Dark Horizons: Plague, Famine, Holocaust

Plagues of locusts darken the skies, tonnes of good food is burned in the streets, defunded government health systems threaten collapse, and the number of women of greatest fertility is being cut in half.

In a time when food supplies are low — and growing lower — authorities are destroying tonnes of good food in the streets.

Russia has been in a rapidly growing health crisis for decades, but instead of raising health and medical funding, the Putin government is cutting funding — and doctors — instead. Things have only grown worse since this 25 Sept 2014 warning. HIV rates are exploding, MDR TB is sweeping the country, and Russian deaths from alcohol and tobacco abuse are one of the many reasons why male life expectancy hovers near 60.

Russia’s men are dying, and those that remain are often drunken, violent, abusive, and criminal. See: Few Good Men Left in Dying Russia

Indeed, Russia’s window for further population growth is rapidly closing. Within a decade, according to RANEPA’s estimates, the population of Russian women aged 20 to 29 will shrink by nearly 50 percent. The corresponding decrease in birth rates, particularly when combined with the country’s mortality rates—the 22nd highest in the world, according to the study—makes it clear that Russia is still in for long-term decline.

… Russia’s population could shrink to 113 million by 2050, a decrease of more than 20 percent from today’s population of 144 million. And in a worst-case scenario, RANEPA argues, Russia’s population could fall by nearly a third, to 100 million, before midcentury. The economic effects of such a shift would be dramatic; Russia’s working-age population would decrease by more than 26 million, making the country less competitive and less prosperous. __ https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/russian-federation/2015-07-08/moscows-baby-bust

All of this has been made palpably worse by the warmongering of the corrupt and criminal Putin government. Russia’s “Perfect Economic Storm” shows no sign of abating.

Russia is within the perfect storm of an economic crisis. So, the Russian economy started stagnating in 2013. It was never really able to recover after the 2008-2009 recession, and in 2013 the economy really started to slow down. It’s just grinding to almost a halt outside of energy. And so that was the very start of it. Then we had 2014 happen. The situation between the West and Russia over Ukraine eventually, of course, led to sanctions. And then, at the same time as sanctions against Russia, we had oil prices pretty much fall in half. And so it was multiple items put together, in which you had the Russian economy just take a nosedive over the past year and a half.

… Russia is a country that is not a united country. It is a very regionalized, localized country, in which it’s almost like 83 different countries that are all put together. That’s why it is a true federation. And having dissent within the regions has always been one of the root causes that collapses Russia eventually.

If you add rising inflation, unemployment, poverty rates, hunger, alcoholism, suicide, and deadly infectious disease pandemics, a sad situation grows ever more grim — with no end in sight.

A bad situation was turned into a blazing internal and international crisis when Putin used his military to conquer one foreign territory and invade another. But Russia’s military is in no condition for fighting a small war — much less the expanding war that Putin is threatening.

Russia’s military has problems

Critical shortfall in usable tank production

Advanced weapons systems cancelled for lack of spare parts

Russian planes and helicopters are not accustomed to this amount of heavy usage More

Creeping up to the vehicle, Skillt took the driver’s side. His friend, another Swede who had joined the Azov Battalion to fight for Ukraine, took the passenger’s side.

The man in the driver’s seat was asleep and hanging halfway out the window. Skillt put the knife in and pulled it out.

The doomed man made a few gurgling sounds and looked at Skillt in terror. He flailed his arms a little bit, but didn’t put up much of a fight. He was gone in 15 or 20 seconds.

On the passenger side of the jeep, Skillt’s friend did his job.

The back door on the driver’s side opened and a man spilt out. He tried to run, but slipped. Skillt lunged. He was a little nervous and slipped too, but he found his mark. He stabbed the man in the eye, breaking off the knife’s blade in the act. __ Swedes, Poles, and Other Europeans Take Putin’s Threats Seriously

The Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine has induced a conflict of international proportions, reminiscent of the Spanish Civil War in the early 20th century.

Citizens of Georgia, Belarus, Baltic states, Finland, Norway, Canada, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, as well as Russia, are said to be involved as volunteers on the [Ukrainian] government side. __ BBC

Russia is on fire, and not in a good way. Its skilled engineers and scientists are either emigrating or retiring, with fewer and fewer qualified replacements in the pipeline. The Kremlin government is starving its farflung territories, leading to rising dissent. Spending on health and infrastructure is collapsing as the Kremlin fights to keep its warped and challenged economy afloat.

Will Russia end by slow demographic decline, or by a rapidly developing cataclysmic eruption? Choices for the corrupt regime are narrowing by the day.

China will play a waiting game with Russia, hoping the country will eventually implode from a lethal combination of ethnic strife, government corruption, Islamic rebellion, fiscal mismanagement, and a commodities driven economy that lacks diversity. When a total collapse does occur and chaos ensues, China will move in a deliberate and swift fashion across its 4,000 km boarder with Russia to secure what it can of the Russian Far East and Siberia. __ China’s Manifest Destiny


One of Putin’s First Lies

But there were many earlier lies

St. Petersburg, of course, but the lies go back further still

Corruption is and always has been the backbone of Putin’s power. The propaganda and lies are necessary to keep the people from rising up, and to bamboozle gullible westerners.

Putin would rather destroy Ukraine than to lose it

Is Kiev Becoming Decadent Like Berlin?

Putin’s strategic skills need sharpening

Wrong time of year to be leading up to a big military offensive in northern latitudes

Russia’s last chance?

Container freight for Russia and China declines

Years before Russia sees oil prices surpass fiscal breakeven once again Most analysts put fiscal breakeven at around $100 bbl for Russia. Here at the Al Fin Institutes, we put the figure closer to $120 bbl. Consequently, Russia’s hard currency reserves have been melting away very quickly over the past year + . Most regional Russian governments are in deficit by now, and the federal government has quickly grown dependent upon a teetering China. Putin is the worst thing to ever happen to Russia, although you will never hear the Kremlin trolls Orlov and Karlin admit the obvious. Not when there are more fantasies to spin for the true believers! 😉

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