What Did One Terrorist Say to the Other Terrorist?

We’ll always have Paris

The most recent Paris terror attack — claimed by Islamic State — is unlikely to be the last Paris attack. France is becoming a hotbed of Islamism and Muslim fundamentalism. Paris — and France — can be viewed as a preview of a broader Europe under violent assault from immigrant Islamist terror.

The most recent attack on Paris killed 129 people and injured more than 350 others. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“What you are doing in Syria, you are going to pay for it now,” one of the gunmen shouted, a witness said. __ Source

Until recently, ISIS had been a local and regional problem. But something has stirred the Syrian pot, and the terrorists are now flooding the continent, looking for revenge.

France … has its problems with homegrown terrorism. According to The Guardian, nearly half of the more than 3,000 Europeans who have traveled to join ISIS are coming from France. The secular-leaning nation has made efforts to stem the tide of radicalization, but is hampered in part by its own incarceration system.

… French prisons suffer from demographic issues — more than half of those imprisoned in France are Muslim, making it easy for jailed militants to recruit for their cause from those already marginalized by society. __ http://www.refinery29.com/2015/11/97657/paris-shooting-why-france

Most native Europeans are growing worried and anxious over this new bloody muscle flexing by violent Islam. They cannot help but associate a growing wave of Islamic crime, violence, and terror with Europe’s “open arms” policy to Muslim immigrants combined with Europe’s open borders policy.

Putin Pops Cork

Putin Pops Cork

One world leader who may feel relieved by the deadly Paris violence is Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Rather than having to deal on his own with an embarassing ISIS-claimed downing of a Russian charter plane over Sinai, he can now appeal to France and Europe to join him in his crusade against ISIS.

Will Putin use this tragedy to advance his own expansionary agenda? Duh.

Analysts there [Moscow] told Kseniya Kirillova “the tragedy in Paris fits perfectly into the strategy of ‘a multiplicity of conflicts’ which Moscow is methodically conducting. ‘The maximum destabilization of the situation in the EU will increasingly shatter European and Euro-Atlantic solidarity’” (nr2.com.ua/blogs/Ksenija_Kirillova/Terakt-vo-Francii-idealno-ukladyvaetsya-v-strategiyu-Moskvy-voennye-analitiki-111366.html). __ Window on Eurasia

Putin’s KGB has a long history of both the instigation of terror and a cooperation with terrorist regimes.

The KGB has a long history of supporting all kinds of terrorists in their fight against the West, and Putin’s KGB-based regime has never abandoned this strategy. It would be more than naïve to think that the regime, whose propaganda constantly prepares its society for a war against the West, will support Washington or Brussels on any front. __ http://www.cepa.org/content/putins-new-deception-call-anti-terror-coalition

Putin himself rode into office on a wave of terror blamed on Chechen Muslims.

Starting in 1999, he managed to become the president of Russia twice and twice he occupied the post of Prime Minister. It is noteworthy that all 15 years of his rule are marred by a series of terrorist acts and industrial and aviation catastrophes. It was during Putin’s reign that the term “black August” came to be.

__ Putin’s Way

It is not necessarily that Putin or the KGB / FSB ordered all of these atrocities. But there is no better organisation in the world when it comes to taking operational advantage of tragic events.

Putin had many reasons for moving into Syria, including the defence and support of Russia’s intelligence and military operations there. But Russia’s clumsy and indiscriminate bombing campaign appears to have unleashed a new and energetic ISIS that appears to be ready to take on the world.

Once again a savage civil war and humanitarian catastrophe have been used by outside powers as a means for their geopolitical ends. Increasingly fiery rhetoric from Washington and Moscow will further stymy international cooperation on Syria. Russia’s deepening commitment to keeping Assad in power will push countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia to up their support for Sunni rebels, many of whom fall under the same ideological umbrella as groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS. Both directly and indirectly, Putin’s actions will fuel the growth of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism. Worse, the war in Syria is fast becoming the largest proxy war since the fall of the Soviet Union. After four years and hundreds of thousands of deaths, it looks like things are only getting started.
__ http://diplomacist.com/2015/10/06/putins-power-play-the-real-reason-behind-russian-intervention-in-syria/

The words above — written over a month ago — take on prophetic overtones in the light of the airliner explosion, the Beirut bombings, and the Paris attacks. And more yet to come . . . all of which Putin will use to his advantage, if he can.

The odd thing is that Russia appeared to be largely avoiding ISIS locations in Syria for weeks, before it suffered its own air disaster over Sinai. Now, after the attacks on Paris, Putin will unleash a flood of propaganda and violence in an attempt to gain European backing for Russian neo-imperial expansion.

As Putin grows bolder, it becomes more likely that Russia might even detonate a small nuclear device to advance Putin’s agenda. Whether such a provocation would be done as a warning to the west, or as a “false flag” faux Muslim terror attack, remains to be seen. Putin’s Russia appears capable of anything.

Putin has isolated Russia from the civilised world, and now finds that he must do something quite drastic to restore economic ties with the west, before Russia’s economic situation falls through the cellar, and before his neighbors to the west are able to prepare for what he has planned for them. (Before the next US elections.)

Many signs point to an increase in terror and insurgency in Europe and the Anglosphere.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood.

More: One of the greatest ironies of Putin’s terror-opportunism is that many reactionaries in Europe and neo-reactionaries in the Anglosphere will applaud Putin’s “bold moves,” all the while Vlad the embalmer is destroying both Europe and Russia.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Putin sends a reminder: “If you don’t like my way, you can always be turned into radioactive dust.”

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