What is the “Black Problem?”

Just over 23 years ago, the 1992 Los Angeles riots reminded Americans that the violent unrest of the black underclass had only been sleeping since 1968, when riots erupted in 125 US cities. Massive levels of financial assistance, special preferences, and affirmative action from cradle to grave had done nothing substantial to quell the black sense of victimhood and a vengeful sense of entitlement. In Los Angeles, a low level rage war of blacks against whites had come out from under cover, once again, for a time. But in hundreds of cities, it continues on a slow simmer, waiting for a spark to set it off in earnest.

It could happen again in any of hundreds of cities. St. Louis and Baltimore come to mind, but it is known that in the US, the most violent cities are black majority cities.More Some cities are just waiting for an excuse to self-destruct.

A reminder of how it happened in Los Angeles, 1992:

The city was burning around us. They were going to try to keep us safe. We were in Koreatown, and it was April 29, 1992…A teacher said he would allow me to follow him around the city. Then I could make my way back to Pasadena. The deal he insisted on was: If something happened to me, if my car was stopped, he was not going to help me…Nancy instructed me to stay close. We drove south on Broadway. I had never seen anything like it. Fires, looting, anarchy. We were trying to shoot photos from the car. Paul insisted we stay inside. I was trying to get my flash to fire. It worked the day before and the day after — but not that night.
I didn’t see the man with the gun that came up to Nancy’s window. I was focused on my malfunctioning flash. She told Paul: “Drive, drive, drive.”

We barreled through the chaos. I started counting the gunshots. That’s one shot. That’s two. That’s three. _LATimes

In 1992 Los Angeles, long suppressed resentment and rage flared into flame. Angry glares become violent outbursts. Mobs of men and boys stalked anyone who looked out of place, with murderous intent.

A city that had been smoldering for decades burst into flames once again. Like Watts, like Detroit, like Newark, like any town or inner city that had collected and cherished a critical mass of resentment and hatred, LA flared orange and red.

A people who had been conditioned to blame everything from poverty to disease to migraines on “the oppressor race” were prepared to unleash their long suppressed anger and hate.

People were dragged out of cars and trucks, beaten and murdered in an orgy of violent emotion. No one could explain, calmly and rationally, why they did these things. They only knew it felt good. Community leaders and elected representatives supported and excused their actions.

The violence was not new — it had been present in every inner city neighborhood around the country. It was the intensity and focus of the violence which proved a revelation. Thoughtful analysts began to look at roots of violence around the world, considering a possible racial or genetic basis.

Cognitive science had learned that intelligence was highly heritable, with clear statistical stratification by racial categories. Perhaps tendencies to violence were similarly heritable? While not a politically correct question, it was a crucially important question for rational people to ask.

Global maps of average IQ, birth rates, GDP, literacy, homicide, and other measures of social function and dysfunction all seemed to stratify according to regional — and often racial — characteristics. Certainly culture, religion, rule of law, corruption, and more all contributed to the overall portrait, the contribution of racial and genetic components could not be denied out of hand — and required more study.

Thoughtful persons began to ask whether entire population groups were being left behind by advances in science and technology. As the infrastructures of advanced societies came to rely more and more on sophisticated technologies — which required higher cognitive aptitude to maintain — it became clear that populations with low average IQs would struggle to keep up.

Chronic frustration at lack of achievement was naturally converted into blame toward those who did succeed. As “underclass” status became inter-generational, political leaders and media conglomerates found an advantage in stoking envies and resentments, despite the obvious risk of violence exploding out of control.

And so the dark, rank, violent underbelly of engineered diversity is exposed, time and again. But few learn the lesson — that prosperous and successful societies must operate on trust. Without trust, the machine accumulates a destructive grit and grime that leads to societal breakdown. As long as innate inequality and cultural incompatibilities are denied, the societal trajectory is downward.

[The above portion of this article is adapted from a 2012 posting on Al Fin: http://alfin2100.blogspot.com/2012/04/20-years-of-progress.html ]

On average, scientific studies and close observation find black populations to be statistically less intelligent, more violent (see genetic causes), less able to plan ahead or to constrain criminal impulses, and most likely to be made utterly superfluous in the coming technological revolutions. And that’s not all.

Respected economist and political philosopher Thomas Sowell — who happens to be black — says that the US is currently living through a “censored race war.” The low level race war is being censored by media, government, academia, and popular culture, because it does not fit the narrative of the consensual delusion.

But within this long black-on-white race war, particular incidents stand out, illustrating the level of hatred and viciousness that lies beneath the surface waiting for the slightest excuse to erupt into flames, death, and destruction.

The Tulsa Outrages January 2013:

Four Women Murdered in Tulsa, Oklahoma http://theinfounderground.com/smf/index.php?topic=17218.0

Four Women Murdered in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The confessed perpetrators:

More from the black on white race war in TulsaThe black race war has thrived because it enjoyed the support of organizations such as the white-founded NAACP, the antiversites, the MSM, and the courts, and because white Communists realized that they could use blacks to topple free Western governments. __Race War is Real

Rape, Intimidation, Senseless Violence are Routine

Rape, Intimidation, Senseless Violence are Routine

Illustrative of the black on white censored race war are the Knoxville horror, the Wichita massacre, and the Zebra killings.

More: Al Fin on race murder as initiation rite in US black culture.

Wichita Massacre, Victims and Perpetrators

Black neighborhoods — with 75% or greater illegitimacy rates — have long since become “schools of crime” and proving grounds of violence. As most other populations age, endless new cohorts of violent and wilding black youth look forward to softer populations of future victims.

But there is a large fly in the ointment for black community planners of an expanded black-on-white race war. A massive influx of Latino immigrants is pushing into formerly black neighborhoods, shoving blacks and black gangs aside by the sheer bulk of incoming Hispanics.

And the newcomers are doing better than the blacks they are displacing.

… the reason you don’t hear much about black-versus-Hispanic violence in America is that you’re not supposed to hear much about it. It’s the sort of thing that swims upstream against the dominant narrative with the tenacity of a thuggish, heavily tattooed salmon.

… Mexicans tend to prey on blacks in West Coast cities where they’ve already become an undisputed majority, while it’s blacks preying on Mexican intruders in East Coast cities where blacks still hold a numerical advantage…

… If demographic trends continue, Mexicans will have the clear numerical advantage in this simmering war. They already seem to have an organizational edge—the Mexican Mafia has allegedly issued orders from prison for Hispanic gang members to quit squabbling among themselves and work together to drive out all mayates from the barrios. The masterminds behind black organized crime don’t seem to be nearly as organized.

This silent war is happening on a scale that would ensure wall-to-wall media coverage if white people were involved in any way. But since it doesn’t fit the script, it winds up on the cutting-room floor.
__ Taki

Black perpetrators commit the most violent crimes in the US. In NYC in a recent year, 70% of criminal shooters were black, over 25% were hispanic, and roughly 2% were Asian and almost 3% were “white.” Source

The writing is on the wall for North American inner city blacks: Hispanics are coming, and the time for unopposed black youth and black gang terror against entire cities such as Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Oakland, and Philadelphia may be coming to a close. But will hispanics be less violent than the blacks they replace?

In Ron Unz’ “Race and Crime in America,” he suggests that hispanic crime rates may be as low as — or lower than — “white” crime rates. A number of problems with methodology suggest that Unz’ “correlation coefficients” underestimate hispanic crime rates by as much as 50% or more. But such statistics were never meant to be definitive comparators of crimes perpetrated by race. They only give rough estimates, and suggest ways forward using more rigorous statistical methods. It seems clear that overall, hispanic crime rates are significantly lower than those of blacks, but still higher than those of asians or “whites.”

So, in view of this ongoing demographic replacement, how would you deal with “the Black Problem?” Hint: Affirmative action and a long list of other costly programs and policies of appeasement have been of questionable value to society as a whole.


Compared to whites, blacks are stone cold killers

“Color of Crime” pdf uploads available, based upon official US government statistics

People of the UK and Europe are likely to have a tougher time of it, dealing with the endless flow of low-IQ, high violence immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. Between the violent fanaticism and sexual predation of Muslim immigrants, and the more mindless violence and predation of African newcomers, Europe is in for a long, deadly struggle.

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9 Responses to What is the “Black Problem?”

  1. Dave says:

    Any suggestions ? Maybe just keep low while Hispanics do the job for us, the job we are apparently incapable of doing ?

    • alfin2101 says:

      Just get the word out about what is happening. If inventive and innovative people see past the media smokescreen of censorship, solutions to the growing problem will be developed. Government — like media , academia , and popular culture — denies the problem. But the government is not the country. The country can wise up much faster than a fossil government bureaucracy can do.

    • I have an interesting experience: when I arrived in the USA I lived in the NY suburbs. I was treated very well by American natives, I think because they didn’t feel threatened by me. Looking back on that period, there were both subtle and overt actions taken to “put me down in my place”, but I thought that was normal. People tend to mistreat those who aren’t members of their tribal group.

      Later, I moved to Florida, and I found a lot more discrimination. Whites, blacks, Jews, you name it, they all picked on Hispanics. That’s understandable because Cubans were taking over and eventually would have a lot of political power in South Florida. The natives did feel threatened, and they had a reason to be worried.

      On the other hand, I wasn’t that nice to others either. I was lucky, because as it turns out I must be one of those Hispanics who is smarter than most whites, so I went to engineering school, worked in a factory’s night shift to help pay for my studies, and even got to become the head factory foreman when I was 23 years old. Being the foreman gave me a lot of responsibility and power, including the ability to fire workers. So, by the time I graduated and left that factory I had fired most of the workers who had been there before I became the boss, and replaced them with Hispanics and white engineering college students. They were just the people I felt comfortable with, I suppose. Call it my tribe.

      • alfin2101 says:

        Interesting, thanks. Nepotism is deeply embedded in most people. Black people who achieve positions of responsibility behave the same way as you describe, and we see the same type of nepotism on a national scale in Africa, Latin America — even in Russia! It is a human trait.

  2. swampie says:

    Here, the Hispanics are a minority preyed upon by young black criminals. An Indian store clerk was killed today by a young black (but the news changed it to “black or Hispanic”) man robbing the store. Even black immigrants from Africa that work hard and open businesses are robbed and killed.

  3. bob sykes says:

    Fortunatley, the real problem, the Negro lumpenprolitariat is highly segregated and has minimal contact with non-Negroes. A short term half solution would be to rescue the non-Negroes from the ghettos. The long term solution is partition of the country along racial lines. The Negro race would get the old South and self-governance, but all Negroes would have to move there and all non-Negroes would have to leave.

    That, of course, will not happen. The race war will escalate, and white young males will retaliate where they dominate. The country will become a patchwork of no-go areas for all races.

    • alfin2101 says:

      You are correct that blacks often tend to self-segregate whenever they have the opportunity. There are many reasons for that. The government, on the other hand, is spending many tens (even hundreds) of billions of dollars to promote dispersal of underclass blacks throughout the greater populations.

      In the early US, native American Indians were given homelands, or reservations. Many tribes have become wealthy from either natural resources or special commercial allowances (casinos etc.). Those tribal members who wished to assimilate and move into the mainstream were allowed to do so, with considerable success.

      As for ethnic warfare, think of gangs — which largely exist in central city areas. White families have tended to move out of central cities, whereas latinos, blacks, certain Asians, and other ethnic groups are still raising families within the inner city. Gangs are formed within such ethnic groups for the sake of self-preservation, as well as the usual reason for gangs — drugs, extortion, etc. If white youth are not around, they can’t play the game.

      The future of race relations in North America will probably be more complex than a simple patchwork. Normal foci of population wars centre on language, religion, culture, ethnicity, race, tribe, economics, and geography.

      The USSR promoted antagonistic race relations in the US through KGB secret programs that only came to light after access to the archives became available. But Russia is obviously still pursuing the same goal, if you follow the money of participants in recent race riots. The problem is local and regional, but outside interests are also participating.

      Knock out the funding for terrorists and agitators and you apply a stranglehold on the terrorism and agitation itself. In this case, the funding extends overseas as well as to the Obama administration itself.

      The problem is complex and will require a great deal of thought. That is why it is not too early to begin considering possible fair and equitable solutions to the problem

  4. swampie says:

    The story about the murder of the Indian store clerk disappeared less than 24 hours after it happened on the local NBC affiliate. It reappeared this morning when the two young men were arraigned. They were apprehended driving a stolen vehicle (the escape vehicle) in the “robbery gone wrong” which looked a lot like an execution. The driver was 15, the killer 16, and this happened on a school day during school hours.

    • swampie says:

      Oops, correction as more details emerged. The driver was 16, the killer 15.

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