Heat Flash Detected as Russian Plane Broke Up

“There was an explosion of some kind” and “the plane disintegrated at a very high altitude,” the official told U.S. television network NBC. He said there was “no evidence a missile of any kind brought down the plane.” __ Source

A midair heat flash was detected by a US infrared satellite as the ill-fated Russian chartered airliner broke up over Sinai.

CBS News’ national security correspondent David Martin reports a U.S. infrared satellite detected a heat flash over the Sinai at the time the Russian plane went down. The data is still being analyzed in an effort to determine what caused the flash. One possibility is a bomb, but an explosion in a fuel tank or engine as the result of a mechanical failure is also possible. __ CBSNews

Experts are speculating that an on-board bomb may have been the cause of the mid-air breakup over the Muslim nation — suggesting that Islamist terrorists may have been involved.

Several children were lost in the crash, adding to the emotional impact of the tragedy.

A senior U.S. defense official said on November 2 that infrared images of the area taken when the Airbus A321-200 was in the air detected a heat flash that suggests the plane was destroyed internally by a bomb or a fuel-tank explosion.

“There was an explosion of some kind” and “the plane disintegrated at a very high altitude,” the official told U.S. television network NBC. He said there was “no evidence a missile of any kind brought down the plane.”

__ http://www.rferl.org/content/satellite-images-suggest-internal-exposion-not-missile-downed-russian-plane/27341839.html

It has been suggested that if terrorism is judged to be the cause of this air disaster, that Russia’s president Putin is likely to expand current ongoing anti-terrorism efforts by Russia in Chechnya, Syria, and elsewhere. If so, Putin may finally have to get serious about ISIS, instead of merely playing Kabuki Theatre politics with his indiscriminate bombing campaign in Syria.

Russia’s population may contain as many as 10% to 15% Muslims — with many more on the way. Among youth populations, the percentage is likely to be higher. Russia’s conscript military is soon to become highly dependent upon Muslim conscripts, including Chechens.

Ordinary Russians who can still afford to travel are becoming frightened of the prospects of air terrorism. Flight bookings have plummeted in recent days according to Russian air travel agencies.

The future of Putin’s actions may well pivot upon the results of the ongoing air crash investigation. In the past, such investigations in Russia have been slow, and obstructed by official corruption.

Russia is suffering badly at this time. Let us hope that Putin does not intensify that suffering by further foolish and impulsive actions.

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2 Responses to Heat Flash Detected as Russian Plane Broke Up

  1. Glenfilthie says:

    Terrorism is a misnomer. This is war, and terrorism only works on cowards and weaklings.

    The way to handle this is with utter, cold hearted ruthlessness. The perps need to be killed. The suspects need to be killed. Those that assisted them need to die too. The middle east is a chit hole because of the animals that live there and now they are migrating and spreading the hatred and violence that the PC crowd rant and rave about at every opportunity.

    I am beginning to understand the ethnic cleansing of moslems and the need for it. The problem these animals pose is only going to get worse in the days ahead, and mercy and tolerance will be interpreted by them as weakness to exploit. If Putin started death marching those animals out of his nation I wouldn’t blame him one bit.

    • Jim says:

      Harry Truman was advised by almost the entire US Foreign Policy establishment including his Secretary of State, George Marshall, not to become involved in the internal conflicts of the Middle East. Truman’s political advisors told him to become involved in such conflicts in order to secure the Jewish vote. Given a choice between the national interest and his political interest, Truman choose the latter. Our country has paid a huge price for Truman’s betrayal of the national interest.

      Over the last decade the US has worked strenously to destabilize the Middle East. Our policy has produced chaos in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Now the chaos is beginning to spread to Turkey. In time the chaos will spread into Europe.

      I have no idea how successful Putin’s intervention in the Middle East will trurn out to be. It is difficult to believe though that his policy can be any more disastrous than past US policy.

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