Are All Black Immigrants Potential Terrorists?

the next place from which terrorism is likely to emerge is Africa… __ Anatoly Vishnevsky

Multicultural riots London Berlin Will Be Next

Multicultural riots London
Is Berlin Next?

Massive Swelling of Unemployed and Unemployable Black and Muslim Populations to Swamp Developed World in Violence and Poverty

Modern Migration to Europe National Geographic

Modern Migration to Europe
National Geographic

This is an opportunity that Putin cannot pass up. The USSR attempted to inflame race violence using KGB sleeper agents and liasons with black militant groups in the US back in the old days. But this new flood of low-IQ, high violence Africans into the heart of Europe’s cities is like a gift from the great Russian Spirit of World Domination! Violent instability on the hoof.

Staunton, December 16 – Anatoly Vishnevsky, the director of the Moscow Institute of Demography, says that population trends and especially the share of under-employed men in third world countries make it likely that the next place from which terrorism is likely to emerge is Africa.

A week ago, the distinguished Russian demographer drew that conclusion at the end of a public lecture on “Demography and Terrorism” at the Sakharov Center in Moscow and argued that the world should be preparing for that challenge now because it is almost certain to emerge in the coming years (

Fertility Rates of African Nations Destination: Europe

Fertility Rates of African Nations
Destination: Europe

…. In the third world countries at present, there are approximately 1.9 billion men, of whom 1.6 billion are between the ages of five and 50. They are the ones who should form the backbone of the economies of these countries, but at present, many of them are unemployed or underemployed.

A large fraction of these men are in African countries, Vishnevsky said; and their numbers are especially impressive … there are ever more [unemployable] young men there who are now looking for work.

Putin wants to use Africans as cannon fodder in his ongoing war to destabilise Europe — to soften the continent for what he plans to do to it next. And if he can gain control of African assets — to prevent potential enemies from using them — he will feel that he is ahead of the game, when the time for expansion of his ongoing war comes.

This means, the Russian demographer continued, that “quite soon a new hearth of tensions” is likely to emerge in African countries, as unemployed and impoverished young men seek various means, including terrorist violence, to achieve their goals. At the very least, he said, developed countries should be focusing on this potential risk.

As Slon observer Georgy Neyaskin points out in a comment on Vishnevsky’s remarks, it is certainly not the case that terrorism is explained entirely by demography; but one thing is clear: what is happening now was something those in power could have foreseen and possibly countered but did not do so (


Putin hopes to benefit from this demographic surge of unemployable, violence-prone immigration to Europe’s shores.

Very Low Average IQ in Sub Saharan Countries Combined With High Fertility Spells Demographic Disaster Wikipedia

Very Low Average IQ in Sub Saharan Countries Combined With High Fertility Spells Demographic Disaster

African Population Explosion and Emigration Flood Plays Into Plans to Destabilise Western Nations

African newcomers to the grand olde cities of Europe have no developed cultural, economic, or religious ties to their new countries. They have no love for these rigid, logical, rule-of-law societies that expect Africans to be able to step into a high tech infrastructure, in order to support welfare programmes for ageing Europeans.

In other words, these large numbers of alienated and unemployed, unemployable young men with poor impulse control and violent tendencies, are putty in the hands of outside puppet-masters and agitators.

Enter President Putin, a man with a vision — control of Eurasia from the Atlantic to the Pacific. All that stands in his way is a crumbling Europe, a weak American president — Obama, and a China that cannot even build reliable and durable jet fighter turbine engines, without help from Russia or Ukraine.

Putin almost has the EU under his thumb — if not for pesky Poland. Obama the metrosexual, and “bug-out John Kerry” are no problem. China may take a bit of work, to turn into the vassal that Putin wishes it to be — particularly when China intends to make Russia into its own vassal. But if it were easy, it would not be worth doing, right?

Yes, you are correct, it does not fit together. But no one expects Putin to be a great strategist. He is just good enough a tactician to get into trouble, and to ratchet up the hardship the Russian people must suffer. But he has a vision, nonetheless. And if the vaunted Kremlin propagandists are willing to go along with the doltish clod, who in the world can stand up to him?

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