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Collapse of the US “Imminent”

Challenges posed by Russia, China, and the Islamic State confront the US with insoluble foreign policy dilemmas. There is no easy way out of any of these conflicts. When combined with US domestic problems — the race war of blacks … Continue reading

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Cognitive Enhancers

If you’ve seen the movie “Limitless,” you probably want to get your hands on some “NZT” cognitive enhancer: “You know how they say that we can only access 20% of our brain?” says the man who offers stressed-out writer Eddie … Continue reading

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Poison and its Consequences

Poisoning of the air, land, and waters is the legacy of the USSR, and is an ongoing legacy of modern communist China. From the days of the USSR: The mountains of solid wastes, and lakes of liquid ones, near most … Continue reading

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Kill Them All?

Fraud is an integral part of the way science is organised today.__ Scientific Fraud and the Power Structure of Science The human future depends upon the integrity of science. Those who threaten the integrity of science, threaten the human future. … Continue reading

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Coming Boom in Cis-Lunar Space Economy

Humans need a challenge — a frontier — to master. In the absence of tangible challenges, humans will turn to war — or they will turn inward, worrying about vanishingly unlikely dangers such as climate apocalypse, peak oil Armageddon, overpopulation … Continue reading

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Breakthroughs that Could Make Nuclear Fusion Sustainable

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Dr. Dennis Whyte, the Director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center showed that a series of scientific and engineering breakthroughs could enable fusion to become a feasible a power source faster and cheaper … Continue reading

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Welcome to Russia, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of China Inc.

The population of far Eastern Siberia has collapsed to 6.3m from over 8 million twenty years ago, leaving ghost towns along the Trans-Siberian Railway. Russia has failed to make a go of its Eastern venture. With a national fertility rate … Continue reading

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Is it Peak Oil Yet? World Oil Glut Stretches to the Time Horizon

Lower oil prices, sanctions, and regional instability have caused oil production in Iran, Iraq, and Libya to be depressed. Production in Africa is running into roadblocks caused by low oil prices. And yet oil producers are selling oil as fast … Continue reading

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Printing a Bridge to the 22nd Century

The End of Government as We Know It What will atomic-level 3D printing mean? The end of poverty The creation of abundance & utopia The end of crime through the removal of greed End of financial and resource driven wars … Continue reading

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At What Age Should a Woman Become Pregnant?

What are the Best Ages for Women to Become Pregnant Historically, across cultures, it has been the norm for older males to marry younger females, so that women bore children early in life. In recent years, with the widespread postponing … Continue reading

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Brave New Marriage: Homo, Robo, Mono, Poly

What Is Marriage? The first paragraph in the excerpt below contains the crux of the matter. “A widely recognised legal contract between “spouses” that establishes rights and obligations between them and between them and their children . . .” Marriage, … Continue reading

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Living High

Brian Wang has a recent article updating the quest of China’s Broad Group to build the world’s highest tower of 838 metres, over a time period of only 6 months. It looks as if the Sky City project may actually … Continue reading

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“Smart Grids” are Actually Stupid, Vulnerable Grids

A system attack could be disguised as something as simple as a large number of apparent customers lowering their thermostat settings in a short period on a peak hot day… _ A Vulnerable Power Grid Could Ruin Your Whole Life … Continue reading

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How Long Before We Can Print a Human Brain in 3-D?

The human brain is an intricately complex organ — perhaps the most complex single structure in the universe. Today, human brains simply “make themselves” in the course of human development. But what if we could print exact working “replicas” of … Continue reading

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Good Elon, Bad Elon: A Tale of Two Elons

MUSK: And — you know I wasn’t born in America — I got here as fast as I could Elon Reeve Musk (/ˈiːlɒn ˈmʌsk/; born June 28, 1971) is a South African-born Canadian-American entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and investor.[7][8][9][10][11] He is … Continue reading

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Ferguson and Baltimore: What to Do About Multicultural “Parties”

Multicultural Parties Celebrate Grievance, Both Real and Contrived From the political standpoint, it is best not to create more martyrs. More martyrs merely keep the party going longer, with additional collateral damage. Hence the usefulness of “non-lethal” weapons. In recent … Continue reading

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Mystery Fusion Company Uses Confined Plasma + Ion Beam Injection: Shape of Things to Come?

Publishing little and with no website, but apparently sitting on a cash pile in the hundreds of millions, the [mysterious] Foothill Ranch, California–based company has been the subject of intense curiosity and speculation … last month Tri Alpha lifted the … Continue reading

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Russian Update: Early June 2015

On May 12, dozens of universities and research institutes lost access to online scientific articles after the government failed to pay nearly $1 million in overdue subscription fees. Days later, a Proton-M rocket carrying a Mexican satellite malfunctioned minutes after … Continue reading

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Cyborgs, Slaves, and Superfluous Humans

Within the next 200 years, humans will have become so merged with technology that [some of us will] have evolved into “God-like cyborgs”, according to Yuval Noah Harari . . . . . . Many researchers believe that we’ve already … Continue reading

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