Deep Oceans Receiving Unexpected Heat Influx

Unexpected Heat Flows Into Deep Oceans… Here’s Why:

This is an important source of ocean heating which has not been accounted for in climate models: “Hydrothermal siphons” create heat exchanges deep beneath the ocean floor, between the hot lithosphere and the cold ocean waters.

About 25 percent of the heat that flows out of the Earth’s interior is transferred to the oceans through this process, according to Andrew Fisher, professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz and coauthor of the study. Much of the fluid flow and heat transfer occurs through thousands of extinct underwater volcanoes (called seamounts) and other locations where porous volcanic rock is exposed at the seafloor.

Fisher led an international team of scientists that in the early 2000s discovered the first field site where this process could be tracked from fluid inflow to outflow, in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. In a 2003 paper published in Nature, Fisher and others reported that bottom seawater entered into one seamount, traveled horizontally through the crust, gaining heat and reacting with crustal rocks, then discharged into the ocean through another seamount more than 50 kilometers away. __

But the scientists did not understand the driving forces behind these geo-marine heat exchangers. A recently published study in Nature Communications tries to shed some light on the question:

Most seafloor hydrothermal circulation occurs far from the magmatic influence of mid-ocean ridges, driving large flows of water, heat and solutes through volcanic rock outcrops on ridge flanks. Here we create three-dimensional simulations of ridge–flank hydrothermal circulation, flowing between and through seamounts, to determine what controls hydrogeological sustainability, flow rate and preferred flow direction in these systems. We find that sustaining flow between outcrops that penetrate less-permeable sediment depends on a contrast in transmittance (the product of outcrop permeability and the area of outcrop exposure) between recharging and discharging sites, with discharge favoured through less-transmissive outcrops. Many simulations include local discharge through outcrops at the recharge end of an outcrop-to-outcrop system. Both of these characteristics are observed in the field. In addition, smaller discharging outcrops sustain higher flow rates than larger outcrops, which may help to explain how so much lithospheric heat is extracted globally by this process. __ Nature Communications

Much more at the Nature Communications link above. More here

Torquemadas of the climate inquisition are in deep denial regarding a recent 18 + year pause in “global warming.” The alarmist orthodoxy is panicked by the wide discrepancy between their model-based climate predictions, and the observed behaviour of the actual climate.

Climate alarmists have been reduced to lying about the real-world data so as to keep the climate apocalypse steamroller rolling — and to bolster the economy-devastating global climate agenda.

More on climate “science” denial of reality in 2015

One of the foundations of this denial of reality by climate pseudo-scientists is the claim that the “missing heat” is accumulating in the deep oceans. But the corrupt academics, government bureaucrats, and environmentalist hucksters have failed to account for the largest influences on heat flows in both the oceans and the atmosphere. Time is running out for these climate grifters, as reality pushes its inconvenient head more firmly into the picture.

US Senate report on Corrupt billionaire — environmental axis (PDF) …. via

A lot of money is being pushed from hand to hand under the table, between corrupt academics, their enablers in government, and the billionaire club of environmental foundations and lobbyist groups. Hundreds of $billions are waiting to be made if the climate apocalypse movement has its way with global climate treaties. Green billionaires and corrupt governments, intergovernments, and environmental groups — to say nothing of corrupt departments in universities and media — want as many pieces of the prize as possible. And they have been willing to lie about real world observations for several years now in order to grab those pieces. When they are so close to their reward there is no reason to believe they would suddenly find honesty and integrity at this late date.

It is for the rest of us to keep our eyes open and report on what we see.

More: Argo ocean heat buoys are the best we have for monitoring ocean heat at this time.

More on Argo w/ limitations and errors

Why did climate pseudoscientists reject the Argo data and use much less reliable sources for ocean heat measurements when they recently denied the 18 year pause in “global warming”?


The human future depends upon better scientists and better science — along with a more honest method of funding science and publishing scientific results. Sooner or later, there will be a reckoning.

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