Liberate Russian Girls Now! Young Russian Women Trapped in Barren World of Hardship, Oppression, and Slavery

Under Putin, Russia is rapidly turning into the world’s largest prison. It is unfortunate that so many young women are so desperate to escape the chains that they often end up in worse circumstances, as prostitutes in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, or the Philippines.

Bleak Prospects for Russian Girls Stuck Inside Russia

Bleak Prospects for Russian Girls Stuck Inside Russia

Young Russian women should be at the peak of their lives — full of dreams of love, marriage, children, and family. But due to an appalling shortage of good Russian men, these normal dreams and lives are closed to most of them. Economic conditions are bleak, with things certain to grow much worse before they get better.

And so young Russian women try to find ways out of Russia. Unfortunately for these girls, Russia is full of criminal enterprises that promise young girls the world — then sell them into slavery.

14 yo Russian Girls Sold a Bill of Goods

14 yo Russian Girls Sold a Bill of Goods

As many as 50,000 Russian girls a year — perhaps more during times of economic hardship — are sold overseas to become prostitutes in East Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. PDF
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Most children born inside Russia today are unhealthy, often abandoned and left for orphanages to raise under appalling conditions. Child abuse is common, millions of children live on the streets, with St. Petersburg becoming one of the child prostitution destinations of world sex tourists. HIV rates are rising alarmingly, even among the growing numbers of underage prostitutes.

In many Russian towns and villages, a young girl’s best option is to go to a special school to learn to become a paid mistress for a wealthy Russian “businessman.” That might work, at least until her looks start to fade.

In Russia, small-town girls go to the big city and get ruined, but that’s what they’re trying to do. Really trying. They go to school for it.

The students take notes in neat writing. They have paid a thousand dollars for each week of the course. There are dozens of such “academies” in Moscow and St. Petersburg, with names such as “Geisha School” or “How To Be a Real Woman.”

If a girl with potential studies hard, “she earns the basic Moscow mistress rate: the apartment, $4,000 a month, a car, and a weeklong holiday in Turkey or Egypt twice a year.”

In return, she’s available to her “sponsor,” as he’s called, any time, any day. __ Magical Thinking in Russia

Return of oppression to Russia allows girls and young women few good choices.

Russian Girls Want to Get Away

Russian Girls Want to Get Away

Perhaps the best option for some Russian girls or young women may be to go overseas to become educated, then apply for permanent residency in Europe or the Anglosphere. But in general, only the children of the Russian elite succeed in pursuing that course.

Another option would be to find a good European or Anglospheric man, marry him, and move to Europe, North America, or Oceania. Tens of thousands of Russian women have successfully made that transition, and have built a life and family in freer surroundings. Sometimes, they are able to pursue and advance careers at the same time.

Seeking New Opportunities

Seeking New Opportunities

Some of these marriages do not work out, and some of them are based upon deceit — by one party or the other — from the outset. On the other hand, most marriages of Russian girls to western men — in my experience — do succeed, and surprisingly well.

Male Russian professionals, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs are escaping from Russia by the hundreds of thousands every year, to find better and freer opportunities outside Russia.

Russian girls and women deserve to be liberated too! Won’t you find some way to help, today?

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2 Responses to Liberate Russian Girls Now! Young Russian Women Trapped in Barren World of Hardship, Oppression, and Slavery

  1. guest says:

    This article may just as well have been about Ukraine…
    Central Europe is actually full of Ukrainian strippers, not Russian ones.
    Here in Slovenia, the words stripper and Ukrainian are almost synonyms!

    Russia / Ukraine are mirror images when it comes to problems, social or otherwise.
    So please, write at least ONE article explicitly critical of Ukraine, balance, remember?

    I agree on the liberation part, this could be a great way to counter the demographic transformation of white countries, if i was a billionaire i would facilitate that and consider myself a white Oskar Schindler…

    I could have saved one more hot white woman… and I didn’t! and I… I didn’t! *cry*

    • alfin2101 says:

      Interesting, thanks.

      I may be wrong, but I had always thought that it was easier for Ukrainians to travel outside the country,and to emigrate than for Russians to do so. Russia is incredibly paranoid toward the outside world, whereas most Ukrainians seem more open somehow.

      Both Ukraine and Russia were part of the same rotten Soviet system, so they share much of the corruption and dysfunction. On the other hand, Ukraine seems more European. Perhaps it is the part of their histories when Russia was under the Golden Horde and Ukraine was under the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, when the cultures evolved apart.

      I have heard that white nationalists with military experience are flocking to Ukraine from several countries — including Russia — to stop Putin at an early stage in his imperial conquests. Not being a white nationalist myself, I consider that aspect of the Ukrainian evolution to be an interesting development that bears watching. European leftism needs a counterweight, but I would hope Europeans could find a way to preserve Europe without resorting to violent civil wars and neo-Nazi governments.

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