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China Moving to Gain Control of Russia’s Oil & Gas Fields, Weapons Systems

Update: RIP Nemtsov China’s New Lease on Russia To become a superpower, China will need the energy resources and natural resources of its neighbor, Russia. It appears that China will soon get what it wants, as Russia moves to change … Continue reading

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Decade Forecast 2015-2025 Sees National Fragmentation Ahead

We expect Moscow’s authority to weaken substantially, leading to the formal and informal fragmentation of Russia… __Decade Forecast 2015-2025 The nation of Russia is being pushed to the breaking point by unrealistic neo-imperial ambitions at the highest levels. In just … Continue reading

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Why Was Al Fin Predicting an “Oil Glut” in 2006 At the Height of Peak Oil Hysteria?

Global Hydrocarbon Endowment In 2015, at a time of a relative oversupply of and underdemand for oil, it is easy for oil journalists to write about an “oil glut,” as if they had invented the concept. But in the years … Continue reading

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Destruction as Near-Complete as Nuclear War

I see Russia as a country in decline. It’s a one-crop economy; two-thirds of its exports are energy. It has a terrible demographic problem; the number of Russians is shrinking. It has a huge health problem; the average Russian male … Continue reading

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Peak Oil: Isn’t It Time to Start Promoting Safe, Clean, Abundant Nuclear Power?

Even in the age of an apparent oversupply of oil & gas, the world is full of “peak oil doomers.” Such doomers believe that human societies are on the verge of a global energy collapse, with a subsequent collapse of … Continue reading

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After the Dam Breaks, the Deluge

All signs point to the eventual collapse of Putin’s regime.… When the rotten Russian dam breaks, as it inevitably will, only strong and stable non-Russian states will be able to contain the flooding, shielding the rest of the world from … Continue reading

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Record Numbers Fleeing from US Citizenship

Today the Treasury Department published the names of individuals who renounced their U.S. citizenship or terminated their long-term U.S. residency (“expatriated”) during the fourth quarter of 2014. …. The [3,415] total for the year breaks last year’s record number of … Continue reading

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Genes, IQ, and Benadryl Dementia

BGI Cognitive Genetics is a Chinese institute hard at work teasing out the connections between genes and IQ. Robert Plomin at King’s College London is on a similar quest, studying the DNA of 2,000 participants from the long-running Study of … Continue reading

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Rise of the Greater Chinese Empire

Russian borders are indefensible. Wherever you look at the map there are no natural obstacles that would hamper a military advance. Historically, every major advance that threatened Russia’s existence (the Poles in 1610, Napoleon in 1812, Hitler in 1941) came … Continue reading

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Is Putin, Like Hitler, Pushing Europe Into War?

The good news is that Russians do not want a war — and this is Putin’s Achilles heel. A survey by the Levada Center found that 68 percent of Russians polled “do not want their sons to fight” in Ukraine. … Continue reading

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Where Will Oil Prices Go Now?

Reuters says oil is poised for the biggest weekly price gain in 4 years. But according to Citigroup, we have not seen the bottom of the price drop yet. Depending upon the expert prediction, oil is headed anywhere between $30 … Continue reading

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Today Africa; Tomorrow the World?

There are over 1 billion people living on the African continent, although you would never know it from a spaceship window over an African night. Europe, by contrast, has about 745 million people. But just look at the lights! There … Continue reading

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Is Russia Doomed? The Question is How and When

Morgan Stanley has a short message for Russia: you’re doomed. _Doomed But it really depends upon what is meant by the term “doomed.” The land will remain, and many of the people. But over time Russia’s wealth resources will be … Continue reading

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Few Good Men Left in Dying Russia

…in the countries of the former Soviet Union… [they] are experiencing a huge deficit of single, decent, non-drinking, not abusive, marriage minded, family oriented men. There is a large number of Russian women who have absolutely no chance of ever … Continue reading

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