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Obama’s Diversity Dividend

The number of people living in high-poverty areas—defined as census tracts where 40 percent or more of families have income levels below the federal poverty threshold—nearly doubled between 2000 and 2013, to 13.8 million from 7.2 million, according to a … Continue reading

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Millions of Women Lost in Vast Wasteland of Former USSR

In our map above, countries depicted in the darkest blues have far fewer men than women – and the former Soviet Union stands out from the rest of the world. This region has been predominantly female since at least World … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Materials, Plus: Future Forecasting Pitfalls

The path to disruptive science, technology, and industry is often blocked by the need for better materials — and better ways of combining and configuring different materials. We will take a look at a few recent breakthroughs in the making, … Continue reading

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No Help for Black Children from Obama

Black impoverishment in the US is holding steady under US President Barack Obama. Black families cannot seem to escape poverty under Obama, while families of other races improve their economic conditions. 95% of American blacks who voted, voted for Barack … Continue reading

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Enhancement of Human Intelligence

Making humans smarter will involve combinations of gene therapies, brain prostheses, in situ regenerative techniques (using stem cells, growth factors, etc), advanced nootropic drugs, etc., and techniques still to be discovered. CRISPR-Cas9 is a relatively new technology for editing genomes. … Continue reading

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$1 Trillion in Capital Flight Rocks Markets

The flood of capital gushing out of emerging markets has risen towards $US1 trillion over the past 13 months, roughly double the amount that left during the financial crisis, amid slumping confidence in developing economies. __ Capital is fleeing … Continue reading

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Tough Guy French Actor Injured in Averted Train Massacre

[satire] The French Interior Minister met with tough guy French actor Jean Hugues Anglade, after the actor — who plays a tough cop in “Braquo” — was injured while sounding the alarm during an averted train massacre in France. The … Continue reading

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Super Wi-Fi vs. Wireless Mesh Networks

Super Wi-Fi Super Wi-Fi is a US FCC term referring to the use of unused television spectrum to provide regional-area wireless broadband internet. It can provide broadband coverage to areas up to 50 miles in diameter radius, depending upon signal … Continue reading

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Green Death Wish: Willful Destruction of Affordable Energy

Germany’s green-energy program is neither green, nor an energy program. Rather, it is a form of ultra-regressive taxation — in effect, a state-sponsored cult of human sacrifice for weather control. Germany has brought the world many remarkable political innovations, including … Continue reading

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Sinister, Secret Plan to Destroy Russia

  Sinister Forces at Work: The IWGDR The memo below was intercepted from a satellite phone transmission between the chief of the IWGDR [Interagency Working Group for the Destruction of Russia] and dispersed heads of IWGDR regional agencies. It describes … Continue reading

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Pessimism and Idiocracy Walk Hand in Hand

As the dysgenic Idiocracy settles over the global landscape, an almost universal cultural pessimism accompanies the progressive dumbing down of Europe, the Anglosphere, and the rest of the advanced world. Fertility rates decline with the general outlook. It seems reasonable … Continue reading

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Dark Horizons: Plague, Famine, Holocaust

Plagues of locusts darken the skies, tonnes of good food is burned in the streets, defunded government health systems threaten collapse, and the number of women of greatest fertility is being cut in half. In a time when food supplies … Continue reading

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Manage Your Slaves Using Mind Control

Scientists can already control the actions of mice with the push of a button on a wireless controller. But why bother pushing a button when you can just “think the control signals.” And why control mice, when you can control … Continue reading

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Will Machine Intelligence Be the Child of Man that Ends Up Killing Us?

… “any sufficiently advanced benevolence may be indistinguishable from malevolence.” __ Charles T. Rubin We are being warned by prominent scientists, engineers, and men of commerce that machine intelligence — as implemented by military powers — is a threat to … Continue reading

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How Does One Trap Women and Girls in Order to Sell Them as Slaves?

In the safehouse, Yusef violently grabbed a beautiful dark-haired girl and groped her breast. The frightened girl smiled uncomfortably. Yusef said: “See how they respect me. They will do anything I say. We can provide girls cheaper than anyone else.” … Continue reading

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Fracking for Fun and Future: Pushing Back the Luddites

Fracking Gives the Advanced World Enough Time to Develop Clean, Safe, Abundant Nuclear Energy from New-Gen Reactors Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, and a wide range of nations that fund their national budgets from oil & gas profits may be in … Continue reading

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China Russia NATO

Corrupt, authoritarian states like China and Russia can make impressive short-term military gains but they do not have the fiscal staying power to compete in the long game of history. __ Foundations Matter Russia and China can make calamitous trouble … Continue reading

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Learning to Appreciate Vulvar Diversity

A recent contest to find the most beautiful “vagina” in the world has achieved some remarkable results: … 182 women submitted photos of their vaginas, which were ranked and voted on by 134,707 of the website’s 1.2 million unique visitors … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuels Forever?

Fossil Fuels are Abundant and Accessible Modern civilisation has grown up on hydrocarbon fuels. Coal, oil, natural gas, and other hydrocarbons have given human societies the extra boost they needed to raise the quality of lives for their citizens. Economic … Continue reading

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Russia Haunted by Spectre of Disintegration

The spectre of disintegration is already haunting Russia. Politicians and pundits are scared to discuss it publicly. Shortly after annexing Crimea and stirring separatism in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin introduced a law which makes “incitement of any action undermining Russia’s … Continue reading

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