Can Russian Women Be Saved?

Hundreds of thousands of Russia’s best are leaving the country, for better opportunities abroad. Back in Russia, the millions who remain seem to be slipping back to a mindset of Stalinism, combined with an “us against the world” fanaticism that threatens to come completely unhinged.

… hate, mixed together with the most shameless of lies, is nurtured by Russian television.

“Russian people have always been characterized by kindliness, munificence, and solicitousness,” says Andrey Zvyagintsev, director of the film “Leviathan,” which portrays the feudalistic conditions in the Russian province and which was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film. “But now, inhuman, demonic complexes of revenge, self-assertion and hate are being awakened within and put on display — characteristics which slumbered deep within us until one or two years ago.”

… The right-wing populist Vladimir Zhirinovsky formulated it thusly: The Ukraine conflict “has provided us with an opportunity to return to the circle of great powers. It is essential that Russia once again becomes an empire as it was under the czars or during Soviet times. Once we have achieved that, we can focus on the development of our economy. But first, we have to free ourselves from the West.”

… In cities in the country’s interior, factories, hospitals and schools are closing while the men there are heading to eastern Ukraine to fight for an imaginary Russian world. They are bid a celebratory farewell when they go, with the blessing of the powers that be. It’s a grotesque situation. __ Worst of the worst

There are many Russians left behind inside Russia who are sober and conscientious, clever people who understand what is going wrong inside Russia today. Unfortunately, as things stand, they are likely to go down as the Potemkin nation sinks into mindless fanaticism.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
__ The Second Coming WB Yeats

It is unlikely that the larger number of the most deserving Russians can be saved from the plague of Putinism and neo-Stalinism. But much more could be done to save the most important population of Russians: young Russian women.

Russian Country Girls are Modest and Shy Russian Brides

Russian Girls are Modest and Shy
Russian Brides

Until Russian women are liberated from the declining former empire, they will never be able to fulfill their potential as women and mothers. Good Russian men are almost impossible to find.

In Russia, men who drink, sleep around, beat up their wives (about 16,000 women in Russia are KILLED every year by their partners or family members) – those men are a norm. __ Few Good Men Left

In Russia, abortion rates are anomalously high — despite harsh government cutbacks in medical services — babies who are born are too often abandoned to a horrendous orphanage system for lack of paternal support, divorce rates are high, child abuse is common. Young girls too often fall into child prostitution and child pornography, fall victims of human trafficking, and lose all hope for a normal productive life before they reach 18 years old. More.

Millions of young Russian boys fall into a harrowing, often violent life on the streets. From there they typically go on to chronic drug and alcohol abuse, violent crime, or are sold into slave labour. But then, men have always been considered “the expendable sex.”

Since women embody future generations within their lower abdominal cavities, they have long been valued — outside of Russia — for the human potential they represent. This is why it is important for Europe and the Anglosphere to try harder to rescue young Russian women from the dying Potemkin nation.

Russian Bride Festival Imagine Yourself In This Picture

Russian Bride Festival
Imagine Yourself In This Picture

It is still not too late for hundreds of thousands of young Russian women of child-bearing age to be pulled from the fires of brutality and fanaticism that blaze so fiercely inside the crumbling ruins of a former empire. Help more young Russian women to fulfill their destinies — as women, mothers, and human beings. Write or send fincoins today.

Remember, while androids are destined to take over the world, there is nothing wrong with bringing some fulfillment to young women in need.

Note: Photo captions courtesy of Valerie

But seriously folks,

Russia has entered the first stage of an unprecedented demographic catastrophe, Tatyana Maleva, the director of the Institute for Social Analysis and Forecasting, said in a speech she delivered at the public Gaidar Forum in January. Unfortunately official statistics are blurring the real picture, she maintained…

… Russia’s labor market has entered a very complicated phase in its development — that of “a deep, prolonged chronic fall in the size of the economically active population.” Happening on a scale thus far unknown to the world, this eventual demographic catastrophe is developing independently of the sudden new economic crisis, of the fall in oil prices and of the ruble’s rapidly diminishing rate of exchange. __ Japan Times

Always read between the lines of official statistics. To some extent, everything coming from the Kremlin (ie, Russia Today, Russian Insider, etc. etc.) is a lie, and must be carefully scrutinised to determine whether any useful information can be inferred.

Russia’s demographics has recently experienced a “dead cat bounce.” Now, reality sets in.

At the end of 2014, the Russian statistical agency Rosstat published its updated demographic forecast through 2050. The forecast confirms that demographics will remain the biggest political, social, and economic challenge for Russia in the coming decades. Moreover, contrary to earlier estimates, the situation will not stabilize by 2030-2035.

… Rosstat’s forecasts demonstrate that, regardless of who leads the country, Russian economic policy will face the very serious threat of rapid depopulation in the coming decades. To maintain the current population of the country (the “current-level” scenario), Russia needs to encourage a large-scale immigration influx, more than 12 percent of the current population. But even this will not entirely offset a rapidly ageing population and growing fiscal pressure on the pension system. All that will make the Russian economy less competitive and less attractive, and if Russia continues to follow an isolationist policy, it may face its own, labor-based, secular stagnation. _Sergey Aleksashenko

The situation is even worse than the Rosstat projections suggest. Rosstat failed to include the exponential rise in emigration of Russia’s most talented and fertile citizens. Nor did it consider the possibility of civil war or a possible secession of large parts of Russia from Moscow. Least of all did Rosstat consider a treacherous move in the far east by its erstwhile ally, China.

Since early 2014 nearly two million people have left Russia. More than half these were Westerners (including many from East European countries) working in Russia, providing skills that Russia did not have. The rest were Russians, most of them highly educated and with similar skills to the departing Westerners. What all these migrants had in common was a desire to get away from an increasingly authoritarian, intolerant and economically disastrous Russian government.

If this trend is not reversed, Russia will continue to have a smaller, and less Russian and less educated population. If the current Russian leadership have their way the size of Russia and population will grow via conquest. As in the past, many of the neighbors are willing to resist.

One of the less publicized casualties of the current Russian aggression is the nuclear disarmament efforts that have been underway since the 1980s. Russia is no longer interested in nuclear disarmament but rather in further developing nuclear weapons. Russia sees its nukes as its most reliable and intimidating weapon.

… China has become a major trading partner of Russia. As a result Chinese businesses with Russian dealings have been advised by their government to use the rubles they are paid for goods to buy Russian assets, which are finding far fewer other foreign buyers because of the Russian economic crises. This Chinese aid comes with strings, mainly in terms of Russia agreeing to sell more military tech (design and manufacturing methods) to China. __ Russia is counting the losses

Highly skilled and educated Russians can often find much better paying jobs in the freer environments of Europe and the Anglosphere. Some end up in China, Iran, or North Korea.

Young Russian women are no less eager to build their dreams abroad than Russian scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen. Besides their education and traditional values, Russian women from areas outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg offer something that western nations badly need — eugenic fertility.

More Russia analysis

These disasters just keep happening — Such patterns of neglect and decline should cause prudent observers to doubt rosy Russophilic projections of imminent Russian resurgence.

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2 Responses to Can Russian Women Be Saved?

  1. A.B Prosper says:

    Its only a stopgap measure for them to come to the West. We are as doomed as them on a slow boat to civil war or technologically empowered dystopia and a population crash, well the US won’t. It will be a slightly stupider Brazil if it doesn’t split apart

    That said I’ve had my eye on a fine beauty from that region for some time, they posses a cultured quality and intelligence so many Western women have forgotten has value.

    Even the scruffy and ugly “tractor women” aren’t afraid to crack a book , read a poem or have some measure of sophistication and I don’t see that among American women.

    Some Russian women real beauties too which is a huge plus.

    However I find the idea that Russians posses kindliness, munificence, and solicitousness outside of maybe ones kin propaganda at best. Russians can be as cold as the northern wind with a sanguine Slavic nature. Its a fine trait in a mate for trying times though.

    • alfin2101 says:

      I suspect that the character of Russia changes as it loses its most intelligent and enterprising citizens, and gains a big influx of less capable immigrants from Muslim areas.

      But as you say, surviving the long Russian winter is not something for powder puffs, as a rule. A good amount of grit and strong kin orientation is important.

      Something frightening is taking hold of Russia today, and the more sensitive and intelligent Russians seem at a loss as to how to deal with the unhealthy changes.

      Russophiles and Kremlin trolls can only deny the problems that are eating Russia from the inside out. But the brighter Russians are frightened, and looking for ways to get out.

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