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Addicts, Gangsters, Hackers, and Trolls

Gangster Nation Vladimir Putin’s regime has become increasingly adept at deploying a whole range of practices that are more common among crime syndicates than permanent members of the UN Security Council. In some cases, as with the hacking, this involves … Continue reading

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World’s Most Innovative Universities

Innovation is the lifeblood of the global economy. It is what drives the advancement of better technologies, improved medicine, streamlined services and most new products and solutions. __ Reuters Notice in Table 1 below, how the world’s most innovative universities … Continue reading

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China Plays “Whack-a-Bubble”

Bandleader Lawrence Welk was famous for the bubble machines that kept the air around the bandstand covered with bubbles show after show. China is full of bubble machines of a different type, but they are just as much about “putting … Continue reading

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Tribulations of the Petro-States

If oil stays around $50 a barrel, most countries in the [Middle East] region will run out of cash in five years or less, warned a dire report from the International Monetary Fund this week. That includes OPEC leader Saudi … Continue reading

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Africa: Can the Dark Continent Find its Own Level?

For quite some time, outsiders have been trying to save Africa from itself — to “uplift” Africans to higher levels of achievement than they had been capable of on their own. Most recently, the Chinese have been inundating Africa with … Continue reading

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Luck o’ the Russians: Back in the USSR!

Back in the mid-1980s, the US CIA did not expect the USSR to collapse in just a handful of years. But Al Fin’s advisors and mentors did. And they were right. In 1986, when asked if the CIA was doing … Continue reading

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Urban World Utopia or Global Dysgenic Idiocracy?

By 2050, the World’s urban population will have increased from 3.9 billion to 6.4 billion, resulting in 67% of the world’s population inhabiting urban areas, up from the current level of 54%. Clearly, urbanization is already occurring, and it is … Continue reading

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Build Your Own Weapons, Like a Dangerous Child

Electromagnetic projectile launchers called railguns are what many in the military are hoping will be the weapon of the future. A railgun doesn’t use traditional projectile propellants like gunpowder or explosives, but instead they use electromagnetic fields to propel projectiles … Continue reading

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Genes, Intelligence, and Size of Brain Structures

Smarter People Have Bigger Brain Structures (Thanks to their Genes) A large network of neuroscientists and doctors that compared over 30,000 brain images with people’s DNA says it’s found several genes that appear to influence the size of brain structures … Continue reading

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Putin Spending Russia Toward Desperate Times

Russia is running out of money. President Vladimir Putin is taking a strategic gamble, depleting the Kremlin’s last reserve funds to cover the budget and to pay for an escalating war in Syria at the same time. … “GDP was … Continue reading

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Demographic Notes

Introduction Europe, and much of the rest of the advanced world, is undergoing a permanent transformation. After surviving the ambitions of Hitler, Stalin, and the Kaiser, shrinking populations of Europe are voluntarily surrendering — unconditionally — to more rapidly proliferating … Continue reading

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Poland Rising: Eyes Leadership Role in E. Europe

Over its long history, Poland has endured numerous changes of fortune. It has been often invaded and looted, with many of its best minds massacred by enemies wishing to destroy Poland’s ruling classes. But Poland has also — in heroic … Continue reading

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Motherships and Rocketships

Satellites today are launched via booster rocket from a limited number of ground facilities, which can involve a month or longer of preparation for a small payload and significant cost for each mission. Launch costs are driven in part today … Continue reading

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Grow an Army of Superhumans Using Affordable Artificial Wombs

Are We Approaching the Age of Effective and Affordable Artificial Wombs? Womb transplants are already here. These transplanted wombs would likely be disposable — they would be removed after successful birth by C-section — and thrown away. These transplanted wombs … Continue reading

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Trying to Find Russia

Can You Find Russia in The Graphic Below? (Click to enlarge) The Russian Federation is the world’s largest single nation, by area. But in terms of economy, innovation, population of young healthy Russians, currency reserves etc., Russia is shrinking in … Continue reading

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Neurogenesis: Induced and Natural

More Avenues of Hope for Damaged Brains Induced Neurogenesis for Research and Regeneration Researchers have discovered two ways to create neurons from a person’s own skin cells: The first way is by creating induced pluripotent stem cells, which are then … Continue reading

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What Does the Sun Have to Do With Climate?

The near future will be extremely interesting. I think it is important to accept that Nature pays no heed to what we humans think about it. Will the greenhouse theory survive a significant cooling of the Earth? Not in its … Continue reading

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Why Do Wealthy People Leave Their Countries?

China’s not an easy place to live. Wealthy Chinese parents are becoming increasingly concerned about raising kids in an environment with filthy air, not to mention a critical lack of clean water and constant food and beverage safety scandals. __ … Continue reading

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Basic Energy Realities Move World’s Economies

What are the important forms of energy production? Oil, Coal, Gas, Nuclear, and Hydroelectric. There is no shortage of the hydrocarbons and nuclear fuels, but hydroelectric power depends upon rain and snowfalls, which can vary significantly year on year, and … Continue reading

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Killer: Black Like Obama — Race Hatred or Mentally Unstable?

It was a black man — like Obama — who murdered the 9 Oregonians above. Killer Christopher Harper-Mercer was raised by his black mother, and had none of the material advantages that allowed his fellow black man, Obama, to reach … Continue reading

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Sing the Body ElectRx

… ElectRx seeks to advance understanding of the anatomy and physiology of specific neural circuits and their role in health and disease. Fundamental biology efforts will set out to culminate in proof-of-concept demonstrations of feedback-controlled neuromodulation strategies to establish healthy … Continue reading

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Human Brain — The Undiscovered Country

[One] region of the brain that is masculinized during development is the amygdala, which in addition to its roles in the processing of emotions is a key region regulating social play behavior by juveniles, sometimes called rough-and-tumble play, which differs … Continue reading

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Malthusian Monkeys Screech of Doom

Update: New steel alloy has strength to weight ratio of titanium at one tenth the cost (Nature Abstract) When Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren, and John Harte wagered Julian Simon $10,000 that the cost of commodities and natural resources would always … Continue reading

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How to Eat Well During Ice Ages, Nuclear Winters, and Other Global Disasters

The World Just Ended: Whatever Are You Going to Cook for Dinner Tonight? No more Chinese takeout. No pizza delivery. No Mexican drive thru. And forget about sit-down restaurants! The world as you know it is gone. If you want … Continue reading

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Robot Sex vs. Prostitution vs. Traditional Sex vs. …

Will Human/Human Sex Be Obsolete by 2050? According to a shocking new report, human beings will choose sex with robots over real partners in as little as 35 years’ time. The report, entitled the Future of Sex, claims that “robophilia” … Continue reading

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