Learning to Appreciate Vulvar Diversity

A recent contest to find the most beautiful “vagina” in the world has achieved some remarkable results:

… 182 women submitted photos of their vaginas, which were ranked and voted on by 134,707 of the website’s 1.2 million unique visitors from 191 countries. The data from the contest was also used as the basis for a study, which “investigates the diversity of vulvas and the public opinion about different vulval morphologies,” measuring according to such standards as “labia minora length, labia majora length, and clitoral hood length.” __ Most Beautiful Vagina in World?

First, it is best to keep one’s terminology straight: Female external genitalia are called vulva. The internal corrugated tunnel leading from the vulva to the cervix is the vagina.

Female Genitalia

Female Genitalia

Unfortunately, the journalists and entrepreneurs involved in the contest keep confusing the “vulva” with the “vagina.” Readers actually voted for “the most beautiful vulva” not vagina. But eventually the 1st prize winner’s vagina will come into play. In fact, her vagina will be 3-D scanned and saved for eternity as a sex toy. Read on:

A $5,000 grand prize goes to the women with the most popular vagina, who will also be flown out to Los Angeles to have her lady bits 3-D scanned and memorialized as one of Sloan’s sex toys. Second place will take home $2,500 and third gets $1500.

… “You just have to understand that your vagina might not be attractive to all voters, but others may find it very attractive,” says Kia, 24, whose boyfriend encouraged her to submit her vagina because “he thought it would boost my confidence.”

… 25-year-old Odette Delacroix, an adult actress, porn producer, and fetishist (coincidentally, she is the only woman whose face is visible in her photo), says she thinks “every vagina is beautiful and unique, and it’s interesting to see some people have preferences just as they do with faces.” __ More on the Vaginal Beauty Contest

A scientific analysis of the different vulva styles

… Each voter rated 21 photos on average, and each photo received 15,285 votes on average. Figure 4 shows the geographical distribution of people rating the images, while Tables 4 and 5 display the information in more detail. Clicking on each country will display the ranking order of vulva style in that country. The western nations led the participation in voting the ratings, with the United States at the top.

… Most countries preferred Class 1 vulvas over the others, frequently followed by vulvas of Class 6 and 3. Nevertheless, a closer inspection shows some variability, with other Classes occupying the first positions in their national ranking. For example Class 2 is preferred in Slovenia and Croatia, Class 5 is at the top in Angola, and Class 4 is the favorite in Syria. ___ http://vulvapaper.com/

Note that the scientists writing the vulva paper got the “vulva” right. Thanks to them, we will be in a much better position to appreciate vulvar diversity in the future.

Here are the photos of the contestant’s vulva, from most popular to less popular. Scroll down. You be the judge.

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