Will We Ever Know Why a Russian Airliner Crashed Over Sinai?

Update: Explosion inside plane likely

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Militants in northern Sinai have not previously shot down commercial airliners or fighter-jets. They are said to have obtained Russian shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missiles, which could be used against low-flying aircraft or helicopters. In January of last year, they claimed to have down an Egyptian military helicopter; Egypt confirmed a helicopter crash at the time.

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A more likely scenario may be the pre-placement of an explosive device inside the plane, by an Islamic State operative.

French experts believe Isil may have placed bomb on plane that crashed in Egypt on Saturday, with 17 children and 207 adults on board, and President Sisi says nothing has been ruled out. __ Telegraph

The Islamic State (Isil) has claimed credit for downing the aircraft, saying it was revenge for Russia’s intervention in Syria on behalf the Assad regime.

While experts believe it was flying too high to be hit by an Isil missile, an Egyptian official in the civil aviation ministry told The Telegraph it was possible the plane was brought down by an explosive planted onboard.

__ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/11968554/Russian-plane-crash-everything-we-know-on-Sunday-afternoon-about-the-airliner-Isil-says-it-brought-down-on-Egypts-Sinai-Peninsula.html

It is one thing to take down a Russian attack helicopter or bomber aircraft. Intentionally bringing down an unarmed airliner — knowing that it presented no threat — is quite something else.

Germany warned its airliners on Sunday to avoid flying on the same flight route over the Sinai desert until there was confirmation of the cause of the crash.

British airlines stopped flying over the northern and central parts of the Sinai peninsula after a UK government safety warning late last year. The Department for Transport issued the warning not to fly below 25,000 feet in December 2014, but airline sources said UK operators had stopped flying there altogether.


Airplanes are capable of crashing for many reasons, most of which do not involve Muslims, Arabs, or other terrorists. This particular Airbus plane was previously owned and operated by Middle East Airlines, and had crash-landed in Cairo in November, 2001. It was subsequently repaired and cleared to fly.

There is evidence that the plane broke up in flight, as parts of the plane landed some distance from the rest.

“Disintegration of the fuselage took place in the air, and the fragments are scattered around a large area (about 20 square kilometers),” Viktor Sorochenko, executive director of Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee, told journalists, according to reports. __ CNN

Russian maintenance of aircraft — both civilian and military — has often been shoddy, causing multiple crashes of planes of all types. For these and many other reasons, the investigation of this crash should be particularly careful and methodical — and free of premature government claims or denials.

Russian government investigations of airliner crashes have not always been prompt or forthright. When Russian missilemen shot down a Malaysian airliner over Russia-controlled Donbass, Moscow did everything possible to slow international investigators — who did eventually get to the truth of the matter.

The people of Russia and the world suffer enough from the reckless and incompetent warmongering of their corrupt and power-mad rulers. Unfortunately, we have not likely seen the end of suffering by the Russian people under the Putin reign of fire.

Every year some 200,000 to 220,000 young people become “social orphans” when their parents divorce or when one of them deserts the family or his killed in battle, Syrtlanov says. And “almost 700,000 children at present” are in orphanages of one kind another – a figure that means “that every fifth child in the country” is in them rather than at home in a family.

These figures are “twice as large as after the Great Fatherland War,” the retired colonel says, and they do not include the additional horror that today, as many as five to seven million Russian children are living on the streets as “bezprizorniki,” who seldom go to school and often turn to drugs and crime. __ http://windowoneurasia2.blogspot.nl/

We can see the photos of the unfortunate children who died over the Sinai. But we are not likely to see photos of the children lost as “collateral damage” to the great internal and external motherland mafia wars.

News Update 17 Nov 2015

Why Did Putin Wait So Long to Admit Publicly What had Already Become Obvious to Everyone Else?

On Tuesday morning, Echo of Moscow radio conducted a survey asking listeners whether Russia should continue bombing Syria in response to the terrorist attacks on the plane and in Paris. Sixty-three percent said Russia should stop bombing Syria.

News Update 6 Nov 2015

Putin halts Russian flights to and from Sinai

Security concerns lead to halt in Russian flights

News Update 5 Nov 2015

UK Flights to Sharm el-Sheikh suspended on possibility of terrorist bomb causing Russian crash in Sinai

The investigation is intensifying, with the governments of Egypt and Russia attempting to avoid the suggestion of terrorism, while more outside observers are suggesting the crash was probably caused by a planted bomb.

News Updates 3 Nov 2015:


“There was an explosion of some kind” and “the plane disintegrated at a very high altitude,” the official told U.S. television network NBC. He said there was “no evidence a missile of any kind brought down the plane.”

A verdict of terrorism is likely to send Putin off on another tangent

News Updates 2 Nov 2015:




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2 Responses to Will We Ever Know Why a Russian Airliner Crashed Over Sinai?

  1. AbelardLindsey says:

    No. The most likely cause of the crash was what I call the “crash by wire” bug that still has yet to be fixed in the flight control code of the airbus planes. This subroutine usually shows up when the pilots are trying to land in a bad rain storm and they decide to circle around for another attempt. The plane’s control system will put the plane in a steep climb (around 50deg) which causes the plane to stall and crash.

    The reports of this crash did describe the plane porpoising (which it would do if this bug shows up during cruise) and eventually slowing down to less than 100 MPH, way to slow to prevent a stall.

    I would avoid flying on Airbus planes.

    • alfin2101 says:

      I would particularly avoid flying on Airbus planes that take off from Cairo or other middle eastern arabic or islamic originating airports.

      As far as this particular plane, suggestions are that it broke up at a high elevation. We can always hope for a thorough and fair investigation to bring out more facts.

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