The Land of Unwanted Babies and Nuclear Proliferation

Baby Disposal Boxes to be Provided to Mothers of Unwanted Babies

Child abuse in Russia is routine. Russian streets are overflowing with unwanted “street children,” and the Russian orphanage system is a global disgrace. The “official” number of abortions performed in Russia is down, for several reasons — few of which have anything to do with Russian mothers actually wanting to keep their babies.

In 2009, 1.3 million abortions were performed in Russia, according to the federal state statistics service. In 1995, 2.8 million terminations were carried out in the country…

Incidents in which babies are simply abandoned in Russia, including during the frigid winter months, are a common occurrence… Last month, Russian media reported that the corpse of a newborn baby still covered in placenta was found in a plastic bag at the bottom of a Moscow pond when the pond was being cleaned out.

… Baby boxes are affixed to the wall of an existing medical facility. The area is devoid of surveillance cameras or security guards to protect the identity of the person leaving an infant there. Once a baby is deposited into the heated box, the metal latch that was used to open it automatically locks, preventing the box from being reopened from the outside. Some two minutes after a child is left in the box, an alarm goes off inside the medical facility to alert personnel. __ Unwanted Baby Boxes

Population Pyramid Russia Deep Notch Cuts Young Adult Populations

Population Pyramid Russia
Deep Notch Cuts Young Adult Populations

Russia’s population pyramid reveals a deep notch cutting into Russia’s young adult populations. The best of Russia’s young are emigrating outside the country. Many of Russia’s young people are unhealthy, or disabled by drugs and alcohol. Others are lost in Russia’s burgeoning culture of crime.

The public health infrastructure is collapsing, so that essential medical procedures are becoming more difficult to obtain. In Russia, abortion is considered “an essential medical procedure” by most young women, since few good men are left who will stick by their women. Illegal abortions are not listed on official statistics, but are becoming more common. And of course, there are abandoned babies.

Putin Proliferates Nuclear Weapons to Kaliningrad and Crimea

In an open threat to Eastern and Southern Europe, Putin is moving nuclear-ready weapons to Russia-occupied colonies in Kaliningrad and Crimea.

Russia plans to station state-of-the art missiles in its westernmost Baltic exclave and deploy nuclear-capable bombers to Crimea as part of massive war games to showcase its resurgent military power amid bitter tensions with the West over Ukraine.

… The Iskander missiles deployment to Kaliningrad reflects Moscow’s readiness to raise the ante in response to NATO moves to deploy forces closer to Russia’s borders. The missiles, which are capable of hitting enemy targets up to 500 kilometres (310 miles away) with high precision, can be equipped with a nuclear or a conventional warhead. From Kaliningrad, they could reach several NATO member states.

Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz interpreted the move as an attempt by Russia to pressure EU nations as they consider possible new sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.

… U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s supreme commander in Europe, has termed Russia’s “threats to deploy nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles in Kaliningrad” part of what he called the Kremlin’s “pattern of continuing behaviour to coerce its neighbours in Central and Eastern Europe.” _Nuclear Proliferation Putin

Putin cannot accept that the USSR is gone, the great Russian Tsarist Empire is gone, Russia is no longer a great empire or a superpower. Russia is rotting from the inside out, and still Putin flirts with global thermonuclear war rather than addressing Russia’s more important concerns.

Global Oil Glut Places Putin’s Ambitions in Doubt

The economic foundation — inflated global oil prices — that allowed Putin to partially rebuild Russia’s nuclear attack forces, is crumbling. A global oil glut — and relatively low oil prices — are cutting the economic ground from beneath Putin’s feet.

According to the World Bank (and others have made similar estimates) nearly every member of OPEC, and Russia, requires oil to be priced between $100 and $180/bbl to fund their national budgets. __ Mark P Mills

Russia’s real breakeven cost is somewhere between $115 and $180, depending upon how close to the bone Putin is willing to cut graft payments to his supporters, and whether he is willing to limit the budgets of nuclear, spy, propaganda, industrial sabotage, and hacker/troll agencies supported by the Kremlin.

If Russia and Saudi Arabia were hoping to break the North American oil industry by tolerating low prices temporarily, they may be in for a surprise. Failing the start of a large scale war, global oil prices look set to stay below Russia’s fiscal breakeven for many years — probably longer than Putin can afford to wait.

Today, the United States has some 3,000 wells drilled and ready to flow. Nearly all of them will remain idle until needed. The amount of oil stored in those 3,000 wells ready to flow is at least three times greater than all the oil stored in steel tanks around the country. And it only takes a few months to turn on well production. All those wells, when they roll, will add nearly three million barrels per day to U.S. production.

Add to this then, all the ‘extra’ oil parked in the steel tanks around the country that, when released, can add nearly another one million barrels per day. That combination, four million barrels per day, equals an amount equal to the total growth in U.S. oil production seen over the past half dozen years…

… If, as some have claimed, the Saudis have been trying to drive U.S. shale producers out of business, hoping that a subsequent supply shortfall will push prices back up, they are in for a surprise. The hundreds of small shale oil producers in America are likely to follow precisely the pattern we have already seen for small shale gas producers. When prices tick back up, new production comes on-line practically overnight to capture the opportunity. When prices sag too much, the producers quickly revert to storing the bounty underground. __ Mark P Mills

Several prognosticators have predicted the breakup of modern Russia within the next 10 to 15 years. Such a breakup is most likely to begin with the sale of Russian land and assets in Siberia — probably to China. Russia needs the cash and the technical expertise that China can bring to Russian oil production and sophisticated weapons production. China needs the natural resources and expanded locations in the far east to place strategic military bases and missile launching stations nearer the Arctic.

But if Putin continues on his current course, Russia’s disintegration may occur on multiple simultaneous fronts — from Siberia to the Caucasus, to Kaliningrad, to areas adjacent to Finland, to the very core heartland of Russia herself — the Moscow-St. Petersburg centre. It is all up to Putin, and how long the Russian elite and Russian people will put up with Putin.

No one knows what Russia’s true population is today. Realistic estimates are so closely guarded by the Kremlin that not even Russia’s leaders understand their demographic predicament. And so they continue to blunder into disaster.

Russia’s foundations — economic, demographic, industrial, military — are crumbling. The emperor has no clothes, but no one in the empire is brave enough to tell the emperor of his plight. Ignorance, for the emperor, is bliss. For the empire, it is disaster.

Street Level, in the Empire

Meanwhile, at street level in the empire, drug addiction and alcoholic stupour abound alongside violent crime. Abandoned babies wait in boxes to be “rescued,” and sent to orphanages. After that, a lifetime on the streets or in child-brothels awaits them. The best of Russia busy themselves securing foreign jobs and bank accounts, convinced that nothing can save Russia as it blunders along its current course to oblivion.

And Russia’s nuclear weapons — those that still work — await the call to bring destruction to Europe, North America, and any other place where a better future might be waiting.

Russia herself is moldering to ruin, on her own initiative — or lack of it. There seems no reason to allow anyone, anywhere, to have things any better.

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4 Responses to The Land of Unwanted Babies and Nuclear Proliferation

  1. A.B Prosper says:

    The baby issue is pretty ugly but baby disposal boxes are ubiquitous in the US, existing in all 50 states , as well. I’ve seen them at Wal-Mart though the usual place is a fire station. Started back in 1999

    • alfin2101 says:

      Well, sure, I’ve seen those right next to the do-it-yourself cremation and corpse disposal boxes! Target makes a very nice body and baby disposal unit. Very convenient when the godfather has a last minute job for you and there is no time to hire a cleaner.

      In the real world, Russia and China are most famous for actual baby abandonments, but Europe and South Korea have gotten a lot of press for that as well.

      There are always inexperienced teenagers in every country who don’t know what to do when they find themselves in embarrassing situations, who panic and break down. In Russia, however, with its millions of street children and drug addicts of child-bearing age, its an endemic. The closest thing in the US would be black inner cities.

      The parallel in multiple bad behaviours between Russia and black Africa and black inner cities can be remarkable.

      • A.B Prosper says:

        I have to agree on the Black Africa thing, my guess is that in Russia its a product of Communism taking away incentives to work and damaging patriarchal/extended family formation creating a series of very negative behavioral incentives since you can’t win for trying and back in Communist times had enough to get by.

        This creates a virtual condition similar to R selected Africa but because of the actions of Oligarchs and the relentless drive for efficiency after the fall , there was never a real recovery opportunity.

        Right now though half of US children are born out of wedlock and basically won’t ever have a father or a good life because of the economy and this is starting to include White and Hispanic kids not just Blacks in the inner city. We are certainly better off than Russia but be patient, we’ll catch up soon and baring a revolution, there is no out. Leftism and relentless efficiency destroys everything.

        Soon enough the same relentless drive for automation will render the rest of us as superfluous as the average Russian seems to be their leaders.

        I agree that Russia is a mess and its covered up is certainly true but so is the West, for a so called “free country” we have more than Soviet levels of propaganda but at least we have the Internet for now

        I know its important to you to point our the situation in Russia being worse than stated, its a valuable countermeasure to Kremlin agitprop and pretty sobering to Russophiles.

        However no one should cheer the rest on. In a couple or three of decades tops, we’ll all be in ruins, Eurabia or Civil War, a dying Russia and a ruined dying Mex-America bad news for all.

        Now as for those baby boxes, Wikipedia on the topic

        Safe Haven Laws

        Baby Hatch

        note here “notably in Germany where there are around 100 hatches” and Germany had a lower birth rate than most accepted Russian numbers. Dying slower with less suffering is still dying.

        As for the US

        Baby hatches as such are not known in the United States; however, all 50 states have introduced “Safe-haven laws”[24] since Texas began on September 1, 1999. These allow parents to legally give up their newborn child (younger than 72 hours) anonymously to certain places known as “safe havens”, such as fire stations and hospitals. The laws have different names in different states, e.g. California’s Safely Surrendered Baby Law[25] and some have different age limits, e.g. Nebraska’s Safe-haven law as originally written had no age limit, allowing all children under 18 years of age to be abandoned; this was amended on November 2008.[26]

        I could swear I saw a sign and some kind of box at a Wal Mart but I probably conflated one thing with another as I can find no reference to same. I think I was in error, memory is a funny thing . Sorry about that.

        Still in any state a woman can drop a child off at the police or fire station, no questions asked, same deal. Happily this is fairly rare as of yet, abortion or birth control being the preferred methods here with the occasional baby in a dumpster

        • alfin2101 says:

          Your above comment was lost in the spam file, which I rarely clean. It has now returned, stronger than we could have possibly imagined. (Obi wan Kenobi)

          I feel the need to point out that many of your doomer-oriented comments remind me of Orlov, Kuntsler, Martenson, and the like — mercenary people who play on people’s irrational fears. I have little respect for them. Doomers, peak oilers, climate apocalyptics, and the like have been predicting doom for the US and the west for well over 50 years. The doom business picked up steam in the 1970s and has had its ups and downs. But it has been lucrative for particular doomers, so they persist and continue to trap the unwary in their webs.

          As for stand-alone baby drop boxes and medieval orphanage systems, they are things out of a horror movie. They reflect a culture in rapid decline.

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