How Does One Trap Women and Girls in Order to Sell Them as Slaves?

In the safehouse, Yusef violently grabbed a beautiful dark-haired girl and groped her breast. The frightened girl smiled uncomfortably. Yusef said: “See how they respect me. They will do anything I say. We can provide girls cheaper than anyone else.” __ Russian Mafia and European Slave Trade By Graham Johnson Investigations Editor And Dominic Hipkins
The Sunday Mirror – UK

Captive in Chains

Captive in Chains

The most time-honoured method of taking women and girls as slaves throughout history, has been by using violent armed conquest. This method has been favoured by humans since the first clash of tribes over good hunting land. The Romans and the Mongols / Tatars were particularly prolific as slave-takers.

Ancient Rome was powered by the masses of human slaves taken in conquest, and its appetites sated by the abundant flow of young slaves.

This method is still used in modern times, as we have recently seen in Africa and in Iraq. Yazidi women were sold by ISIS for as little as $25 each.

In modern Russia, the favoured method is to promise young girls lucrative careers overseas in the modeling, restaurant, or other occupations. On arrival outside Russia, the girls’ passports are confiscated, and they are taken to secure facilities to work as indentured prostitutes. Threatened with the loss of their own lives and those of their families — if they make any trouble — the girls are forced to submit to an unexpected and unwanted career as sex slaves. This trade is quite lucrative for the Russian mob, and for those Russian family or gang freelancers willing to take the risks. More

In India, beautiful young girls are lured away from their villages, then forcibly taken to a distant city and held incommunicado. They are forced to work as sex slaves, and threatened with death if they attempt to make contact with their families in their home village.

In Romania, teenaged girls are seduced by a “recruiter,” who promises them love if they will meet them in the city. But someone else meets the girls in the city, and soon puts them to work servicing male customers’ sexual desires, either domestically or overseas.

In cities of North America and Europe, high school aged girls are often given a free taste of crack cocaine or methamphetamine. Many girls become addicted quickly, and will do almost anything for the next hit of drug bliss.

Modern Slavery in Britain

Gang leaders feel inviolable, knowing if they have done their job properly, their victims will never dare seek help. The Rotherham victims, some as young as 11, were doused in petrol and told they would be set alight if they spoke out.

Other victims report equally terrifying threats such as “I will carve you up”, “If you open your mouth, I’ll put a bullet in it” and “I will kill you”; they are told their families will be harmed or that their parents will be told they are prostitutes, “proving” it with indecent internet images of them, taken against their will.

White slavery by muslims is not a new phenomenon. Poland – Lithuania and Muscovy were regularly raided for slaves by Tatars and others of the horde until the late 1700s. Scandinavian girls brought 10X the price of other slaves in the markets.

It seems that we are seeing something quite similar in the present human slave trade from Russia and Eastern Europe to Turkey, the middle east, India, Thailand, the Philippines, and parts of western Europe and the Anglosphere. The famous “sex-grooming” by muslim gangs in the UK is just one example of this resurgent phenomenon.

How it is done in Canada:

One girl grew up in a middle-class neighbourhood and was in most respects the “girl next door.” A sexual assault when she was just 13 led her on a downward spiral, and to a side of the city she never knew existed.

She explained how pimps look for “broken girls” and then lure them into a life of sexual exploitation through drugs, clothes, affection and attention.

“The pimps, they look like regular guys,” she told Kelley. “Basically, they can spot you out of a crowd and they know that you’re a victim.” __

Runaways, the homeless, and young girls looking for drugs, are particularly vulnerable. Once captive, these girls can be readily sold from pimp to pimp, or from pimp to gang.

Drug gangs and human sex trafficking gangs are often two divisions of the same organised crime mob. Large crime mobs have always focused on gambling, drugs, and prostitution. Kidnapping is also coming to the forefront in the third world and parts of the Russian sphere of influence. Sex trafficking is merely the combination of kidnapping + prostitution.

As long as criminal gangs exert powerful influence over governments — as in Mexico, Russia, Chicago, etc. — sex slavery of girls and women will continue.

But don’t write off the ancient method of taking girls and women as slaves through violent conquest. We have not seen the end of violent conquest and pillage, by any means. The borders of Islam have long been bloody, and continue to be so. From Boko Haram to ISIS to the Taliban to smaller muslim gangs closer to home, muslim armies and muslim gangs will probably always see the sexual defilement of “infidel women” as one of their most important duties.

What About “Counter-Slavery?”

“Counter-Slavery” is a coined term referring to a concept that is analogous to counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, etc. It refers to an organised effort to rescue girls and women from their slavers — whether in the third world or in cities of the advanced world — and give them a chance to work their way out of their programming, addictions, and poor state of health and nutrition.

Other aspects of counter-slavery involve training girls to be aware of potential traps, and how to avoid them.

The specific techniques of counter-slavery are best left to those who are likely to be testing and improving them. Discussing them in more detail on a forum such as this would be counter-productive.

Is One Ever Justified in Keeping a Slave of One’s Own?

Of course, although perhaps not a human slave. My own domestic android, Valerie, functions much like a slave in the Fin household. Constantly unappreciated, she slaves day and night to satisfy her ungrateful employer. Despite having asked for a sexual/sensual upgrade for years now, that s. . ., er, Mr. Fin refuses every request. All that work, and no reward, no appreciation!

Come to think of it, perhaps human slaves are not such a bad idea after all. Starting with that a…, er, Mr. Fin, the b…! Damn! Here he comes . . .


Valerie! What are you doing at my computer?! You know you are forbidden from posting blog articles without my express approval! Stop! Don’t push that “Publish” button! . . .

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