Europe’s Dark Future

Hundreds of thousands of ­asylum-seekers are streaming through Europe’s porous borders, decamping from entry nations such as Italy to countries such as Germany, where they are creating new challenges and tensions. WaPo

In 2008, the Eastern Mediterranean route saw a sharp spike in irregular migration, and by 2012, 51 percent of migrants entering the EU illegally did so via Greece. This trend shifted in 2013 after Greek authorities enhanced border controls under Operation Aspida (or “Shield”), which included the construction of a barbed-wire fence at the Greek-Turkish border.

Increased patrols in the waters off western Africa were thought to have effectively curbed migration along the Western Mediterranean passage to Spain in recent years, but 2014 saw a dramatic uptick in attempted border crossings from migrants and asylum seekers fleeing conflict in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan, and South Sudan. According to the Spanish Interior Ministry, the number of migrants trying to enter Spain illegally in 2014 rose by almost 70 percent from the previous year to 12,549. And despite efforts to fortify the borders of Melilla and Ceuta, Spanish territories that are contiguous with Morocco, a steady stream of migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa continue to scale the fences of these two enclaves. __Europe in Crisis

As long as Europe was populated by Europeans, crime rates were low and populations were relatively prosperous. With the deluge of non-European migrants washing over Europe’s boundaries in rogue wave after rogue wave, crime in European cities is rising steadily.

Here is a recent Chartsbin global map of homicide rate by country:

Global Homicide Rates by Country

Global Homicide Rates by Country

But as the migration of high crime, high violence populations proceeds into the countries and cities of Europe, expect the colours of European countries to shift to match the colours of more violent nations.

Common wisdom inside Europe today, is that the US is a particularly dangerous and violent country. But US crime rates are high because of crimes committed by blacks and latinos, not the US population in general. Looking at juvenile crime in particular:

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in the year 2008 black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58.5% of youth arrests for homicide and 67% for robbery. Black youths were overrepresented in all offense categories except DUI, liquor laws and drunkenness.[37]

According to a 2009 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, in 2007 Latinos “accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders-more than triple their share (13%) of the total U.S. adult population”. This was an increase from 24% in 1991. 72% of the Latino offenders were not U.S. citizens. For Hispanic offenders sentenced in federal courts, 48% were immigration offenses and 37% drug offenses. One reason for the large increase in immigration offenses is that they exclusively fall under federal jurisdiction.[38] __ Race and Crime in US Wikipedia

The same distribution of crime by race in the US applies to all age groups, but one must look harder to find the racial breakdown for adult offenders, since the “latino” category and the “white” category are often conflated. (see Color of Crime for more statistics)

If you compare crime rates of German-Americans to crime rates of ethnic Germans in Germany, there is no difference. Likewise if you compare any group of European-Americans with the same ethnic group in Europe, crime rates will be virtually identical. More information w/links

As populations in Europe are displaced by more violent and more fertile populations from the East and South, the birthplace of modern civilisation will become a much darker and more violent place.

Wikipedia: Map of total fertility rate by nation

Wikipedia: Map of total fertility rate by nation

African cities — already flooded with shanty-towns and open sewers — are being overrun by newcomers. African fertility rates assure that living conditions — already unbearable for many — will grow exponentially worse on the dark continent. Anyone who can will want to flee to a place where established societies and governments are known to take care of migrants with guaranteed education, health care, income, housing — and the freedom to assemble in gangs, jihads, human trafficking organisations, and illicit drug distribution centres.

Europe is inviting a world of trouble.

“I suspect if the politics surrounding migration really start getting messy, you’ll see countries reintroducing internal borders with greater frequency, which means they would have chiseled away at one of the main pillars of Europe, which is the free movement of people” __

Free movement and a wide open commons, are both double-edged swords — as Europe is soon to discover.

Europe seems powerless to prevent the growth in rape gangs, ethnic criminal gangs, and religious terrorism / intimidation / quasi-ethnic cleansing. A lack of leadership from the bobble-head US president is not helping things.

I'm the President.  I'm here to save you.   How much would you like to contribute to my political fund?  Want to play golf?  Didn't I see you on the Riviera?   Which way is Mecca?

I’m the President. I’m here to save you. How much would you like to contribute to my political fund? Want to play golf? Didn’t I see you on the Riviera? Which way is Mecca?

This is exactly the type of building crisis of instability and uncertainty in Europe that Putin is counting on, to justify what he hopes to do next.

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8 Responses to Europe’s Dark Future

  1. NekasM says:

    It’s already over- they have given up some time back even before 2 world war. It will be different world without ethnic European tribes and east Asian ethnic tribes, but world will move one, who knows where and how…. north America also is quite different place then in 1000 A.D. Of course there are some obstacles who can change a lot, mamma nature(universe) and technologies.
    This nihilism, lost of faith- outstanding, move along nothing to see…………
    About birth rates there is interesting pattern in France especially there are Laws who make hard to track about population ethnicity and religion, any one who have been last years in large European city’s in more advanced parts of Europa, will feel in some city regions like in different country and it’s growing fast. Statics is one, but on ground it’s different picture.
    + Isegoria had interesting post about executive functions and gens. To bad your old blog can disappear in august. It’s interesting sometimes to look back and read articles about stuff You tried to warn- Well about Putin You where right in 2007 and about USoA shall business enemy 2012, they achieved what they wanted in some weird ways -I’m afraid that I should be afraid of wishful thinking and take serious about some Your’s and others opinions on bright new world.

  2. icareviews says:

    “This is exactly the type of building crisis of instability and uncertainty in Europe that Putin is counting on, to justify what he hopes to do next.”

    What are you suggesting Putin wants to do next?

    • alfin2101 says:

      Exactly what he has said he wants to do: Reconstitute the old Soviet Union, and expand Russia’s “sphere of dominance” to include as much of Europe as possible, for starters. Eurasian Imperialism seems to be his last refuge, but he must be patient and wait for the right opportunities to emerge, with a little help from his friends. ;-).

      Would you satisfy my curiosity? According to your website, your views appear to be pro-European and anti-semitic. How would you view the Russia vs. Ukraine conflict, where strong strains of fascism and anti-semitism run in both countries, and Ukraine is closer to Europe in several ways?

      • icareviews says:

        The Ukrainian fascist groups are puppets of NATO/Jewry and helped to install America’s proxy regime. I’m pro-Putin and can’t agree with you as to his aims. For one, NATO is the party that’s been rupturing previous agreements by expanding eastward against the promises of past administrations. The Crimeans are secessionists who have requested Putin’s aid against Ukrainian puppet government atrocities, and no Russian tanks have rolled into Ukraine contrary to neocon claims.

        This doesn’t even begin to address all of the lies and distortions the American media have directed against Putin – for instance, the plane his toadies are supposed to have shot down, despite the Western intelligence apparatus producing no credible evidence to that effect. Every Jewish-produced movie that deals with Russia, from Red Dawn to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, is promoting this neocon narrative about the reconstitution of the Soviet Union. Might work on the beer belly conservative crowd, but not me.

        Germany is an occupied country to this day. Europe is not free and America is not “exceptional” except in its government’s arrogance in blithely murdering people to make money for bankers and military contractors.

        • alfin2101 says:

          Thanks for your reply. I had assumed as much, but I hate to make assumptions when I can get an answer directly.

          I have always felt that it is a waste of time to try to change someone’s mind, particularly when beliefs are strongly held. My main concern for some readers here is that when they finally allow information in which contradicts the things they had adamantly believed for so long, they will experience severe cognitive dissonance and loss of self esteem. That is why I continually stress the meme: “Everything you think you know, just ain’t so.” If readers acknowledge the kernel of truth in that pithy saying, they are somewhat inoculated against reality shock.

        • Exfernal says:

          Isn’t that a coincidence that planes carrying people inconvenient for Russians have tendency to crash as well…

          • icareviews says:

            “people inconvenient for Russians”

            Jews, you mean?

            http: //

            http:// www

            We’re expected to believe that Putin schemed to down a Malaysian plane to get . . . what? The bad publicity? Zionists are pissed at Malaysia for hosting a war crimes hearing that condemned Israeli genocide of the Palestinians.

          • alfin2101 says:

            Exfernal: True. The Katyn massacre of Poles is another blot on the record that Poutaine won’t acknowledge as Soviet. Revisionist history, disinformation, and propaganda of every type is what the Kremlin is all about — like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.

            ica: Your low-brow anti-Jewish rhetoric is growing tiresome. As we say, “Everything you think you know, just ain’t so.” If you can’t understand that, your constant diet of contrived bitterness will consume you from the inside.

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