Jews and Intermarriage: Spreading the Wealth

…it doesn’t matter much whether the assimilated, secularized Jews of Europe stay or leave, for most of their children and very few of their grandchildren will be Jewish. Among non-Orthodox French and British Jews, intermarriage rates are around 45%, not as [high] as the 71% among non-Orthodox U.S. Jews and 80% among Russian and Ukrainian Jews, but high enough to sharply reduce Jewish numbers over a generation or two. __Spengler

IQ Point Estimate Comparison

IQ Point Estimate Comparison

The Greatest Wealth of Jews is in the Genes

As a group, Jews tend to be high achievers, over-represented within the ranks of Nobel Prize winners, university professors, and the wealthy. But as has been noted by Greg Cochran and many others, the greatest wealth of the Jews is the high IQ and high executive function provided by their complement of genes.

High IQs of Jewish populations, European populations, and East Asian populations probably represent effects of different gene clusters

The cognitive strengths of Jews, East Asians, and Europeans, appear to display somewhat different characteristics, depending upon the particular population. East Asians seem to have higher math scores, while Jews and Europeans have higher verbal scores, on average. This is a crude and oversimplified observation, but it serves to illustrate how cognitive strengths can differ between populations, in statistical terms.

Different cognitive phenotypes imply different cognitive genotypes. When populations with different genetic strengths intermarry, offspring of intermarriage may display strengths of one or the other group, both, or neither. It is something of a gamble — but a gamble with a potentially huge payoff.

Intermarriage of Jews is a good thing

Contrary to the opinion of Spengler, Al Fin geneticists and cognitive scientists feel that high IQ Jews should intermarry with high IQ persons of other population groups. The genes of Jews offer more than high IQ — they offer high executive function and ambition. Executive function and ambition are more important than high IQ, all things being equal. But it is better to have high IQ, high executive function, and high ambition.

Not only that, it is important to have robust health and strength. One of the problems of high IQ groups interbreeding is the chance of harmful recessive genes becoming common in the inbred population. We have seen this in Arabs and other Muslim populations. And we have seen it in the Ashkenazim. Intermarriage with other breeding populations can minimise that danger.

Sephardim vs Ashkenazim IQ… More: What is the historical relationship between Sephardim and AShkenazim?

It is safe to say that the nation of Israel relies heavily on all of its Jewish populations.

Possible causes of IQ differences between groups

Evolution never stops. It is constantly testing groups and individuals against their environments, culling them accordingly.

Modern humans face a global dysgenic idiocracy, as less intelligent people in Africa and the Muslim world are breeding far more quickly than more intelligent people in Europe, the Anglosphere, and various parts of East and South Asia. This looming global idiocracy presents humanity with a number of dire challenges.

Humans need to produce the best minds that they can, in order to meet the challenges that are coming. To that end, here are a few suggestions:

Cut foreign aid to countries with low average population IQ

Eliminate low IQ immigration into Europe and the Anglosphere

Eliminate Affirmative Action in the western world

Institute strict voter qualification requirements to assure that voters are competent

Overhaul educational systems to assure that only the 15% or so of students who can benefit from a rigorous college education, will actually go to a 4 year college

Reform western welfare systems to eliminate freeloaders and discourage procreation in the lowest IQ populations (IQ below 85)

Expedite the development of artificial wombs to facilitate procreation by high IQ professional women

Expedite research into the genetics of IQ and executive function

Encourage interbreeding between various high IQ population groups

Expedite research into genes and criminality

Expedite research into genetic therapeutics

Make Dangerous Child training available to larger numbers of children

These are relatively innocuous recommendations to anyone who has given this problem any thought. But to most persons — steeped in the idiocy of mass media, mass education, and mass political correctness — such suggestions are apt to be at least a bit controversial.

No matter. The looming problem of dysgenic Idiocracy is a real challenge that must be met somehow, if at least the best of humans are to have an expansive and prosperous future. It is best to think seriously about the problem now, so that the worst and bloodiest consequences of modern trends are not allowed to occur.

Marriage and Cohabitation by race

A Wired magazine article looks at the BGI project for mapping the relationship between intelligence and genes, ongoing in China

Xtra Bonus: Possible explanation for low Asian accomplishment (See Charles Murray’s “Human Accomplishment) as compared to Jews and Europeans

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  1. KW says:

    The cognitive strengths of Jews, East Asians, and Europeans, appear to display somewhat different characteristics, depending upon the particular population. East Asians seem to have higher math scores, while Jews and Europeans have higher verbal scores, on average.

    I’ve heard that East Asians don’t have higher math intelligence, but rather higher “visuo-spatial” intelligence, and that math ability is related to verbal intelligence.

  2. Stephen says:

    This is a very important article on this site. The West really needs to look to technological and even political solutions to its burgeoning dysgenic idiocracy problem.

  3. Abelard Lindsey says:

    I would add another item to the list of recommended actions. Eliminate all non-STEM college education.

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