Which Is Worse? Putin or ISIS?

Global Sharia vs. Russosphere of Oppression

Much of the western world is roiling in anger at ISIS killings in Paris and elsewhere. Many voices are crying out for the west to join Putin — to empower Putin — in a great “war on ISIS.” Drop the sanctions, give Putin anything he wants in terms of “sphere of influence,” and “eradicate” the terrorists. Simple-minded baby talk, certainly, but now that Europe has opened herself to bloody-minded fanatics, surely something must be done?

ISIS Global Attacks via NBF

ISIS Global Attacks
via NBF

A world under ISIS, or radical fundamentalist Islamic Sharia, would be a dismal and oppressive world. It would be a literal return to stone age desert superstition and brutality.

The recent Paris terror attacks were actually quite a small sample of what Europe’s new young male Muslim immigrants could do to France — and any other nation into which they are naively welcomed.

Future waves of immigration from the third world to Europe and the Anglosphere are likely to be larger, and more insistently violent. Not a nice prospect, when combined with a Taliban-like enforcement of Sharia law.

Surely Putin Would be Better than That?

One might be excused for thinking that, but how did Putin suddenly make the world believe he is “the better option?”

Putin has a huge advantage because he operates ruthlessly and monolithically, invades and kills and muzzles in order to shape public opinion, reigns as a leader for life. He launched into Syria knowing the potential cost of taking on ISIS, but he had to create another crisis after Ukraine to maintain nationalist fervor in Russia. Innocent Russian tourists paid with their lives. His propaganda organs, by word and deed, rose to the occasion with blood and lies. So the conflict in Ukraine was reignited to distract from ISIS. In effect, Ukrainians had to die to distract from Putin’s misstep in Syria. That’s how geo-strategically the Kremlin works…

Distraction and disinformation surround every action, not least for Russian domestic consumption. The next incident, the horrific ISIS bombing of the Russian tourists’ aircraft, instantly triggered a sudden spike in renewed attacks by pro-Russians on the Ukrainian front. This happened, in tandem with a blizzard of Russian media speculation about how the CIA was possibly complicit in the atrocity, or even Britain’s M16.

Drill down a little more and you get a fascinating education in how deliberately Moscow’s propaganda machine works. Having arrived at an impasse in Ukraine under pressure from global sanctions, Putin moved onto Syria. Distraction—then disinformation. On the eve of Ukrainian local elections, reports of a Saakashvili phone conversation advocating violent revolution in Georgia appears all over Georgian media. The source, they claim, is Wikileaks Ukraine. Keep in mind that a pro-Saakashvili candidate is running for mayor in Odessa against a pro-Russian candidate (who won). The Ukrainian local elections matter to Moscow. But the leak is first funneled through Georgia with the apparently legitimizing tag of Wikileaks Ukraine, thereby imitating the democratic grass-roots voice of Euromaidan truth-telling. Therefore everyone initially thinks it has to be believable.

The post later turns out to originate physically from an IP address in Russia. But in the meantime the damage is done.

And so the west is jerked around like a disjointed string puppet by a century-old propaganda machine that has made global manipulation of opinions into an art. Leftist Robert Kuttner in the HuffPo article above tells us that we now have no choice but to join with Putin in an orgy of realpolitik, to “defeat ISIS,” to defeat terrorism.

Defeat terrorism? Large numbers of the volunteers to train and fight in Syria came from western nations in the first place. Defeat terrorism? You morons! You’re the ones who are breeding them and coddling them. By continuing to think on the same levels that caused these problems to escalate, you are inviting much larger problems into your futures.

Terrorism — or ideological violence — is an important tool of both ISIS and Putin. If you want to defeat “terrorism,” you must defeat both Putin and ISIS. But then you would just be getting started. You also would need to defeat “ideology,” which is what births terrorism to begin with. Good luck with that!

Most westerners remember the Soviet Union and the great fear of global nuclear war that haunted the dreams of children and adults of that era. Putin is nothing but a child of the Soviet Union. In the past few years, Russian spokesmen have flooded the newslines with renewed threats of nuclear war if western nations do not submit to Putin at every turn and dictate.

How many have died and been displaced in east Ukraine and other areas of Russian violence, compared with how many have died in Paris terror attacks and other attacks claimed by ISIS?

Sure, ISIS is just getting started, but so is Putin. If the west takes this convenient excuse to accept Putin’s leadership, guidance, and authority in a new “war on terror,” we will see the Russian threats of nuclear war — and nuclear coercion — grow from a stream into a flood.

Something has to be done about ISIS. But something smart, not something that will place the west back under Putin’s sword of Damocles. If you keep thinking on the same level that got you into this mess, things will only get worse and worse.

Putin’s dreams are more likely to lead to global cataclysm than those of ISIS. But even if the world does not fall into Russian nuclear war, it will fall into a Russosphere of Tyranny.

ISIS would create global religious tyranny, with bloody brutality and oppression on a universal, daily basis. Neither option is acceptable.

Everything you think you know, just ain’t so. And no wonder, after an upbringing of psychological neoteny and an education of academic lobotomy. But it is time to grow up and to recover from the horrific brain programming you were forced to undergo, and learn to avoid false dichotomies — among other logical fallacies.

It is not a choice between the religious demon and the demon of secular tyranny. It is a choice between being strong, clear-headed, and competent — or being a slave of other persons’ ideologies. Most people clearly do not want to work that hard.

Putin’s Syrian tactics have unleashed the dogs of ISIS. And ISIS is striking back. Russia now stands under increasing ISIS threats to enslave Russia’s girls and women. But Putin has already done that. Russian girls and women by the tens and hundreds of thousands are choosing — or being tricked into — sex slavery in the Muslim and Southeast Asian nations to avoid having to live in Putin’s Russia any longer.

If Russian girls and women are beginning to understand that the choice between slavery in Russia and slavery in Islamic countries is not truly a good choice, why is it so difficult for westerners to see the obvious?

More, Putin has invited radical Islam into Russia’s heartland by his own actions:

As Russia deepens its involvement in Syria, it risks more than a military quagmire. Its intervention exacerbates a growing domestic threat, one that could destabilize the whole country. A new brand of radical Islam is rising in Russia, fueled by Russian fighters eager to perpetrate acts of terror at home. __ https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/russias/2015/11/13/3f456156-887c-11e5-9a07-453018f9a0ec_story.html

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.


Another aspect to Putin’s wars

Putin desperately needs cash, which means he must find some way to push oil prices higher. Inciting a larger scale war in the middle east may seem an inviting prospect to Weird Vlad Wankervich, the megalomaniac narcissistic solipsist — the only man alive in Russia.

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5 Responses to Which Is Worse? Putin or ISIS?

  1. A.B Prosper says:

    Putin isn’t Mr. Nice guy but right now Russia is trying to modernize it military, testing new stuff in Syria and elsewhere and of course as you said, short of cash. Still they are doing $ to $ better than the US which spent enough for a moonshot on a plane that may never fly. The F35 Lead Albatross will eventually work probably but at a horrendous price. We should have spent less on something else and the rest of autonomous aircraft and maybe a manned moon shot as well.

    Regardless Putin is a rational actor and his threat you noted below “You can always become radioactive dust.” would have been thought pretty sensible in the US not a few decades ago. It was pretty much standard US policy till what the 70’s-80’s? Reagan even cracked a joke or two about it.

    Its a great force multiplier for a nation that has both been strip mined by the Western Oligarchs and is suffering heavily from the after effects of Communism and of course their own misrule.

    Also while he is thank God not going to do this , 50 or 60 nukes dropped on Muslim cities would actually take care of most of his problems and many of ours,. Follow up with gas and maybe germ warfare in Chechnya and once the radioactive dust settles, radical Islam will probably break. Arabs tend to respect might above all else other than kinship anyway

    if it doesn’t round two or three and after I dunno 750 million casualties plus the mass slaughter Europe will have to do to avoid being overrun will leave the world a lot more peaceful

    make a wasteland and call it peace to paraphrase Tacitus

    However Putin isn’t going to do this for a lot of very good reasons, Israel might reflexively respond, the US would freak out and despite his very Russian ways Putin is kulturni and tsivilizovannyy.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Much too late. Putin had a chance to be a leader for a better Russia in the early 2000s but he chose corruption instead.

      • A.B Prosper says:

        How would you define better? I certainly wouldn’t consider anything the West promulgates, barren marriages, sexual deviancy, broken families, transgenderism and nearly child molestation as useful.

        At least Russia is promoting fertility among its native peoples. Its not working very well though its still probably higher than the US millennials will have. I chew on that quite often, the diverse millennials will probably outside of a few religious types have even less children that the previous generation and probably less than native Russians.

        However Russia-wise I think if the economy can improve there and a more devout strand of Orthodox can gain more adherents, they might be able to get fertility rates up among native Russians and allied sorts. I’ve heard the Latter Day Saints have had some influence there too and if the state allows it, that might be a good call . LDS in general have (at least prior to Millennials) very high, 3.0 at about the Chechen level and its a fine faith.

        The Evangelicals do well too though they have lower less stable TFR’s than the LDS do and are probably odd enough less compatible.

        I don’t expect fertility to go up in Moscow under any circumstances but again its normal to have low fertility in cities.

        The issue is of course going to be the Muslims and between them and the Left , the West and Russia are in a squeeze. We have to get our civilizations back from the Left first though and then we can formulate a plan.

        • alfin2101 says:

          Take your comfort where you can. We disagree on many of your points, but there is nothing to be gained by rehashing every disagreement over and over.

          We should agree that the future of the human race is dependent upon learning to grow out of the low level of thought and action that dominates all human cultures.

          The last sentence of your comment suggests that you have not quite seen beyond conventional “civilisation-scale” thinking. If we waited for the necessary transformations to occur on that level, we would be completely lost.

          • A.B Prosper says:

            I don’t think that there was any disagreement that anyone who expects to survive these trying times had best become smarter and better prepared. I think what you do is of great benefit to that end and that is why I read the blog.

            While preparation helps it still comes mostly down to luck in the end. We can make some luck for ourselves but only some and many, most may not make it.

            This doesn’t bother me though, human extinction is not off the table near to mid term and in the very long term,its inevitable.All in all though, I’m only concerned about the short term , my lifetime and that of those I care about. That all anyone can do.

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