Daddy’s Little Girls Pay for College: Trading on Natural “Assets”

Support College Education

Support College Education

US college loan debt has shot above $1 trillion, with no sign of coming down to Earth. More and more young girls are being pressed to go to college by teachers, parents, and society in general — whether the girls really want to go or not.

As college loan debt continues to skyrocket, the question remains: How are these young girls going to pay for an expensive college education? Most college degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on. This is particularly true for girls, who tend not to be as successful in the high demand, high tech fields such as engineering, computer science, and the hard sciences. How will girls with bachelor’s degrees in literature, art, music, or even psychology make a living and pay back all those debts?

Answer: Unless they go on to graduate or professional school — or marry well — the chances are that these girls will never pay back these loans. And sadly, even girls who go through graduate or professional schools often default on their loans, with the long-lasting credit stigma that accompanies such defaults.

College Debt: Sword of Damocles

College Debt: Sword of Damocles for students and society alike

For decades, a select group of coeds has moonlighted as escorts in cities such as Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, New York City, and elsewhere. That option has worked out well for some, but others got mixed up with the drug culture, and slipped onto a downward slide to life as crack ‘ho’s or meth ‘ho’s. That is far from an optimal outcome for girls who in the beginning only wanted a way to pay their way through school.
Life in a College Dorm

Life in a College Dorm

Another way for a girl to use her natural assets may be safer than the traditional escort approach. This is the “Sugar Baby :: Sugar Daddy” approach championed by the company “Seeking Arrangement.” At the Seeking Arrangement website, one can learn more about what Sugar Babies do, and how they can find Sugar Daddies. One can also learn to make a distinction between “prostitution” and the Sugar Baby lifestyle.
Sugar Baby Comforts

Sugar Baby Comforts

This is a good distinction to make. After all, a girl’s gotta have her self-respect. And since it may be necessary to live as a sugar baby for several years before finally paying off those college loans, it is important to do so with self esteem and peace of mind.

At 11 o’clock on a Tuesday night, Amanda, a senior at Princeton University, got her first text message from Stephen, a 60-something Wall Street banker. He wanted her at his New York City apartment. Immediately.

“I told him it was too late—the trains just stopped running,” Amanda said. “He said he’d send a limo.”

Amanda agreed, on the condition that she’d be back on campus for her 10 o’clock class the next morning. After dinner at a fancy restaurant, sex, and some post-sex apartment decorating, Amanda was back in the limo. When she got back to Princeton, she had just enough time to change her clothes, grab her books, and run to class. __ Paying for College

Is “Seeking Arrangement” a safer way to pay for college than the traditional “escort” path that earlier generations of coeds utilised? Difficult to say. Many escort agencies are run by organised crime outfits, who are more concerned with profits than with a young student’s welfare. Seeking Arrangement at least makes an effort to teach girls the things they need to learn to navigate their way through the sugar baby / sugar daddy minefield.
College Girl Looking Forward

College Girl Looking Forward

Statistics aside, the fact that this path has become increasingly popular among so many young women is a damning indictment of the country’s higher-education system. This is something that SeekingArrangement is acutely aware of. In fact, its marketing has expanded in the past few years—the release of this data a testament to that—to specifically attract more students. But as morally suspect as seeking a “baby” arrangement may seem, for many college students this “outside help” is increasingly the only way out of a lifetime shackled to debt. __ Atlantic

If a girl isn’t careful, she may end up broke in the end, with a social disease, a history of multiple abortions, addicted to booze and other mind altering drugs. And that’s just from going to college — no matter how she pays for the experience.

If a girl trades her body for tuition money, her risks of a bad outcome associated with the traditional risks of sex will multiply the longer she is immersed in that lifestyle. Worst of all, girls who feel forced to pay for college using her body may be more likely to find themselves disadvantaged when the biological clock begins to strike — signaling the womanly urge to have children and a family.

Here at the Al Fin Institute for the Dangerous Child, we recommend that parents of both girls and boys consider bringing up their children as Dangerous Children. Dangerous Children master the skills to support themselves financially — and put themselves through college if that is their wish — at least three different ways by the age of 18. None of those three ways would involve prostitution, although we do not judge prostitutes of either sex harshly, if they have their lives well in hand.


How young men can use natural assets to pay for college

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