SpaceX Scores Two in One: 11 Satellite Launches Plus Successful Recovery Landing of 1st Stage Booster

Elon Musk Goes Long Way Toward Redeeming Himself

Space X Launches Satellites and Recovers Booster SpaceX

Space X Launches Satellites and Recovers Booster

Elon Musk’s SpaceX finally achieved another successful space launch — plus it achieved its first successful recovery landing of a first stage booster rocket. This “two in one” success should go a long way toward erasing Musk’s reputation as a scatter-brained dilettante unable to focus on one task to completion and success.

Most significant to SpaceX’s ambitions, however, is that after the second stage of the rocket with the satellites continued on to orbit, the engines of the booster stage reignited to turn it around, back to Cape Canaveral. Ten minutes after launching, it set down six miles to the south at Landing Zone 1, a former launch complex for Atlas intercontinental ballistic missiles that SpaceX has leased. __

Private space enterprise has been given a huge boost over past ten years or so, by technology billionaires who have invested much of their wealth in the quest for access to the riches of outer space. Billionaire entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, the Google twins, Richard Branson, Paul Allen, and others, are seeking push the envelope of space technologies for profit, the spirit of competition, and a vision of a broader human future.

Earth orbit, cis-lunar space, and the Earth-crossing asteroids appear to be the most lucrative and practical goals for space entrepreneurs — besides the low-hanging fruit of sub-orbital space flight and tourism.

In an opportunity economy, $millions can be turned into $billions, which in turn can be converted to $trillions — by providing products and services which the public and the economy requires. This is the best way of creating a larger pie so that everyone has the opportunity eat and enjoy.

Corrupt economies such as those of Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Brasil, almost all of Africa, most of the Muslim world, and virtually all of the third world, cannot expand in this way — since excess wealth is skimmed and diverted to the crony-connected rather than re-invested in new technologies.

Economies such as most of the EU nations practise re-distribution policies, which likewise divert excess wealth to connected cronies, toward growing wasteful bureaucracy, and toward building an ever-larger contingent of helpless dependent underclass populations. At the same time as bureaucracies and underclasses are expanding, the productive classes are being bled to death by excessive taxation, affirmative discrimination, suicidal policies such as Germany’s Energiewende, a society-wide indoctrination into brain-dead political correctness, and a regulatory burden that expands to infinity and chokes out all initiative.

The window of opportunity for rapid expansion of disruptive technologies within the parts of the world where some opportunity still exists, is rapidly closing. World leaders such as Obama, Trudeau, Hollande, Merkel, the EU bureaucracy, the corrupt UN monstrosity, etc. are rapidly closing off opportunities by the day.

Power-mad dictators of the totalitarian and Muslim worlds are creating senseless conflicts that likewise drain resources from productive pursuits and opportunity. And in the background is the growing likelihood of a coming anarchy as a result of the massive explosion of low-IQ, high violence populations in Africa and Asia.

The human world is inter-connected. Resources that are squandered on crony corruption and violent conflict cannot be devoted to the development of an abundant and expansive human future. Wealth that is allocated toward the growing of dysfunctional and dysgenic populations represents more than mere waste — it represents an active sabotage of the future.

The future will not be “either-or.” There will be a dysgenic coming anarchy, and there will be expansion of technologies and opportunities. But the exact shape, nature, and distribution of this marbled future remains to be determined.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

Bonus: Example of a Collapsing Society that is Attempting a Comeback

Revolution: One week into office, Argentina’s new president has slashed taxes, ripped out capital controls and restored the peso to its natural level. It takes guts, but this blaze of reforms has worked wherever it’s been tried.

… Economists such as Johns Hopkins University’s Steve Hanke have pointed out in the past that free-market reforms tend to have the best results when they are executed quickly, with conviction. That’s precisely the path Macri is taking in his lightning-bolt moves. It’s an interesting thing from a man whose family business has included race cars.

… Two days ago, he lifted capital controls so that export trade, Argentina’s great competitive advantage, could take off once again. Argentina’s farmers and ranchers have said that they could rake in $400 million a day in export revenues based on high inventories of grains and other agricultural products if those punitive taxes were scrapped. Barron’s reported that they pulled in only $72 million in seven days last week, so the capital inflows should be instant.

Argentina may now have a chance to contribute to a better future. Until now, it was on a certain path to collapse.

It is possible for a timely change in political and economic policy to save nations whose underlying assets are still sound. That was the case in the early 1990s for Russia, but Russia was too steeped in corruption and the “serf mentality” for any meaningful reforms to stick. The concept of an “opportunity society” is completely foreign to Russia Today. Corruption and propaganda rule the feudal tsardom for now, and the foreseeable future until collapse and disintegration of the federation.

Argentina and Chile, in alliance with a tiny handful of other Latin American states, may find their way to a more stable future. The more islands of opportunity in a rising sea of Idiocratic decay, the better.

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