Sinister, Secret Plan to Destroy Russia


Sinister Forces at Work: The IWGDR

The memo below was intercepted from a satellite phone transmission between the chief of the IWGDR [Interagency Working Group for the Destruction of Russia] and dispersed heads of IWGDR regional agencies. It describes some of the sinister steps taken so far by the IWGDR toward the goal of destroying first Russia, and then perhaps China.

I wanted to outline for you the most significant accomplishments of our Interagency Working Group for the Destruction of Russia over the past year. A general point worth emphasizing to Congress is that, in the age of Wikileaks, we’ve managed to keep our work secret. True, many Russians believe that the United States is out to destroy their country. But only a handful of Russian patriots has begun to suspect just how we’re going about it.

Thanks to our activities, Russia is careening toward total collapse. Domestically, corruption continues unabated, and Russia’s appalling business reputation acts both as a brake on foreign investment and a stimulus to capital flight. The sclerosis created by “managed democracy” appears effectively irreversible.

… The war in Ukraine, of course, is just a part of our broader campaign throughout the post-Soviet space. “Our guys” have been trumpeting the idea of a Eurasian Union, which Russia’s neighbors can only see as a threat to their sovereignty and an attempt to use them as fodder for Russia’s geopolitical machinations… Over time, … ham-handed pressure for Eurasian integration combined with mistreatment of CIS guest workers—will alienate both elites and ordinary people throughout Russia’s “near abroad.” With a little help from our friends in Russia, we can look forward even to Belarus’ eventual accession to NATO. Moreover, the massive energy subsidies needed to entice reluctant neighbors and keep them in the Eurasian Union will hasten Russia’s bankruptcy

… the most delicious irony is that, while Russians obsess about hydrocarbons, we’re quietly plundering Russia’s true treasure: her human capital. Unlike oil, talented people cannot simply be bought. Being patriots, most educated Russians would prefer to realize their potential in their homeland, for the good of Russia. But thanks to the efforts of our agents, the most gifted Russians are increasingly driven to seek their fortune in the West. The value to us of Russia’s brain drain is incalculable and dwarfs whatever benefit we could gain even from outright ownership of Russia’s hydrocarbons.__ The Plot

Some of the IWGDR’s best agents are outlined in this piece: Manichaean Delusion

Christopher Black, Andrej G. Areshev, Sergei Naryshkin, and, are some of the most powerful and influential agents advancing the IWGDR’s efforts to subvert Russia’s viability as a going concern. You cannot buy undercover operatives of that quality – no, they must truly hate Russia!

An example of an IWGDR hoax propagated across Russian media

As for the destruction of China, it is likely that a parallel agency modeled on the IWGDR is working within and outside of China to accomplish similar destructive ends for the dragon. China’s downfall, when it occurs, may be even more spectacular than the ultimate demise of “Russia.”

The picture isn’t pretty. From the polluted central metropolis of Zhengzhou, to Shenyang in the rustbelt northeast, the overwhelming sense is one of pessimism and urban decay. Idle cranes and vacant building sites dot the landscape. The ghost towns of legend — such as Ordos City in Inner Mongolia — are all too real, and remain a silent, cautionary reminder of the perils of engineered growth. In early 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, I travelled to the western suburbs of Shanghai, taking photographs of boarded-up factories. I returned last month to find many of the units still locked, their windows smashed, the paintwork peeling.

Signs of stockpiling and overproduction are everywhere, while central and local authorities strive to outdo one another not through innovation but by replication. Hangzhou is building an entire financial hub larger than Canary Wharf, despite being less than 100 miles from the big banks of Shanghai. Even the chairman of the wind-turbine maker admitted to branching out into renewable energy not because he’d spotted a gap in the market, but because ‘local party officials told us to’. That aspirational industrial logic — if you build it, the customers will come — once served China well. No longer.

Over the past year, every key indicator has begun pointing to bad times ahead. Electricity consumption, usually the most reliable single gauge of economic health in the mainland, expanded at the slowest rate in three decades in the year to June. Because of falling Chinese industrial demand, global commodity prices have slumped, threatening growth in producer countries from Australia to Zambia. Chinese house prices have stagnated, while the last time rail-freight volumes were higher than the year before was last September. Last week brought yet more bad news, with exports sliding 8.3 per cent in July from last year’s figures, imports falling for the ninth month in a row, and data pointing to further weakness in industrial output, capital investment and retail spending. __ When China Falls, What of the World?

It takes hard work to bring a country full of bright, ambitious, and clever citizens to the brink of destruction, as China’s CCP leadership appears to have been doing. This speaks of a hidden influence behind the figurehead leaders in front of the cameras. No, this type of cluster-foque points toward a sinister, secret group such as an IWGDC, or something similarly sinister.

Will these sinister infiltrators lead China to invade India, or to begin burning tonnes of American wheat, New Zealand lamb, and French cheese? There are precedents for such insanity.

Top American officials have recently named Russia and China as the top global enemies of the US and the free world. It should not surprise us that American government agencies have infiltrated the cultures and governments of the bear and the dragon in order to lead the two countries to the precipice – all the while making them think it was their own idea!

The most effective agents in these bureaus are certain to be freelancers – not actual government employees. Daring and effective agents must get beyond the CYA paranoia and limitations of government employees, and work as “free agents,” so to speak. That is the only way to accomplish anything worthwhile.

More on China’s decline — Has it been engineered?

China’s growing nightmare

Engineering mistrust in China

IWGDR agents influence Russia and China to clamp down on internet freedoms — This will accelerate brain drain of the best of the best.

It was not the CIA, Idiot! It was the IWGDR! Journalists always get the “real killer” wrong.

Thanks to the sinister IWGDR, Russia is falling back into a quasi-Soviet Orwellian morass, where constant war appears inevitable.

The evil and sinister American IWGDR led Putin to create a deadly trap, then forced the brave and patriotic leader to fall into his own trap!

According to the Pew Research Center’s new report, only three countries in the world have a net positive opinion of Russia: China, Vietnam, and Ghana. Worldwide, a median of just 30 percent of respondents viewed Russia favorably. Writing in Bloomberg View, political commentator Leonid Bershidsky quipped that “the money might be spent just as wisely buying more $600,000 watches for Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov.”

And the numbers are dismal across the board. In Europe, just 26 percent view Russia favorably; in the Middle East, only 25 percent do. In Latin America, it’s only 29 percent. In the regions most favorably inclined toward Russia—Asia and Africa—it’s just 37 percent. And if Russia’s global image is bad, Putin’s is dismal. Worldwide, just 24 percent trust him. In Europe, just 15 percent do.

To be sure, Russia’s propaganda machine is working wonders at home, where Putin’s popularity is stratospheric despite a flailing economy. But one has to wonder how much longer that can last.


IWGDR operatives pose as Kremlin trolls, making Putin seem a madman.

Hiding the corpses — a particular IWGDR coup All of Russia is now afraid.

So, it was all the workings of the sinister IWGDR that has brought Russia and Putin to this pass. Putin is innocent! Innocent, I say!

In time, everyone will see how they have all been manipulated to blame Russia for things that others have done. In time. Just you wait.

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