Are All Black Women Oppressed Victims of Racist Bigotry?

Or Are All Black Women Simply Diseased Crack Ho’s on Welfare?

Crack Babies Don't Have the Best Start In Life

Crack Babies Don’t Get the Best Start In Life

No, of course it is not true that all black women are diseased crack ho’s on welfare. Only about 50% of black women have genital herpes, for example. As for black women being promiscuous, only 73% of black babies are born outside wedlock, with about 17% of black teens living in a nuclear family.
Genital Herpes (Simplex II Virus)

Genital Herpes (Simplex II Virus)

It is certainly not true that most black women use crack regularly. To find cities where a majority of young black women might possibly use crack cocaine, you would need to look in places like Detroit, Baltimore, East St. Louis, South side Chicago, or New Orleans. Coincidentally, those are some of the more dangerous cities in America.

In general, fewer than 50% of black women stay on welfare for long periods of time. More on welfare and race

More on the connection between illegitimacy and poverty/welfare dependency

Dispelling a popular myth

How would one estimate the approximate proportion of black women who were diseased crack ho’s on welfare? If the different categories — eg victim of lifestyle disease, user of crack, woman of easy virtue, welfare recipient, etc. — were independent categories, one could multiply the probabilities of a black woman belonging to each category to get an estimate. So if we assume that 50% of black women had lifestyle diseases, 10% use crack, 50% are careless in sexual habits, and 30% were on welfare, you could multiply the probabilities to get an estimate of 0.75%.

But the fact is that these categories of lifestyle dysfunction are not logically independent. If a black woman suffers one dysfunction, she is more likely to suffer other lifestyle dysfunctions. So the actual number is likely to be a good deal higher than our computed estimate above — even if our assumptions as to prevalence of individual lifestyle dysfunctions are reasonably close.

The size of the black underclass is closely correlated to the number of female-headed households among blacks. With an illegitimacy rate close to 75%, even if at present only 30% of blacks belong to the welfare dependent underclass, it is likely that the proportion will grow over time. This is because low-IQ mothers with poor impulse control are bearing most black children in the US at this time. That is a dysgenic pattern of fertility, which is due largely to counter-productive government programs which subsidise dysfunctional fertility.

And so you see, not nearly all black women in the US are diseased crack ho’s on welfare.

We at Al Fin enjoy dispelling popular myths. For example, in the article, “Are Blacks Too Stupid to Be Allowed to Vote in Elections of Advanced Nations,” we reveal the overlap in IQs between population groups, showing that not all blacks fall below the minimal voter intelligence threshold. In “Are Blacks a Criminal Race?” we demonstrated graphically that not all blacks are criminals. In “Genes and Violence: Are All Black Males Thugs?” we likewise demonstrated that not all black males were thugs.

Correlation Coefficients for Robbery by Race in Cities > 500K Population

Correlation Coefficients for Robbery by Race in Cities > 500K Population

By demonstrating that not all black women (in the US) are diseased crack ho’s on welfare, we further our campaign of refuting dangerous myths about blacks.

Okay, we admit that blacks may be genetically predisposed to underachievement, poor impulse control, and higher rates of violent and property crimes. Blacks often have difficulty passing the relatively easy entrance exams for the armed services, civil service, fire and police forces, and other basic occupational tests — to say nothing of more difficult college, graduate, and professional entrance examinations.

Blacks in the US have an average IQ that is a full standard deviation below the average population IQ, and blacks in sub Saharan Africa have average IQs about 2 full standard deviations below the average IQ in Europe or North America. With such low aptitude, it is no wonder that achievement falls short for both black women and black men.

And it is also true that you get more of what you subsidise. So if underachievement and irresponsibility are subsidised by government welfare policies, for example, you are likely to see more of those things than if they were not subsidised.

It is also true that you get less of the things you tax, so that if bad behaviours were taxed at a higher rate, some bad behaviours may occur less frequently.

We at Al Fin are often accused of being soft on crime and underachievers. But all we are trying to do is to clear up a few misconceptions.

Avoid stereotypes. If you must judge people, judge them on a case by case basis rather than on a group basis.

We are concerned about a general dysgenic trend (PDF)within almost all global populations. But even considering dysgenics, there are good reasons for not demonising entire large groups of people.

For those who wish to delve more deeply into the concept of dysgenic decline, Richard Lynn’s book “Dysgenics” is available for download free online.

In the future, we will be looking at the question of whether the US is becoming more like Brasil.

One problematic example of national dysgenic Idiocracy: South Africa. Read the whole thing.

More on black women and a high rate of genital herpes

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