Broken Europe: Rapidly Filling w/ People Unable to Keep the Lights On

“Now, in Sub-Saharan Africa, you’re never more than two conversations away from someone who can get you to Europe,” said Tuesday Reitano, a human trafficking expert at the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, a think tank. __

BUDAPEST — The surge of migrants into Europe from war-ravaged and impoverished parts of the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa has shifted in recent months. Migrants are now pushing by land across the western Balkans, in numbers roughly equal to those entering the Continent through Italy.

Much of Europe is reeling from the flow of people seeking safety, jobs and a better life — but who have strained resources, heightened ethnic and religious tensions, and rewired politics in individual nations and throughout the Continent. ___

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban is not happy about this destructive surge of alien migrants.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban urged the European Union to back hard-line policies against migrants, saying any delay would cause Europe to be changed “beyond recognition.”

Mass migration of the kind faced by Europe threatens to raise unemployment, crime and terror-threat levels, Orban said at an annual retreat of his supporters in Baile Tusnad, Romania on Saturday, which was broadcast on state TV in Hungary.

… “It’s obvious that something has broken by now,” Orban said. “Europe has become an ideology instead of a practical solution.”

… Orban’s government has started to build a fence on the border with Serbia and changed asylum laws to be able to deport migrants more easily. Hungary has registered more than 80,000 illegal migrants so far this year, nearly double the number for all of last year, according to official data.___

Conventional European media and EU politicians encourage member countries to just accept the fact that unskilled, unintelligent, and violence-prone individuals are coming to their countries — like it or not.

In fact, illegal migration is an insidious problem that strips desperately poor countries of precisely the sort of enterprising young people who ought to remain there, while oppressing the poorest sections of our own societies with people who compete for diminishing resources.

It also raises the questions of whether one can simply uproot people from entirely different cultural universes and expect them to thrive in societies that may subscribe to other values, with radically different expectations of their citizens. ___ Migrant Tidal Wave

Most third world migrants are simply incompatible with Europe’s culture. They are not qualified to support European infrastructure or traditions — they are unable to keep Europe’s lights on.

Not all EU countries are blindly complying with the EU’s death wish. Besides Hungary:

Bulgaria has built a 33-km (21-mile), three-meter-high (10-foot) barbed wire fence along its border with its southeastern neighbor Turkey in an effort to limit the influx of migrants from Syria and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. The Interior Ministry has also deployed more than one thousand police officers to patrol the Turkish border.

Greece has erected a 10.5-km, four-meter-high barbed-wire fence along part of its border with Turkey. The Greek wall is said to be responsible for diverting migration routes toward neighboring Bulgaria and, consequently, for construction of the wall there.

Spain has fortified fences in the North African exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla as record numbers of migrants are jumping over the barriers from neighboring Morocco. Border police registered more than 19,000 attempts to jump the fence at Melilla in 2014, up 350% on 2013, according to the Interior Ministry. Nearly 7,500 migrants successfully entered Ceuta and Melilla in 2014, including 3,305 from Syria.

The UK is setting up more than two miles of nine-foot-high security fencing at the Channel Tunnel port of Calais in northern France, in an attempt to stop thousands of illegal migrants breaking into trucks bound for the UK. Currently, more than 3,000 migrants are camped in and around Calais hoping to make it to Britain. More than 39,000 would-be illegal immigrants were prevented from crossing the Channel in the 12 months prior to April, more than double the previous year.

EU member states are implementing other emergency measures to halt the flow of immigration.

Austria has stopped processing asylum claims as of June 13, in an effort to make the country “less attractive” for migrants relative to other EU countries. According to Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner, Vienna was “stopping the Austrian asylum express,” whereby applications are processed within an average period of four months, faster than in any other EU country. Asylum requests for Austria rose nearly 180% in the first five months of 2015 to 20,620, and were on track to reach 70,000 by the end of the year.

Denmark on July 1 announced that it would slash benefits for asylum seekers to bring down the number of refugees coming to the country. It recently emerged that three out of four refugees who came to Denmark in the early 2000s are jobless ten years later. ___

Political correctness and a suicidal multiculturalism has run rampant through governments, universities, mainstream media, corporations, and other cultural institutions of the western world.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban summed it up this way: “The proposal on the table from the European Commission is absurd, bordering on insanity. Quotas are only going to bring more people to Europe. It is an incentive for human traffickers and will simply tell people: yes, try to cross the Mediterranean at all costs.” ___ Soeren Kern

Fatheaded politicians such as Hollande and Merkel want to force EU nations to accept illegal aliens — to embrace them and draw them to their breasts.

They want to do to Eastern and Southern Europe what is already being done to a hapless western Europe.

The official EU establishment line is that mass immigration “enriches” us. But if they truly believe that, why are they desperate to disperse the migrants away from Germany, Italy and France?

That’s a question Poland and Croatia and the Baltic countries would do well to ask themselves. Do they want their cities to become like Malmo and Rome and the banlieue of Paris? They may not have much choice. ___

This European insanity is fueling an anti-alien backlash across the member states of the EU. More Europeans every day are worried about increasing crime and decreasing prosperity resulting from the growing flood of aliens.

Brussels tells them they can do nothing about it, that their futures have been determined by “their betters.”

But as pro-nationalist anti-alien sentiments grow stronger in the EU member states, the political landscape of Europe is changing quickly.

As in Russia and China, those who can escape the most overrun nations of Europe are doing so.

European nations do not allow the same levels of personal freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, or freedom of organisation that are allowed in some nations of the Anglosphere. This may partially explain emigration patterns of highly trained Europeans:

Below, we see what the flow of trained physicians and medical scientists might look like within the Anglosphere itself:

Those who are unable to escape the EU’s idiocy of immigration and energy policies will be forced to “tough it out” in the face of a literal invasion. They had best get organised, and quickly. European governments may be broken, but up until this point “broken” is being used in the figurative sense. If Europeans do not wake up quickly, at least some European nations will literally break apart, in a coming anarchy.


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    I read the “African Planet” article several days ago. I was wondering when you would find it.

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      Sub Saharan Africa is the vindication of Thomas Malthus. Unfortunately for Malthus, he was not talking about Sub Saharan Africans.

      If neo-Malthusians truly believed their cant, they would be flying cropdusters over African cities, spraying airborne contraceptive compounds night and day.

      Once SS TFRs dropped below 2, they would dutifully head toward Pakistan and regions thereabout.

      Here at the Institutes, we have other plans.

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    I’m curios have some other have get a closer look at this book and other author works in Biohistory: The Decline and Fall of the West, Dr. Jim Penman, I saw only video with author and Stefan Molyneux.(did not post here link,not sure if I have permission)
    I should also get out, have tried, failed.

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