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A World Without Lace Panties

Taking Concern for “Moral Safety” Too Far! Only a legislature of barbarians would vote for “the prohibition of sale, import, and production of lace panties …” More Deny them Danish chocolates, Swiss cheese, American beef, and British gin, but for … Continue reading

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All the Gun Range Training in the World Won’t Prepare You for Harsh Reality

Gun range training is crucial for becoming familiar with your weapons, and how they perform. But in a real world close-quarters ambush, you need much more . . . When Seconds Count, Help is At Least Minutes Away The threat … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Politics: Return of the Duel!

Dueling would confer consequences onto all the ugly, dishonest, uncouth, untrue, and defamatory things people say about you or your family. Yes, some politicians might be struck down if we allowed this ancient combat to reemerge in contemporary society. But … Continue reading

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The Only Way to Prevent Russia’s Disintegration

The Centre Cannot Hold The situation is fundamentally different than in the 1990s. Then people were willing to put up with shortages because those had been a fact of life for most of their existences. Now, people who had gotten … Continue reading

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The Credit Bluff: Economic Instability Increases Odds for War

All over China there are empty developments waiting to be filled, evidence of a construction boom that drove fast economic growth but has now stalled. __ ValueWalk China’s housing binge over the last few years has been without parallel in … Continue reading

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Will the Global Credit Bubble Economy Explode then Collapse?

Credit is not innately good or bad. Simplistically, productive Credit is constructive, while non-productive Credit is inevitably problematic. This crucial distinction tends to be masked throughout the boom period. Worse yet, a prolonged boom in “productive” Credit – surely fueled … Continue reading

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All Humans are Natural Born Killers

A Successful Society Will Work With Human Nature — Not Against It Denying essential human nature — that men can be powerful and dangerous and this should be harnessed for good — is a recipe for tragedy. This is why … Continue reading

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The State of Muscovy

There is no “Russia,” Only Muscovy Muscovy has come a long way from its early days as vassal to the barbarian Mongol/Tatar horde. The small primitive state was able to expand its control over vast reaches of territory — some … Continue reading

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Nobody Knows Nothing

“Why Oil Prices Will Rebound Before We Know It,” appeared when oil prices were about $50 a barrel. Crude briefly bounced to $60, before dropping more than 50 percent to about $26, where it trades today. … It’s not just … Continue reading

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Who Needs to Die?

… The hypothalamic attack region controls defensive-aggressive behavior. If scientists stimulate these neurons with an electrode, an animal will instantly become aggressive and attack a test animal in the cage. … When it works as intended we call it quick … Continue reading

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Open Access Science in the West: Sign of Openness, Roots of Innovation

Open access journals — such as the Public Library of Science, the “Frontiers in” journals, journals published via Biomed Central, and many more illustrated above, highlight the openness of information of all types in the west. More Open access journals … Continue reading

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Ingenious Russian Plan to Save its Economy

Resourceful Plan to Prevent Russia’s Economic Downfall In a clever one-two punch, Kremlin leadership plans to knock out the dangerous threats to Russia’s economy. First will be a 5 year plan to phase out all exports of oil to foreign … Continue reading

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This Mini Nuclear Fusion Reactor Aims for an EROEI of 50!

Creating Abundant, Affordable, Reliable, Clean, On-Demand Energy Nuclear fusion promises an affordable, clean, abundant, and reliable energy future beyond the time horizon. While three other fusion devices roughly the same size as the ARC have been built over the past … Continue reading

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Behind a Brave Front, Russia Suffers, Shrinks, and Dies in Silence

It Starts With the Lies According to official sources, Russia is a great world power. Russia cannot be hurt by low oil prices, by western sanctions, nor by anything else, it seems. But what is the reality beneath the facade? … Continue reading

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Chinese Defector Debriefed by CIA, FBI, etc.

While His Brother Rots in a Chinese Political Prison A defector from China has revealed some of the innermost secrets of the Chinese government and military, including details of its nuclear command and control system, according to American intelligence officials. … Continue reading

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Oh Canada: What Will Happen to All Your Pieces?

Trudeau’s Election Shows Canada as a Frivolous Country In today’s world a frivolous government is a deadly hazard to its people. And a frivolous government is exactly what Canadians elected for themselves. So how much longer can Canada exist as … Continue reading

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Advanced Nuclear Reactors: The Future of Large-Scale Energy

Nuclear Power Evolving: Safer, Cleaner, More Reliable, More Affordable An Exciting Time to be a Nuclear Power Engineer “As a professor, now is a very exciting time to be in nuclear engineering. The students in the program haven’t been around … Continue reading

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The Dragon that Blows Bubbles

China projects an impressive image of strength, discipline, and complete control of its domain and surroundings. How much of the latest iteration of China is real, and how much is whole-spun fantasy? If you are intelligent and discerning, you will … Continue reading

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