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Russia Settles In for a Long “New Normal”

Will Russia Ever Recover from the Ongoing Economic Crisis? We should be prepared that the current environment of sluggish or negative growth will continue for quite some time, says Alexey Kornya, chief financial officer of Russia’s top cellular carrier, Mobile … Continue reading

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Things Doomers Will Never Tell You About Fukushima

There have been no deaths or cases of radiation sickness from the nuclear accident, but over 100,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes to ensure this. Government nervousness delays their return. Official figures show that there have been … Continue reading

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Europe’s Dark Future

Hundreds of thousands of ­asylum-seekers are streaming through Europe’s porous borders, decamping from entry nations such as Italy to countries such as Germany, where they are creating new challenges and tensions. WaPo In 2008, the Eastern Mediterranean route saw a … Continue reading

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Liberate Russian Girls Now! Young Russian Women Trapped in Barren World of Hardship, Oppression, and Slavery

Under Putin, Russia is rapidly turning into the world’s largest prison. It is unfortunate that so many young women are so desperate to escape the chains that they often end up in worse circumstances, as prostitutes in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, … Continue reading

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Global Oil: Profits, Losses, Supply, Demand

Peak Oil Isn’t What it Used to Be The key figures were a 1 million barrel-day increase in worldwide oil supply during March to an 95.2 million barrels a day, and a 1.1 million barrel a day increase in demand … Continue reading

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Putin’s End Game Likely to Prove Violent

Russia was already in trouble long before the drop in oil prices and the laying on of western economic sanctions. Russia’s middle class was in rebellion, and Putin’s popularity was slipping rapidly. He had to do something drastic, and quickly. … Continue reading

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Making Oil Unnecessary: An Impossible Catalytic Revolution on the Cusp

Making Oil Unnecessary Chemistry and advanced materials play a huge part in the affluent lifestyle enjoyed by most people in the more advanced world. With recent advances in biotech and nanotech, we are beginning to see the dawn of the … Continue reading

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Taming the Beast Within

Inside each of us dwells a chaotic, unpredictable monster — a beast that leads us into no end of trouble. For ages, humans have been blaming the devil, or evil spirits, for their own capricious and destructive choices. But thanks … Continue reading

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Could Low-Dose Radiation Cure Diabetes?

No, low dose radiation will not cure diabetes. But it seems to show promise for fighting some of the complications of diabetes: Within the last few years, LDR has shown promise in combating the complications of diabetes. Studies have found … Continue reading

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The Waking Trance

Human consciousness is an odd pickle. We all experience it every waking day, but no one understands it well enough to build a good imitation. What are we missing? Quite a lot, actually. For example, why are we so changeable … Continue reading

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Creating a New World Takes More than Words

If you observe modern politicians, academics, intellectuals, and activists long enough, you can get the impression that these loud talkers believe that they can change the world with their words alone. They may be right — in terms of destructive … Continue reading

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Fountain of Youth: Pouring Young Blood Into Old Bodies?

The search for the fountain of youth is following many different paths, including the “seven-fold path” of SENS, suspended animation via cryonic vitrification, tweaking the immune system to boost human resilience, increasing the length of telomeres, regenerative medicine, stem cells, … Continue reading

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Can Russian Women Be Saved?

Hundreds of thousands of Russia’s best are leaving the country, for better opportunities abroad. Back in Russia, the millions who remain seem to be slipping back to a mindset of Stalinism, combined with an “us against the world” fanaticism that … Continue reading

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Distinctions that Make a Difference

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.” -Kurt Vonnegut Almost everyone wants to be strong and independent, free from external manipulation and indoctrination. Part of the process of shielding ourselves … Continue reading

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