Billionaires Making Monkeys of Themselves Over Green Energy Scam?

To illustrate the problem that renewable energy instability can cause, here is an example. When the voltage from German’s electric grid weakened for just a millisecond at 3 am, the machines at Hydro Aluminum in Hamburg ground to a halt, production stopped, and the aluminum belts snagged, hitting machines and destroying a piece of the mill with damages amounting to $12,300 to the equipment. The voltage weakened two more times in the next three weeks, causing the company to purchase its own emergency system using batteries, costing $185,000.

These short interruptions to the German electric grid increased by 29 percent and the number of service failures increased 31 percent over a 3-year period, with about half of those failures leading to production stoppages causing damages ranging from ten thousand to hundreds of thousands of Euros. These power grid fluctuations in Germany are causing major damage to a number of industrial companies, who have responded by getting their own power generators and regulators to help minimize the risks. However, companies warn that they might be forced to leave if the government does not deal with the issues quickly.[i] __

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition is a collaboration between leading tech company heads to help fund and kickstart new and innovative renewable energy companies.

… The Breakthrough Energy Coalition intends to fund such risky, potentially revolutionary clean energy solutions in their early stages. It’s expected that any genuinely promising and commercially viable products that emerge from this phase would then go on to be funded through more traditional investment means. __

Savvy Billionaires or Gullible Monkey-Boys?

Whether the new “energy coalition” scheme of Gates and Zuckerberg results in useful energy, or more green waste, depends upon whether it finances nuclear power research or not. If the new coalition confines its financing to wind, solar, and batteries, it is likely to join the “go nowhere” treadmill already manned by sometimes-clueless billionaires such as Elon Musk, Sergey Brin, and Larry Paige — among others, including corrupt Obama cronies.

Why do I label wind and solar as scams and hoaxes? Because they are exorbitantly expensive, contain fatal flaws when added to large power grids, have relatively short useful lifetimes, and are meant to solve a problem that does not exist, except in the minds of climate apocalypse cultists.

The table above compares costs of wind, solar, and gas power generation for the US, UK, and Germany combined.

The tables below separate the three countries and looks at the same costs comparison separately:

There is also a very large discrepancy in maintenance costs shown in the EIA table 1. Compared to a standard Natural Gas plant, maintenance of Photovoltaics cost more than half as much again, Onshore Wind-Power costs about 2.5 times as much and Offshore Wind-Power costs about five times as much.

There are also significant questions about the longevity and engineering robustness of the Solar and Wind-Power Renewable Energy technologies: this is particularly problematical for off-shore wind farms.

A careful analysis might well indicate that in spite of the cost of fuel being essentially free, the development and installation of both Solar and Windpower involves the releases of substantial amounts of CO2 which may hardly be compensated for by the use of these technologies over their installed working life.

However there still remains a further major problem with all these Renewable Energy sources. Their electrical output is intermittent and non dispatchable. Their output cannot respond to electricity demand as and when needed. Energy is contributed to the grid in a haphazard manner dependent on the weather, as can be seen from German electrical supply in the diagram below. Power certainly not necessarily available whenever required. __ Ed Hoskins on WUWT

Germany claims to have gone “all in” for wind and solar, but the country is really just burning a lot more coal. The sun rarely shines in Germany, and when the wind blows it is easy to dump too much intermittent, low-quality energy onto power grids.

Germany has made unusually big mistakes. Handing out enormous long-term subsidies to solar farms was unwise; abolishing nuclear power so quickly is crazy. It has also been unlucky. The price of globally traded hard coal has dropped in the past few years, partly because shale-gas-rich America is exporting so much. But Germany’s biggest error is one commonly committed by countries that are trying to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewables. It is to ignore the fact that wind and solar power impose costs on the entire energy system, which go up more than proportionately as they add more.

Terrified of looming blackouts

, Western governments are increasingly paying fossil-fuel power stations to stay open. Some offer “capacity payments”—money for standing by. Texas tries to keep the power stations open by promising higher prices at times of strong demand. These payments are a hidden cost of using more wind and solar energy.

…__ Economist

Without large ongoing government subsidies, wind and solar are too expensive. And without government mandates forcing power utilities to give priority use to the crappy and dangerous energy sources, no utility manager in his right mind would even consider using the shite.

Germany’s Green Energy Destabilises Power Grid

With the dramatic increase in green energy usage, Germany is generating so much electricity from renewables that it is finding it hard to handle it. The excess electricity that is generated is being spilled over to its neighboring countries, thereby increasing the threat of a power blackout should there be a sudden supply disruption.

… “A huge accumulation of overflow increases the threat of a blackout. The root of the situation is allowing a huge amount of electricity to be generated regardless of the capacity of the grid,” said Zbynek Boldis of Czech grid CEPS AS. It is quite obvious that Germany needs to upgrade its network to accommodate the excess power. In fact, grid companies in Germany are set to invest close to $24 billion for upgrading their network and modify its existing high voltage power lines.__ Zerohedge

The authors of the above piece then go on gleefully to describe a fantasy solution that they claim will solve all the problems of wind and solar. Except, it is a fantasy, and it will not solve anything without more massive government subsidies — which end up impoverishing ordinary taxpayers and destroying economies and jobs.

Renewable Energy Disaster

In fact, green energy itself is incapable of solving any real world problems at all. So it is fortunate indeed that the “problem” for which green energy is being put forward, is itself a “fantasy problem” — the climate apocalypse.

Although green energy companies cannot make money by generating power, thanks to corrupt under the table and otherwise corrupt payouts, the politically connected can make $billions.

Green Energy Failures as of 3 years ago. The list is longer now.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy as these corrupt green cronies.

Consider these recent temperature trends from Central England, and decide whether they represent a coming climate apocalypse for Anglaterra?

For this, most of the national governments of the advanced world appear ready to overturn their economic prosperity from now through the foreseeable future, to “solve” a fantasy problem? It sounds like a global Idiocracy to me.

Going back 18,000 years in climate history

Why do those $billion dollar knuckle draggers want to push treacherous wind/solar onto delicate power grids?

Nuclear plants have a life expectancy two to three times longer than wind farms. And nuclear plants have a capacity factor about three times higher than wind farms. Therefore, an investment of €3,200m in nuclear power supplies 6x to 9x the quantity of electricity that the €1,000m investment in a wind farm supplies. That is, €3,200m invested in nuclear would supply the same total energy as €6,000m to €9,000m spent on wind farms.

But it’s much worse than that, because the wind farm also needs backup and energy storage to enable it to be comparable to the reliable, dispatchable energy supplied by a nuclear plant. The capital cost of back-up generation would roughly double the cost of the renewables system; energy storage would be much higher cost.

__ Costs of Decarbonisation

Is it because they are corrupt, because they are monkey-boy morons, or because they have become caught up in the excitement of the fashionable moment?

You decide. Looking at all the economy-destroying corruption floating in the green scum of ongoing Paris assemblies, one might be forgiven for suspecting that: “We’re going to need a lot more guillotines! 😉 ”

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  1. Bob Wallace says:

    Having lots of money doesn’t make you smart. Just remember Hollywood.

  2. vxxc2014 says:

    They’re kinda at the point where they either have to genuinely believe or play along – or else.
    Remember DOJ under Clinton basically convinces Gates to quit Microsoft and indeed perhaps quit the West in some manner.

    Zuckerberg is in so deep with Progress he can’t say no. For instance None of that EWR schools $100m made it to the classroom and this was known at the time – Booker was supposed to take the fall but instead he’s a Senator. What happens to Zuck if suddenly the books must balance? A lot of that going around.

    Musk wants Space and he’s getting it and so is Bezos.

  3. NekasM says:

    Corrupt and agree with vxxc, that play along.
    Well Oynklent Green [OTC:OYNK] probably knows some answers.

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