Today Africa; Tomorrow the World?

There are over 1 billion people living on the African continent, although you would never know it from a spaceship window over an African night. Europe, by contrast, has about 745 million people. But just look at the lights! There is something wrong with Africa, and soon the same thing will be wrong with more parts of the world — and not just Russia.

White rule in South Africa ended in 1994. It was about ten years later that power outages began, which eventually reached crisis proportions. The principle reason for this is simply lack of maintenance on the generating equipment. Maintenance is future-oriented, and the Zulu entry in the dictionary for it is ondla, which means: “1. Nourish, rear; bring up; 2. Keep an eye on; watch (your crop).” In short, there is no such thing as maintenance in Zulu thought, and it would be hard to argue that this is wholly unrelated to the fact that when people throughout Africa say “nothing works,” it is only [a slight] exaggeration.
_Gedaliah Braun, “How Africans May Differ From Westerners”

South Africa’s situation reveals the future of other nations outside of Africa that are to be overwhelmed by a flood of dysgenic Idiocracy. With a government too corrupt to plan for future power needs, South Africa is instituting designed load shedding and rolling blackouts as standard procedure.

The dimwitted American president — Barack Obama — has made grand promises to boost Africa’s power generation capacity. Obama’s plan was based upon an idiotic premise. He wanted to boost investment in big solar and big wind electricity projects in Africa, hoping that he could divert more green investment funds to political allies — as he did in such corrupt fashion in the US during his first term.

Since wind and solar energy are unpredictable and unreliable for large scale power grids and industrial customers, any effort to boost economic growth in Africa, Russia, or any other similarly backward region by use of wind and solar is doomed to predictable failure. This stark naked fact is well known to persons close to Obama, but facts have never been known to stand in the way of corrupt Chicago politics up until now, and are not likely to do so in the future.

Electric power in Africa is expensive, for many reasons. Africans are unable to take advantage of the economies of scale from very large power plants — since African populations lack sufficient numbers of trained and competent individuals to maintain such technically demanding powerplants. Additionally, Africans lack the expertise to build and maintain the large scale power grids that would be necessary to transmit power across the vast distances between African population centres. Dumping large quantities of erratic, unpredictable, unreliable energy from wind and solar will only complicate the power management issue for Africans.

African Average IQ Less than 75 What Does That Tell You?

African Average IQ Less than 75
What Does That Tell You?

Shift the Curve to the Left So that the Mean is 75 Instead of 100 What Would It Mean?

Shift the Curve to the Left So that the Mean is 75 Instead of 100
What Would It Mean?

IQ Correlates With GDP and A Lot of Other Things The Dark Continent is Dark for a Reason

IQ Correlates With GDP and A Lot of Other Things
The Dark Continent is Dark for a Reason — Average sub Saharan African IQs are less than 75. Such populations do not produce sufficient numbers of persons intelligent enough to manage modern industries and infrastructures which one might find in Europe, North America, East Asia, or Oceania.

Africa is not like most of the world. But in the not too distant future, more of the rest of the world will be more like Africa.

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  1. John says:

    Sounds like Isaac Asimov, foundation series, with Ayn Rand thrown in, The next level is not to far away if only they (Not sure what they are, but Rand’s mouchers come to mind) would get out of the way long enough to let some of us get to work instead of looking over our shoulders to see what they are stealing next.

  2. bob sykes says:

    Fifty years of progress, from a monkey in space to a monkey in the White House.

    • alfin2101 says:

      If only there were a monkey residing in the US White House, rather than the bobble-headed puppet POS living there now. At least the monkey would have some degree of honesty and intelligence.

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