Green Energy Poisons the Future of Germany

Germany says it wants to generate 80% of its energy from intermittent unreliable “green” sources, by 2050. Policy-makers have leapt blindly into a set of energy policies that threaten the very future of Germany. Ominous consequences of Germany’s Energiewende plan for green energy suicide are beginning to reveal themselves.
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The problem with the “renewable” power sources of wind and solar is their intrinsic volatility coupled with their poor capacity utilization rates of only 17.4% for wind and 8.3% for solar (average values for Germany).

That poor utilization rate means one has to build up huge overcapacities in order to achieve a certain amount of power production. Worse, the power source fluctuates wildly according to weather conditions. As a consequence, Germany has to maintain a dual power generation infrastructure that comprises a grossly overinflated capacity of “renewable” wind and solar power plants shadowed by a full scale backup set of conventional plants. These conventional power sources must always be on standby, ready to take over when weather conditions aren’t favorable. The production-fluctuation range of the “renewables” wind and solar is incredibly wide and volatile. For example in Germany there is an installed nameplate capacity of nearly 73,000 MW. Yet the minimum power output in Germany in 2014 from both sources was a meager 29 MW (only 0.04% of installed capacity) while the maximum value was 38,000 MW (48%). __ Energy Suicide by Energiewende

Their intentions were good, if more than a little self-serving and corrupt. But the results are to prove devastating for the German economy and the German future.

The graph above depicts German electric supply and consumption over a recent 31 day period. The erratic and unpredictable energy generation from “green” sources creates a nightmare for those who must assure the reliability, quality, and affordability of electrical power for Germany’s power consumers. The “mismatch” between erratic green supply and crucial consumer demand makes the entire intermittent green energy crusade an expensive, corrupt, quasi-criminal farce.

The above chart was prepared by Rolf Schuster, an industrial engineering designer, who during his free time has started a wind power databank in order to check the rosy claims being made by the wind power lobby. The results are not something any fast-talking salesman would want any potential buyer to see. The power that was input (blue) is a mere fraction of the rated capacity (green).

Schuster writes:

“If you divide the power fed in (blue) by the rated capacity (green) you get the percent of the rated capacity that actually gets fed into the grid. The linear trend shows a negative tendency – towards 20 percent of the rated capacity. That means: Despite the massively increased capacity in 2014, hardly more power has ended up getting delivered compared to the start of the year. Only one fifth of the rated capacity actually gets fed in.”

Many proponents used to argue that the wind is always blowing at the North Sea, and so a steady supply was a sure thing. Now we have real results coming in. That “steady” wind is only delivering 20% of the installed rated capacity. A fiasco.

Schuster also says that offshore turbines have serious technical problems as well. Foundations are being washed out from underneath; there’s corrosion, and overloads that lead to turbine shutdowns. The harsh conditions of the North Sea a proving much tougher to handle. __ German Energy Suicide

Modern wind turbines are wonders of mechanical design and construction, but the intermittent and unreliable nature of natural wind flows makes their wide-scale installation unwise. The fact that they tend to break down so quickly under the harsh conditions of nature — both onshore and offshore — makes their large-scale use almost criminal.

The growth in intermittent green energy is slow, but it would be much slower without corrupt government mandates and incentives.

Fossil fuels still dominate world energy consumption and are actually accelerating faster than everything else, according to these figures from BP’s 2014 Statistical Review of Energy. Coal, oil, and natural gas have all increased their share while the contribution of renewables remains extremely small. Nuclear power and hydroelectricity have both held their own but are not advancing. Together hydro, nuclear and renewables – the non-carbon sources – barely make up 1/6th of the world total. Natural gas is growing the fastest and coal is still expanding. _RCE

Intermittent, unreliable green energy from wind and solar cannot supply abundant, high quality electric power on demand to western consumers. Unless political mandates and incentives force taxpayers to subsidise green energy — and force power grids to give priority to green energy over more reliable and higher quality forms of electric energy — big wind and big solar would die a natural death, putting themselves out of the world’s misery.

“Over the last decade, well-intentioned policymakers in Germany and other European countries created renewable energy policies with generous subsidies that have slowly revealed themselves to be unsustainable, resulting in profound, unintended consequences for all industry stakeholders. While these policies have created an impressive roll-out of renewable energy resources, they have also clearly generated disequilibrium in the power markets, resulting in significant increases in energy prices to most users, as well as value destruction for all stakeholders: consumers, renewable companies, electric utilities, financial institutions, and investors.” __ German Green Energy Suicide

The German economy relies upon industrial exports for jobs, profits, and taxes. Industries that generate power or consume large amounts of power, are being squeezed. The government-engineered decline of the German power sector can only result in economic suicide.

Nuclear power plants in Germany continue to be shut down, removing crucial supplies of reliable power. Established German power producers are finding it more and more difficult to stay profitable — with some of them shutting down or re-locating away from Germany. Industries that

An alarming decline of Germany’s infrastructure parallels the Energiewende misstep

Obama’s green corruption may lead the US down the same deadly path that Germany has taken. Like the modern European ruling classes, an effeminate Obama projects the image of weak-minded helplessness when dealing with crucial policy issues and dangerous threats.

Canada’s dalliance with green energy causing pain in Ontario

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5 Responses to Green Energy Poisons the Future of Germany

  1. jccarlton says:

    Reblogged this on The Arts Mechanical and commented:
    I’m going to say what nobody else seems to want to say. When everybody in one article or another talks about energy they will always put into a paragraph with a little mantra about how solar or wind might be important, someday. That more research is required, or more investment, or more technology. Sorry, that’s a fantasy. Solar and wind as part of the energy picture are nonstarters. The greatest engineers have been down that road and very single one has come up having wasted their time and energy. does anybody think that engineers toady could do what the likes of John Erickson, Lord Kelvin and Nikolai Tesla could not. Trust me, if wind and solar were in any viable, we would be using them. That we are not is not the product of some conspiracy by ‘big energy.” It’s the result of low energy density and unreliability. You can’t change that fact. No matter how much hokum you believe in.
    The problem is that the Greens have decided wind, solar and biofuels are the proper energy choices and they don’t care how many trees they cut down to make the magic happening. I was aghast when I discovered that a major business for CSX railroad in Georgia was running shuttle trains full of wood pellets to Savanah so that they could be put onto ships and shipped to Great Britain to be burned as fuel.
    This is the kind of stupidity you get chasing climate change:
    Meet the new deforestation. Looks a lot like the old deforestation only now we ship the wood over to Europe, with a total energy cost LARGER than the energy recovered. Trading imported gasoline and fuel oil for European electricity makes so much sense to the climate types. Not to me though.
    Every time solar hits the real world, solar crashes. For well over a century now people have been trying to make solar work and it hasn’t. No matter how much money is spent, no matter how people want to make it work, you come up against the laws of low energy density, poor Carnot efficiencies and high capital costs and expensive electricity.:
    and this:
    What it comes down to is that the renewables are BULLSHIT. Green energy is Bullshit, complete bullshit. It’s just not dense enough to run an industrial society on. The unreliability and capacity factors are so low that electric power from solar and wind might as well not exist. For that matter it’s not dense enough to power itself on. That’s the facts. No amount of research, no amount of government subsidies, no amount of believing in perpetual motion and magic is going to make the so called renewable actually work. Meanwhile billions of tax dollars are given to scam artists, people have to make the choice between eating and heat in Europe , the US is wasting millions of acres of cropland producing fuels that have negative energy returns and China and the Third world are wallowing in the poisons from the mine required for the exotic materials for making the wasteful things that just end up rusting in the desert.
    An interesting piece on compound interest and the effects of regulation:
    America’s missing wealth
    Of course wealth not created is invisible. But even a 1% drop has incredible consequences.
    New England is run by idiots. Do people have to start to freeze to death before we stop being utterly clueless about energy. I mean seriously, I’ve watched every bad energy decision for the last forty years and not once, has anybody with influence said that bad stuff will happen. Well now we can live with energy poverty and the consequences of our bad decisions.:

    The stupidity, it’s just so mind boggling.: We accept the same old pablum, spend fortunes on yet more energy “efficiencies” and turn down our thermostats. Decade after decade we get the same old green crap. meanwhile the big businesses move away and the small ones close. Living keeps getting more expensive. Yet we turn around and vote in the Malloys and their cronies over and over, while we freeze.
    They can’t figure out why we pay so much.:
    Anybody remember these F***ing idiots.: If they had their way NH and the rest would be even WORSE. We are SO lucky to have the nuclear plants we have. But try telling the greens that.

    I think that you can have sustainabilty and poverty, or you can have high energy and wealth, but you can’t have sustainability and wealth except for a few. If you want an oligharchy, sustainability is the way to go.:
    You k now, when it comes to green energy schemes there is no fruit too low or idea too stupid that it won’t be proposed:
    Now here’s one that’s truly crappy.
    Two guys from Google got a bunch of money and went TWODAing with it. Guess what they found out.:
    The renewables don’t pay. I could have save Google a pile of money by telling them that. Pay me 200k or so and I would have put it into a nice report with power point slides. Insted they hired two true belieing cultists form univeristies and wasted a big chunk of the stockholder’s money. Well it could have been worse. It could have been Spain.
    Of course New England’s proximity to NYC and the predatory Wall St rentseekers doesn’t help.:

  2. Gadsden Flag says:

    Jccarlton, That was brilliant! best summary of the situation I’ve seen. Great links, too! You should publish these ideas someplace where they might be seen by many readers, instead of being buried in the comments on an obscure blog. Thanks for putting everything into perspective so well.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Good point, GF. The material should be re-posted on some of the more popular doomer/conspiracy websites where it might cause a few people to begin to think, for a change! 😉

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