suffered from the same faulty Chinese welding.

Bridges in China collapse almost routinely from faulty construction, as do buildings and high voltage power towers. You could even call China’s brave new cities “Disposable Cities” for the sloppy construction put into them.
Grand Chinese high-rises are officially expected to require demolition and replacement after only 25 years. But the actual figure may be closer to 15 years or less.

Chinese skyscrapers may well begin collapsing in a veritable cataclysm if corrupt Chinese officials, bankers, and builders are not brought to heel. You can imagine what such events — if brought to the attention of the developed world by a distracted media — might do to China’s economic and political standing.

But there’s more. Not only are expensive Chinese-built wind farms victims of bad steel and sloppy welding, China’s rapidly growing solar energy farms are victims of defective solar panels!

It is almost enough to cause one to think that China’s great green development project is nothing more than a grand Potemkin scheme to sucker western politicians and political jurisdictions into signing empty climate treaties and allow the building of expensive, massive and soon-to-collapse wind projects in Europe and North America.

Two series of articles — in the New York Times and in highlight the problems China has with producing foods, consumer items, pet products, baby formulas, and other manufactured products without making them toxic. Profiting from the sale of toxic products is something one might expect from corrupt and nepotistic third world factories, but China wants to be the world’s leading economic, political, and military power. Is it ready?

Most long-time readers of Al Fin blogs are familiar with the great China bubble in real estate and industrial output. The vast ghost cities of China continue to be built. And the ongoing poisoning of China’s earth, water, air, and living things cannot be hidden from anyone who wants to understand China’s real future.

The Clock is ticking down on China’s destiny

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