Basic Energy Realities Move World’s Economies

What are the important forms of energy production? Oil, Coal, Gas, Nuclear, and Hydroelectric. There is no shortage of the hydrocarbons and nuclear fuels, but hydroelectric power depends upon rain and snowfalls, which can vary significantly year on year, and decade on decade.

Wind and solar provide miniscule amounts of useful power, generally at the wrong times and at exorbitant costs, causing significant energy and resource wastage, and destabilising power grids.

More on different forms of energy production:

Fact Check Global Energy

Global Energy

… on average, electricity from new wind resources is nearly four times more expensive than from existing nuclear and nearly three times more expensive than from existing coal. These are dramatic increases in the cost of generating electricity. This means that the premature closures of existing plants will unavoidably increase electricity rates for American families. ___

Full study

Do green energy billionaires deserve to die?

Wasteful, costly, unreliable, and damaging green energy is being touted as a way to save the Earth from the climate apocalypse, AKA catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW). But does the world really need saving from its own climate? Probably not. Certainly the scientific evidence does not back up the climate apocalypse camp.

Fortunately, there is plenty of reliable oil, coal, gas, and nuclear energy available at affordable costs — if CAGW morons such as Obama are not allowed by more rational people to continue down their current irrational policy paths of making reliable energy unaffordable.

Oil, gas, and coal surpluses and low to moderate prices bolster the idea that we are not running out of reliable energy. And it is low oil & gas prices that are making many of the petro-states very nervous.

Venezuela’s socialist economy is the world’s worst, according to the IMF. Its economy will contract by 10% and it will suffer an inflation rate of 159% this year alone, thanks to reasonable oil prices, and Venezuela’s insane socialist government policies.

Other oil producers, such as Russia, also have economies that are hurting — and are being forced to dip into their “rainy day funds” to survive.

Russia’s rainy day funds and hard currency reserves are sinking dangerously low, and the Russian people are hurting.

According to the Russian daily business newspaper RBK, the only type of business which is on the rise in the Russian economy these days is pawnshops: an alarming sign as pawnshop business traditionally thrives during crises, explains Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, which published the research findings. __

Certainly the ongoing slump of the Chinese economy offers few hopes for a sustained oil price rebound any time soon. Russia’s economy will just have to “suck it up” for now.

Thanks to a popular Norwegian TV show, ordinary Norwegians are beginning to fear a Russian invasion of Norway, perhaps to bolster Russia’s fading economy and demographic crisis.

Russia’s economy is certainly in no condition to continue invading countries, but rational thinking has never proved an obstacle to Putin’s decision-making in the past.

Russia is no superpower. But Putin & Co. certainly know how to make an exciting movie about being one.

First we take Damascus, and then we take…Baghdad? Kabul? Never mind the details. Russia is back and it’s on the march.

On October 6, Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko said Russia would consider expanding its air campaign to Iraq if asked. __

Another country Putin is eyeing closely, is Belarus. If Belarus refuses to permit Russia to build a new airbase inside its borders, Putin may have another invasion to plan:

Belarusian authorities have had an increasingly difficult time trying to convince Moscow to give up on the idea of an airbase on Belarusian territory.

… Belarus has succeeded in staying neutral and even hosting conflict resolution negotiations. But the Russian airbase can easily undermine such efforts. Therefore, Minsk is now likely to eschew signing the agreement for as long as possible and, at the same time, to procure modern jets and equipment for its air forces. __ EurasiaDailyMonitor

Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland have a great deal in common with each other, and with the Baltic states and Finland. Those seven nations should form an alliance with each other and NATO, to bolster defences against further invasions by Russia.

Russia is no longer a superpower, but it wishes the rest of the world to continue thinking of her as a great power. Thus the grand militaristic theatrics of long distance bomber fly-byes of European and Anglospheric nations, and the wild and crazy Syrian campaign.

It all comes down to keeping the lights on and maintaining the engines of industry. Oil, gas, coal, and nuclear can provide safe, affordable, reliable, high-quality power. Wind and solar cannot.

Much of Europe, California, and other poorly led jurisdictions are betting their economic futures on unreliable, poor-quality energy sources. They may be making what they feel is the righteous choice, but such suicidal decisions will have abysmal repercussions for their economies and people. Such poor choices provide a huge boost to the petro-state sponsors of terrorism such as Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the rest.

Judging by such leadership in Europe and the Anglosphere, we’re going to need a lot more guillotines! 😉

Obama’s science czar recommendations


China, India, and Russia are corrupt to the core. Any relatively intelligent observer would have anticipated stagnation — in practical terms — for those rotten states.

China and India depend massively on coal just to barely keep their heads above water. Economic “growth” is often contrived, illusionary, and wrapped in multiple levels of corruption.

China rose rapidly based upon massive foreign investment into China’s export economy. Now, China’s economy is based upon shadow investments, ghost cities, and bubbles within bubbles. China’s vaunted military technology is mostly stolen from Russia, the US, Ukraine, and others with more advanced development, to this point.

Russia leaks more oil from pipelines onto the landscape every year than 10 of the Deepwater Horizon spills. It infrastructure is falling apart.

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2 Responses to Basic Energy Realities Move World’s Economies

  1. bob sykes says:

    I believe there are a few errors in this posting.

    First, while Russia is no longer a super power, it is a great power, and it is first among the other great powers. Their Syrian operation is a masterpiece of planning, coordination and execution. The only other country that could do it is the US, and I doubt the US could do it as quickly. Britain, France, Germany, NATO without the US, India, China and Japan do not have the capability for such an operation. The cruise missile strike from ships in the Caspian Sea 1,000 miles away is not mere showboating, it is a demonstration that Russian military equipment is by and large equal to American equipment.

    Russia remains America’s chief opponent and has the capacity to defeat American arms in selected battle fields, mainly Eastern Europe, Poland and west not so much. Its demographic problems are severe, but they are less severa than those of Western Europe. Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal have fertility rates that are in some countries are only half replacement levels. No European country has replacement level fertility, and all Western Europeam countries are being invaded by tens and even hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men (80% of all immigrants) who are intensely hostile to European culture, and who intend to transform Europe and Europeans into Muslims. The stability of Western Europe is in serious danger.

    Second, both Belarus and Ukraine have infinitely closer ties to Russia than they do to any other country. These are ties of race, history, culture, language and economics. The idea that they can be the nucleus of an anti-Russian alliance is absurd.

    The Minsk II accords, which Poroschenko has not been able to implement, are Putin’s idea. They call for a united Ukraina with home rule for the oblasts and protections for minorities. This is not hypocritical posturing or dissembling on Putin’s part. A united Ukraina is the best outcome for Russia. If the separatists were to form a new country or merge eastern Ukraina with Russia, the pro-Western Ukrainians in the west would be free to fulfill their goals of union with the EU and NATO. A large pro-Russian minority in Ukraina would prevent that.

    You might note that Poroshenko cannot implement Minsk II because of the opposition of the militias of the Nazi parties Swoboda and Private Sector, which are part of Poroshenko’s coalition. These militias have repeatedly threatened to overthrown the Ukrainian government if the accord is implemented. Ukraina also has problems with Poland, Hungary and Romania, all of which have territorial claims in western Ukraina.

    When you combine Russia’s evident capabilities with its growing alliance with China, the US has a major security problem that is in some respects isworse that its old USSR problem. MacKinder’s Pivot Theory is being implemented by the Russia-China alliance, and that might given them world domination, with an opposing Anglosphere relegated to the peripheries.

  2. alfin2101 says:

    You express your opinions clearly and well. Everyone has a right to their own opinions and interpretations of events of which they have no direct knowledge and over which they have no control.

    Some people believe that all of Putin’s wars are backfiring on Russia, and bankrupting the dying bear before its time. Others believe in their hearts that Putin can do no wrong.

    Time will tell.

    As a long time commenter here, you deserve a great deal of respect for all of the many great comments you have made — particularly those that bear directly on your personal experiences. And like everyone else, you have a right to your opinions and interpretations of things which are far removed from your experience.

    Others — often hit and run commenters — who comment on Russia in a less courteous and rational manner than yourself, typically provide no support for their assertions — often little more than childish outbursts. For those, no particular respect will be forthcoming.

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