Zombie Survival Camps and Retreats: Be Prepared

To survive, it is often necessary to fight. And to fight you have to dirty yourself. __ George Orwell

Zombies? You’re Soaking In Them!

Backpack Portable Zombie Shelter https://zombiesafehouse.wordpress.com/z1521/

Minimalist Backpack Portable Zombie Shelter

You may believe that zombies are the stuff of myth and folklore. Sadly, that is not the case. Creatures prowl the landscape, intent on consuming human brains. Particularly young human brains, but for many of these miscreants, any human brain will do.

Yesterday we looked at universities — sites where academic lobotomies are performed. Many of these lobotomies go too far, resulting in the creation of quasi-zombies. Such acquired zombiehood can be blamed rightfully on parents, who failed to do the appropriate research and training before sending their little darlings off to fend for themselves.

Many other zombies are born that way, so there is nothing to do but to protect one’s self from them. In fact, there are multiple routes to zombification, including zombification by media, zombification by schools, zombification by progressive dysgenic breeding, congenital zombification, cult zombification, and acquired zombification via drug use or brain disease — among other causes.

Communities and co-ops may pool their resources to build full-scale high-tech zombie fortresses:

The outer perimeter is secured by 16 foot tall steel walls constructed of 48 reinforced steel shipping containers stretching 1000 feet in length around the entire outer perimeter. The lower level of the wall is 8′ feet thick and filled with dirt to provide protection against large hoards of zombies, or the occasional human infiltration attempts, stray bullets, explosives, or breach attempts by large vehicles, and should be adequate protect[ion] against armored vehicles such as personnel carriers or even tanks.

__ See more high tech features of this fortress at: http://www.offgridworld.com/zombie-fortress/

Not that ordinary zombies are capable of operating tanks and armoured vehicles. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here is another fascinating concept for a zombie retreat:

Notice the zombies cascading down within the runoff. This zombie retreat uses the river’s current to clear any submerged zombies from the area around the human facilities. In addition, individual tower facilities are connected by narrow walkways — which can quickly be turned into locked-down zombie-kill zones in case of the occasional zombie intrusion.

How Does One Train for a Breakout of Zombie Apocalypse?

Fortunately, survival camps have been designed and built to train humans for that eventuality.

Zombie Survival Camp, for example, is nestled in the Canadian backwoods.

We teach real skills that will save your live during any kind of disaster, but especially during the Zompocalypse. During one of our weekend camps, you will learn how to shoot, slay, avoid, evade, and outlive the undead. Our team of subject matter experts will build you up to be the zombie-killing badass you always wanted to be.

Think you know it all? Then put your skills to the test in Sunday’s simulated outbreak, where dozens of zombies invade the camp, hungry for your brains.
Not only is this camp perfect for the avid zombie enthusiast, but it’s for anyone who wants to spend an exhilarating weekend being educated, challenged and entertained. Great for couples, families, birthdays, and workplace team building. __ http://www.zombiesurvivalcamp.ca

Discover more about Zombie Survival Camp at the link above.

Although not designed exclusively to survive zombie outbreaks, the SHTF School Survival Boot Camp is designed to teach survival “under the harshest conditions.” It is taught by someone who survived “… the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution.”

While such training camps cannot provide one with the skills that are learned in a Dangerous Childhood, they should provide a good beginning in developing the proper mindset for survival.

(Click above to enlarge)

The idea of building zombie safehouses is not a new one. Most recently in 2011, a contest was held for the best idea in a zombie safehouse. Dozens of entries were posted. To find the entries to the 2010 contest, click here.

More on a few of the remarkable ideas for a zombie-safe home.

More ideas on zombies, from Al Fin Potpourri.

An ongoing process of global zombiefication threatens the very future of advanced human societies. As global average IQ drops, eruptions of spontaneous zombie apocalypse grow more likely. More on decline in global average IQ.

A new study from researchers in Europe claims that the average IQ in Western nations dropped by a staggering 14.1 points over the past century.

“We tested the hypothesis that the Victorians were cleverer than modern populations using high-quality instruments, namely measures of simple visual reaction time in a meta-analytic study,” the researchers wrote in the study, which was published online in the journal Intelligence on Thursday. “Simple reaction time measures correlate substantially with measures of general intelligence and are considered elementary measures of cognition.” __ https://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/researchers-western-iqs-dropped-14-points-over-last-180634194.html

This ongoing decline in IQ in western countries is likely due to a combination of immigration by lower-IQ populations, a decline in birthrates by intelligent western women, and the differential birthrates between more intelligent and less intelligent women within western nations.

In some studies, decline in IQ was most significant within the teenaged groups with the highest IQs. In other words, smarter teens today are not as smart as smarter teens were in the past, on average. In addition, as third world immigrants proceed to fill up birthing wards, primary schools, and beyond — the ebbing tide may sink all boats.

Clearly, there is a difference between zombies and low-IQ humans. But as average human IQs continue to decline, the differences will grow less pronounced. And as we know, spontaneous zombification occurs almost exclusively within populations with average IQs near or below 70.

Massacres in Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Central African Republic, Congo, Nigeria, etc. highlight the coming future of more of the world, as low IQ populations spread.

Modern Migration to Europe National Geographic

Modern Migration to Europe
National Geographic

A More Proactive Approach to Defeating the Zombie Horde

At the Al Fin Institute for the Dangerous Child, we believe in taking a more proactive and comprehensive approach to defeating zombie outbreaks and apocalypti. Our Dangerous Child training supports the training of anti-fragile and robustly resilient minds and bodies capable not only of surviving any zombie apocalypse, but of driving the brain-dead abominations to extinction altogether.

It will take some time. But as Dangerous Children form more and more networked Dangerous Communities that grow into Dangerous City-States, Dangerous Islands, and Dangerous Colonies of all types, any zombies capable of reading should be able to read the writing on the wall.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

More: Zombie Nation addicted to prescription drugs
There is zombification when people abuse these drugs, and there is zombification when they are forced to stop taking them abruptly:

Abruptly stopping common psychotropic medications —particularly antidepressants, SSRIs, benzodiazepines, or atypical antipsychotics—can trigger something known as discontinuation syndrome. The syndrome can produce a wide array of dangerous side effects, including suicidal thoughts, violence and mania.

Invasion Europe

Preparing for the zombie horde in Europe

Timeline for “lights out” situation inside a zombified US Not a pretty picture

Anti-Zombie Weapons and Defence

Perimeter Security and Alarms
Some of these will need to be modified — depending upon the type of zombie you are contending with.

Think outside the box Being able to make your own tools out of random spare parts can save your lives.

Improvised weapons can come in handy

Key to surviving: your attitude

Most “survivalists” won’t.

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  1. bob sykes says:

    George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) purportedly uses zombies as a metaphor for the Black underclass. So, you’re right, they’re already here.

    • alfin2101 says:

      There are multiple routes to zombification. Some of them may statistically correlate with particular ethnic groups, but it is not a consistent or reliable correlation outside the statistical realm.

      When scouting zombies, it is best not to simplify the issue too much.

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