Anarchy in Africa and Islamic World Aiming Toward Europe

Across large parts of Africa and the larger Islamic world, anarchy flows like a bloody river. From Libya to Syria to Iraq to Nigeria, all pretence of order is collapsing, with refugees flooding all routes heading into Europe. Much of this violent anarchy is occurring within the Islamic world, and along Islam’s bloody borders.

Islam and its Bloody Borders Extend Deep Into Africa and Asia Europe is Likely Next

Islam and its Bloody Borders Extend Deep Into Africa and Asia
Europe is Likely Next

Inside Lebanon, anarchy is breaking out between rival Muslim terror groups, as a spillover of violent Islamist refugees from Syria clash with multi-generational Muslim “refugees” from Palestine.

Weapons are widespread, and some of the country’s most-wanted people, Palestinian and Lebanese alike, reside there, enjoying the protection of certain armed groups. Over the past few years, matters have been additionally complicated by the Syrian refugees flowing into the camp.

… There is an assassination or an attempted assassination each week, through Islamist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda or Islamic State and even Iran and the Syrian regime. Among the latest parties involved in the Ain al-Hilweh clashes were groups affiliated with Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Groups affiliated with Dahlan have been accusing groups supporting Abbas of not fighting the armed Islamists seriously and not showing enough determination. However, both groups want to assert their presence in the refugee camps in Lebanon, and therefore seek to raise the conflicts in the camp rather than quell them, to gain advantage in the rivalry.”

… Palestinians increasingly fear for the fate of Ain al-Hilweh as Syrian refugees flood into the camps in Lebanon, and Hezbollah continues its involvement in the Syrian war, a policy that many Islamist groups oppose. In addition, certain Palestinian factions are unable to calmly deal with conflict, instead resorting to violence. All of these factors make the recent Ain al-Hilweh clashes a possible prelude to bigger street battles that could overwhelm residents. __

Tribal clans predominate in the Muslim middle east and North Africa. When wildly divergent well-armed clans are thrown together in tight spaces, intra-Islamic violent anarchy is the likely result.

As these bloody Islamic conflicts grind on — often making national border superfluous — a continuous low-level Muslim Anarchy threatens to become more widespread. This is particularly true as religious fanatics from Islamic lands seek asylum in Europe, coming under the sway of radical clerics already living in Europe.

The battlefields of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Congo, and elsewhere along the bloody borders, are training grounds for new generations of terrorists and violent fanatics. Nations break down, and something much uglier takes their place.

The situation in Syria appears intractable …The position is complicated by the fact that Islamic State has captured large amounts of Syrian territory.

Muslim Boats Bring Anarchy and Bloodshed

Muslim Boats Bring Anarchy and Bloodshed

… In Libya, an Islamist government in the capital, Tripoli, is fighting a more secular force, based around Benghazi, while hundreds of militias, some aligned to Islamic State, use weapons captured during the collapse of the Gaddafi regime to reduce the country to anarchy.

… Until the Arab world takes some ownership of the crises in [MENA], and attempts seriously to resolve them, the appalling loss of life and the mounting tide of refugees and migrants from the region will continue.


Russia appears to be involving itself in yet another foreign war, building a war camp inside Syria:

Russia [is] on the verge of deploying “thousands” of troops to Syria to establish an airbase from which the Russian air force would fly combat sorties against Isil.

Those details appear to be backed by satellite images of a Russian base under construction near Latakia


As if Russia did not have enough problems already.

Meanwhile, Israel is employing armed robotic vehicles to patrol its borders against Muslim terrorists, militants, and other purveyors of the Islamic Anarchy. European nations should begin sending security personnel to Israel, to learn how the tiny Jewish country has survived all this time, surrounded by violent Muslim clans and terrorist groups such as Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Brotherhood, and more.

Muslim violence against Jews is legendary, but Muslim violence against Christians is also quite frequent and widespread, as is Muslim violence against other religious groups and cultures.

Muslim Share of Europe’s Population Growing Rapidly

Islam Growing in Europe New Flood of Refugees will Multiply Growth

Islam Growing in Europe
New Flood of Refugees will Multiply Growth

Given Europe’s limp-wristed leadership and leftist multicultural soft underbelly, the bulk of Europe may already be lost to the quickening flow of violent refugees from the lands of anarchy and ideological violence. The influx of violent fanatics is particularly dangerous to Europe, since these migrants tend to settle in Europe’s large cities — where the culture of Europe is most prominent and least protected. These migrants are likewise younger than most Europeans, and more prolific at child-bearing.

Those parts of Western Europe that want to survive had best become very dangerous to violent and antagonistic intruders.

Russia is vulnerable to its own soft Muslim underbelly from the Caucasus to Central Asia. Muslims are slowly making up more and more of Russia’s working population and military personnel. That is yet another reason why Russia is likely to fragment in the next two decades.

Central and Eastern Europe — caught between Western Europe’s soft underbelly and Russia’s soft underbelly — will need to grow particularly tough in the next few decades, if its people are to survive. Finland take heed.

It may be time for ordinary Europeans to set up “militia camps” to learn combat and counter-terror operations, as an ordinary part of growing up — as a rite of passage, as it were.

Ordinary military and law enforcement within Europe are certainly not up to the task that is being handed to them by the EU in Brussels. The people themselves will learn to protect themselves from the coming onslaught, or they will be plowed under and forgotten.

Bloody Islam

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