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Billionaires Making Monkeys of Themselves Over Green Energy Scam?

To illustrate the problem that renewable energy instability can cause, here is an example. When the voltage from German’s electric grid weakened for just a millisecond at 3 am, the machines at Hydro Aluminum in Hamburg ground to a halt, … Continue reading

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What is an “Ethnic Russian?” Is the Question Worth Destroying Europe?

The concept of “ethnic Russian” is difficult to pin down, exactly. Putin seems willing to go to war with all comers over the ambiguous idea of Russian ethnicity. We hope that saner heads will prevail. Moscow, certainly, is full of … Continue reading

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In Africa, Birth Control is Slow to Catch On

In every African country, women are averaging fewer children now than their mothers had in 1990. But not by much: In Nigeria, it has taken 25 years for the birthrate to fall from 6.8 children per woman to six. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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Computer-Aided Cognitive Brain Training: How Well Supported? How Expensive?

Western societies are aging rapidly. Because cognitive decline often seems to accompany aging, it is important for susceptible individuals to explore different ways by which he might keep (or reclaim) as much of his mental complement as possible, for as … Continue reading

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“Climate Heretics” vs. the Climate Apocalypse Cult

The modern “climate apocalypse” movement is bringing a cult of fanaticism back to Paris. And like all cults, it has its heretics that it would like to burn, behead, and mutilate. One of the top climate heretics, a scientist who … Continue reading

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Remembering Russia

Russian Paranoia and Xenophobia Did Not Begin with the USSR The sense of being surrounded by lies; the underlying anxiety that someone might be listening or reporting on you; the constant, screaming, inescapable propaganda; the sullenness of the crowds on … Continue reading

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Printing a New Civilisation After TSHTF

3D printing is being used to print spare parts for race cars, fighter jets, to print firearms and rocket engines. It is also being used to print pills, body tissues and replacement parts, to print entire homes, boats, and automobiles. … Continue reading

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China’s Ponzi Finance Problem & Russia’s Faltering High Wire Act

Both China and Russia are in Precarious Positions Chinese borrowers are taking on record amounts of debt to repay interest on their existing obligations, raising the risk of defaults … … The amount of loans, bonds and shadow finance arranged … Continue reading

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Adventures in Global Demographics

Uneducated and unskilled populations are proliferating, while skilled and educated populations are dying off. [By 2050] there will be more Japanese over age 80 than under 15. Japan’s population – now 127 million – is expected to fall to 108 … Continue reading

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Genes and the Brain

What do your genes have to do with your brain? More than you know. Genes guide the formation of the brain and its structures in early development (more links) Genes continue to guide the development of the brain through childhood, … Continue reading

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Why Russia Will Conquer the World

Russians are a tough and hardy people who laugh at hardship. If essential services such as schools, road repairs, healthcare, and public toilets in the Moscow Metro have to be cut to pay for wars abroad, so be it. Russians … Continue reading

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Which Is Worse? Putin or ISIS?

Global Sharia vs. Russosphere of Oppression Much of the western world is roiling in anger at ISIS killings in Paris and elsewhere. Many voices are crying out for the west to join Putin — to empower Putin — in a … Continue reading

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What Did One Terrorist Say to the Other Terrorist?

“We’ll always have Paris“ The most recent Paris terror attack — claimed by Islamic State — is unlikely to be the last Paris attack. France is becoming a hotbed of Islamism and Muslim fundamentalism. Paris — and France — can … Continue reading

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Personal Lighter-than-Air Flying Machines

The “age of the personal airship” always seems to be just around the corner. Hot air balloons have been around since 1783, but affordable personal airships that you can control and reliably fly from point A to point B in … Continue reading

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Great Escapes

No matter what you want to escape — from a zombie apocalypse to a comet strike to a skankstream cathedral — you will wish to do so with flair. Below is a collection of escape vehicles, meant for a variety … Continue reading

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What’s So Great About 3D Printing?

A Disruptive Technology 3D printing is disruptive in several ways. First, it will compete with and partially replace several different industrial processes. Next, it will allow the creation of completely new products — and completely new tools for creating new … Continue reading

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Zombie Survival Camps and Retreats: Be Prepared

To survive, it is often necessary to fight. And to fight you have to dirty yourself. __ George Orwell Zombies? You’re Soaking In Them! You may believe that zombies are the stuff of myth and folklore. Sadly, that is not … Continue reading

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Universities? Burn Them to the Ground

This is higher ed’s time for choosing. If this is the new purpose of the universities—to nurture a crop of activists trained at whipping up angry mobs, and a generation of college graduates conditioned to submit to those mobs—then there … Continue reading

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Jumping the Shark in Russia

Let us imagine a person healthy in body and strong, talented and not unkind—for such is quite justly the general view of the Russian people. We know that this person or people is now in a very sorry state. If … Continue reading

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China’s Economy Becoming a Throbbing Headache

China’s “hard-landing” has arrived. The private sector economy is already in recession. The credit crunch is enormous. When a small firm can’t get credit, the next step is closing down. Governmental efforts to push “liquidity” into the system will be … Continue reading

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Obama is a Clown, But He Will Be Replaced

Why Russia and China Miscalculated their Dual Power Plays In the US, a president’s powers are limited, and he is sure to be replaced every 4 or 8 years. This prevents one person from becoming a “dictator for life,” such … Continue reading

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Climate Apocalypse Crusade Stymied by Inconvenient Hiatus

The Map is Not the Territory. The Model is Not the Reality In order for climate science to be settled, there are many requirements. I will list four for now, although I am sure you can think of many more. … Continue reading

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Earth’s Oil & Gas Fields to Produce Until the Sun Blows Up?

There are several ways in which oil & gas are constantly being produced inside the Earth’s mantle and crust. The much-reviled “abiotic process” has been demonstrated in the deep ocean vents, on other planets, in deep space, and is well … Continue reading

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Whoever Controls the Sun Controls the Earth

It is not so hard to destroy cities and prevent food crops from growing. Merely control the level of sunlight that is allowed to reach particular parts of the Earth. Consider, if you will, flocks of solar controllers — either … Continue reading

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Russia’s Future

The life expectancy for males in Russia is about 64 years, putting it among the lowest 50 countries… Consider that a 15-year old Russian male has a life expectancy three years shorter than his counterpart in Haiti. __ Demography is … Continue reading

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