Ferguson and Baltimore: What to Do About Multicultural “Parties”

Multicultural Parties Celebrate Grievance, Both Real and Contrived

From the political standpoint, it is best not to create more martyrs. More martyrs merely keep the party going longer, with additional collateral damage. Hence the usefulness of “non-lethal” weapons.

Baltimore Multiculturalists Party Hardy The Destiny of Multicultural Cities

Baltimore Multiculturalists Party Hardy
The Destiny of Multicultural Cities

In recent Ferguson, Missouri, and Balitmore, Maryland, multicultural party-goers became overly enthusiastic. Echoing earlier multicultural riots in Los Angeles, Newark, Detroit, Paris, London, and hundreds of other western cities, multicultural party-goers in Baltimore and Ferguson lost control of themselves, going on rampages of looting, violence, arson, and vandalism.

Police departments in both Ferguson and Baltimore seemed content to “stand down” and allow their cities to riot and burn. Perhaps they are happy with the results, although they will have to live with the aftermath. It is likely that multicultural party-goers of the future will be better armed — with AK-47s and RPGs, among other things. The aftermath of future multicultural parties is apt to be much worse. “Standing down” is becoming a good way to get your entire city burned to the ground.

Politicians are shy about unleashing lethal force against deadly party-goers, afraid of the political fallout should they take a firmer hand against increasingly violent multicultural activists and community organisers — creating more martyrs. These same multi- culturalists, after all, are responsible for stuffing the ballot boxes to assure that these very politicians get re-elected next time around. Riling up their voter base, campaign organisers, and poll officials is not the best way to get re-elected.
Paris has burned, and will burn again Wikipedia

Paris has burned, and will burn again

Non-lethal Weapons

“Non-lethal” weaponry will likely be used more commonly on the streets of western multicultural cities, where multicultural activists and community organisers find more and more excuses to party down. Here is a quick overview of some of the non-lethal options that should be available soon to cities and communities near you:

  • Arma 100 Projectile Launcher: Little more than a handheld air gun, the weapon uses single-shot gas cartridges for propulsion and is super easy to use. Provided the user can aim at least a little, the Arma 100 can be used effectively from up to 6 meters (20 ft) away. When a bean bag projectile hits a target in a vulnerable spot—such as the stomach or head—the target will be incapacitated for a time. At the very least, a shot or two should easily scare away even the bravest of criminals. Though the Arma 100 is simple, it still packs quite the punch and is a great non-lethal weapon overall.
  • JPX Jet Protector: Taking the general shape of a pistol, the JPX Jet Protector has a dual-barrel design that allows it to simultaneously fire two doses of irritant at a staggering 430 kilometers per hour (267 mph). Not bad considering it’s launching a liquid, not a bullet. Another nice feature of the JPX Jet Protector is its range. Reaching much farther than a handheld taser or stun gun, the JPX Jet Protector can be used effectively at up to 6.5 meters (21 ft), as long as the user has some kind of training. All in all, though it costs a few hundred dollars more than some alternatives, the JPX Jet Protector is still a reliable non-lethal weapon.
  • Sticky Foam Gun: The underlying concept of the sticky foam gun was fairly simple. Using a backpack tank filled with highly pressurized chemical foam connected to a nozzle the operator could aim, the liquid foam was shot at the target. Once it came into contact with anything solid, it stuck fast and hardened very quickly, entrapping the target.
  • PHaSR: PHaSR is a non-lethal laser gun designed for use by both the military and law enforcement. Taking the shape of an ordinary rifle, albeit with a more futuristic look, the PHaSR is a completely self-contained system that fires two non-lethal laser wavelengths into the eyes of the target. Provided the target gets a good look, their eyes become temporarily blinded and their bodies disabled.
  • TOMA water cannon: The massive 5-ton TOMA can hold up to 10,000 liters (2,200 gal) of water. The water can then be fired in a variety of different pulses, controlled by an operator inside the vehicle. The water can easily knock down and tear the clothes off of anyone in its path
  • Stingball Grenades: The most important aspect of a stingball grenade is that, unlike regular grenades, stingballs are made almost entirely of rubber. This ensures that shrapnel and the over 100 rubber pellets inside can’t do any permanent damage. The rubber impact is still very painful, however, and can cause horrible bruises.
    If that isn’t bad enough, most stingball grenades also detonate with a flash of about 6 million candelas and a bang of 180 decibels.
  • Thunder Generator: Thunder Generator can hurl a series of super-short shockwaves up to 100 meters (328 ft) away. In general, these shockwaves serve to only knock down and stun individuals. Any closer than 10 meters (33 ft), however, and the waves can result in permanent damage or death.
  • Active Denial System: Active Denial System, has been the JNLWD’s darling since it was unveiled in 2001. Also known as the pain beam, it heats skin painfully—but supposedly harmlessly—with microwaves. In thousands of tests, no one has been able to withstand the beam’s effects for more than a few seconds.
  • Baton Rounds: This category includes rubber bullets, plastic bullets, wooden bullets (used in Ferguson), and bean-bag rounds.
  • Stink Bombs
  • Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs): Low frequency sonic weapons are sources of pain inducing tones.
  • TASER Shockwave: Simply put, the “Shockwave” is a fancy name for a series of taser cartridges that have been wired together. Each unit consists of six cartridges, each of which fires two probes at different angles. If 12 simultaneous shots aren’t enough, then the units can be stacked together to form a wall of disabling tasers. Typically, the units are deployed however the user wants. Shockwave units can be mounted onto the grilles of Humvees and similar vehicles. These can disable targets en masse.

Advanced Warning of Impending Multicultural Parties Is Important

In order to have advanced warning of an impending multicultural celebration, one must be paying attention all along. Surveillance and reconnaissance must be both general and specific. It is useful to pay special attention to highly ranked threats, but at the same time, one must be on the lookout for unspecified and unanticipated threats.

When monitoring specific threats, the use of communications intercept is invaluable. Monitoring websites, broadcasts, printed materials, downloadable public satellite feeds, webcams, and other forms of communications can make the difference between being caught by surprise, or being ready to repulse the attack. Since this is the future, we will also need to utilise advanced electronics and nanomaterials. If you live within a multicultural city, for example, you will want to place undetectable nano-listening devices inside the headquarters and meeting places of groups that are likely to “go off the rails” at any particular time. Close cooperation and communication with like-minded groups is essential, whether one is watching over an urban / suburban neighborhood or a rural redoubt.

In Europe, the multiculturalists have been awakened and vitalised by suicidal policies of immigration and politically correct “non-interference.” In North America, it is the Obama administration that has re-vitalised the violent “multicultural resistance.” Unless the governments of Europe and the Anglosphere re-focus on the more important issues of keeping their populations safe, prosperous, and free, the problem of these out-of-control multicultural parties will continue to expand until things (such as cities and countries) start to break apart.

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether the lethal or the non-lethal variety of defence is appropriate. Temporarily disabling a snooping gang member or suspicious outsider, for example, tends to call forth much less serious retribution from government agencies than permanently putting them out of our misery. In some cases one might use non-lethal weaponry to stop a “civilian attack of desperation” against an affiliated redoubt or supply cache, after TSHTF. Once the attack is blunted, things can be better sorted out.

In a Zombie Apocalypse, if you are running low on ammunition and are reluctant to leave the security of your compound walls to apply the machete or war axe, a few specific non-lethal weapons may be useful as a backup. But unlike humans, zombies do not deserve the benefit of a doubt.

If you are under attack by jihadis or rioters with RPGs, reinforced kevlar netting — QNet — has been proven effective defence against RPGs in combat in Afghanistan.

Another use for kevlar or equivalent netting is for immobilising closely packed mobs of zombies, rioters, raiders, or jihadis. Just drop (or ballistically shoot) the net over the top of the crowd, then turn your attention to more mobile and proximate threats.

You will also want to pay attention to “approach control.” Keeping assault and transport vehicles well away from your kill zone will help stall a massed attack, giving you more time to prepare various traps and defence options. Tank traps may be needed to stop heavier vehicles, should you be aware of their proximity or approach.

Some readers may feel that a focus on “non-lethal” weapons is misguided in many of these situations, particularly where unruly multicultural mobs of party-goers have demonstrated a willingness to attack innocent bystanders. In fact, we quite agree with this particular sentiment in such cases. Potentially deadly force should be met with deadly force.

The normally docile majority populations in Europe and the Anglosphere may have given their governments the wrong impression by their generally peaceful and passive nature, when confronted by government agents and law enforcement officers. But make no mistake: When governments themselves — via their politically correct policies and unwillingness to keep the peace — become the enemy of majority populations, they are apt to be taken by surprise when the peaceful majority chooses to defend themselves in the most forceful manner against wild and out-of-control partiers of the multicult.

Note: It should be obvious that both lethal and non-lethal weaponry can be improvised from everyday materials. Common everyday “bear spray,” for example, would also be effective against multicultural partiers — although not so effective against zombies. Run of the mill tranquilizer darts can also be helpful, particularly when loaded into a rapid-fire fully automatic submachine gun. Everyday Russian knockout gas can also be useful in confined spaces. [Al Fin Institutes have developed a much more advanced and potent compound which we are not allowed to disclose.]

Common non-lethal shotgun loads — such as the bolo slug, rock salt — or other nonlethal rounds which you may happen to have, can at least slow partiers down.

At the Al Fin Institute for Multicultural Studies, we feel that one of the greatest vulnerabilities of mobs of violent multicultural party-goers is their struggle to stay on their feet. Consider how much of mental processing is utilised in the struggle against gravity, remaining upright and mobile. There is much fertile ground for improvisation in that area. Think about it.

Considering that many multicultural parties, which later turn violent, are initiated by a lethal incident involving police officers, it should be clear that police departments themselves could use more advanced training and weaponry in the non-lethal category.







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  1. Jim says:

    The “non-lethal” weapons idea is part of a theme that there is some kind of “technical” solution to this problem. That is not so.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Intelligent next level humans will have a wide array of responses to violent, destructive, and potentially deadly celebrations of grievance by low IQ, poor impulse control population groups. Modern western governments appear to have no workable responses at all, short of appeasement. Such governmental responses speed the path to dysgenic Idiocracy.

      Smart and creative people — to the extent that they are allowed to see past the politically correct smokescreen — are likely to develop and improvise any number of devilishly effective responses.

      But as you say, there is no single solution — technical or not — which solves the problem altogether.

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